Outgoing Costa Rican President Oscar Arias: Nation Should Embrace Same-Sex Marriage, Being Gay Not a Choice

It's unfortunate that so often politicians advocate for these things on their way out of office.

AriasOpen Costa Rica writes: "Unfortunately for the gay rights advocates Oscar Arias waited until the last weeks of his administration to come out so strongly on this point. So in his final days as a lame duck don Oscar is asking sovereign nations to disband their military, and his own officially Catholic state to adopt legal measures in favor of homosexual unions.

Apart from advocating legal recognition in matters of pensions and personal estates he had this to say.  'One does not choose sexual orientation. This is given by the nature or God. One does not choose, neither men nor women.' …While Arias attempted to gain some traction by presetting homosexual rights an issue for both sexes it’s unlikely that the first female elected president of Costa Rica is going to wave a rainbow banner."

In fact, the incoming President Laura Chinchilla has said that although she believes in civil rights for gays, marriage is not one of them. She wants to protect the institution from gays.

Chinchilla takes office on May 8.


  1. Rick says

    As a Tico myself, I would love to respond with “¡Pura Vida!” However, this former Nobel-prize winner is following Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, and too many other high-profile ex-politicians in this new trend of coming out for gay rights after the fact. I was at a rally in Seattle in 1996 when Governor Mike Lowry expressed his support for gay marriage — after he announced that he would not run again.

    Yes, in a limited way, this is good news, in that it may change some hearts and minds, and start to make it easier for future politicians to be slightly more bold. Still, it will be a bright day when a politico expresses his or her full commitment to complete gay civil rights when they can still do something, and let the chips fall where they may.

  2. Mike C. says

    He’s doing this at an important time though, the incoming president Laura Chinchilla is a hardline Catholic opposed to any recognition of same sex marriage or homosexuality. Arias is thus putting some pressure on her

  3. BobN says

    While I appreciate the support, I bet the main motivation was to make Costa Rica appear even less palatable to Rush Limbaugh. His threats to move there must have those folks terrified!

  4. Shawn says

    Late in the game but valuable backing nonetheless. He’s brought the issue to light once again and amid controversy is causing people to discuss the issue, which is a good thing in my book.

    @Bill: How do you know that he has a gay son? That’s not what I’d call public knowledge (hence why his son lives in England).

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