1. Mellotron says

    I don’t think anyone was under the impression that they were affiliated with each other… Thanks for clearing that up, though. How self-righteous!

    Did you guys hear that? Even gay people are above coloreds! Yay!!!

  2. Bob says

    I think this has more to do with Westboro’s picketing the funerals of dead soldiers than it does the KKK’s stance on gays and lesbians.

  3. Wes says

    I dont think the KKK is gay friendly, they probably just don’t like the whole anti-American thing.

  4. anon says

    Visit our store??

    Anyway, the KKK was sued out of existence about 20 years ago, so this must be some attempt to resurrect the brand. The KKK is largely political in its outlook and wants an entirely WASP nation, while the WBC is an entirely religious organization that seems to have no achievable earthly goals. The WBC would be against the KKK because they are a racist organization, but perhaps they can reply?

  5. says

    This is because back in the 70’s Fred Phelps was in a large part responsible for getting rid of all the segregation and Jim Crow laws in Kansas. He’s even gotten awards for that work.

    Weird I know. But that explains why the KKK doesn’t like him.

  6. TANK says

    It would have been fun to have been a fly on the wall during this meeting. “Goddamnit, we may hate blacks, jews, a-rabs, homosexuals, and everything in between, but we ain’t like those people! Let’s put some integrity back in groundless hate. Hate for hate’s sake! White power!” At this rate, they may get invited to an innaguration ceremony (another one, anyway…) like rick warren was.

  7. TANK says

    Yeah, visit our store…LOL! I’d love to see the mugs…”World’s Greatest Racist” ha ha ha….

  8. TampaZeke says

    This has absolutely nothing to do with WBC’s position on gay people. They are distancing themselves from them because they picket at dead soldiers’ funerals and because they have come under even greater scorn lately for making a dead soldier’s father pay THEIR legal fees when he sued them for picketing his son’s funeral.

    This is another example of a headline that gay people will desperately try to twist into something it isn’t.

  9. Bryan says

    I didn’t think the KKK even existed anymore. So this means there are still people who will believe this stuff?

    For some reason it seems so strange to me that the KKK is trying to distance themselves from the WBC. As if to better their image…? Does the KKK know how ridiculous it is for them to even consider public relations stuff?

    Next they’ll report that they’ve hired a PR consultant.

  10. jmattstt78 says

    @TampaZeke… well I haven’t seen anyone “desperately try to twist [this] into something it isn’t” so far. Good job giving people some credit. schmuck.

  11. Jason says

    Who cares? They still hate blacks, jews and gays. I watched a documentary on the history of the clan and in one of the focal points of their rallies their grand wizard said they hate “faggots” just like everyone else they loathe.

    So I personally wouldn’t hold your breathe. With the escalation of the tea bagging nuts coupled with the GOP fueling the flames of anger toward members who voted toward health care, you have public officials being threatened and the racial hatred bubbling to the surface…

    Sadly this wound has been festering so much and the GOP found a wonderful way to unleash it…

    With the continuing violence we hear of happening to people in our community we need to be more aware of our surroundings and yes even be armed. I’d love to see the look on some of these people’s faces when they see a few queens walking around armed just like them.

    We got a right to bear arms too you know…

    At any rate the Klan will always fester and rise and decline with time. I truly do not see the Klan ever coming to a full end….