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News: John Forsythe, Fred Phelps, iPad, Malaysia Gay Film

 road John McCain's rep responds to that photo that recently showed up on Guys With iPhones: "As I'm sure you are aware, once something is posted [on the Internet] we no longer have control of how the photo is used."

 road Dynasty star John Forsythe dead at 92.

Dynasty-tv-f06  road Tragic: openly gay wrestler Chris Kanyon took his own life yesterday.

 road Malaysia might get it's first mainstream gay movie. Watch the trailer here.

 road Anna Paquin's bisexuality crashed the Website of the organization she was promoting.

 road Creepy. A dead woman has washed up on the beach of George Clooney's Italian villa.

 road Ellen DeGeneres gets a sneak peak at the Orlando version of Hogwarts.

 road Adam Lambert on his reputation for being controversial: “I’m just the same Adam I’ve always been, and in the circles I run in, it’s not all that shocking."Clay

 road Not everyone in the Fred Phelps clan is hateful. According to the Montreal Gazette, the Westboro Baptist Church's estranged son claims "his father regularly beat his mother and 11 siblings, used racial epithets and blamed the world’s problems on homosexuality."

 road Clay Aiken gets dapper for his new album cover.

 road LA Time piece on HIV infections among hemophiliacs: "According to the CDC, HIV is known to have been transmitted via blood products nine times from 1994 through 2007, the last year for which data is available."

 road Surprise drop in: Steve Jobs and his family made an appearance at the Apple store in Palo Alto on the same day the much-hyped iPad hit store shelves.

 road Terry Bradshaw would go gay for dreamboat Tom Brady: If I were to ever jump the fence it would be with Tom, he's such a handsome man."

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  1. If by "dapper" you mean heavy use of Photoshop's gaussian blur filter and horizontally scaled down to 87%, sure, Aiken's looking pretty dapper, lol.

    omfg, Angela Lansbury is hotter than this 15 minute wonder, and sings better too. imho of course!

    Posted by: casey | Apr 3, 2010 10:36:32 PM

  2. Occasionally, I still dream about Tom Brady's appearance in his underwear on Saturday Night Live. I can definitely see from where Mr. Bradshaw speaks.

    Posted by: Rodney | Apr 4, 2010 2:37:15 AM

  3. He does look dapper. Everything but his face is on blur in a cool retro LP cover way. Nice job and if 6 albums in 7 years is your idea of 15 minutes. Get a clue Casey!

    Posted by: Charles | Apr 4, 2010 3:16:21 AM

  4. No matter what he does, Aiken still looks creepy. And no matter how many albums he makes or sells, he still sucks.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Apr 4, 2010 1:44:45 PM

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