1. Brian says

    It was an honor to meet him and learn all that he has done for gay rights. I loved his comment about the younger generation and how they will do it their way and that the older generation should pay the bale money. Made me laugh. He’s passing the torch and encouraging young people to keep up the fight for equality.

  2. Jerome says

    Bravo! It was an AMAZING night – so entertaining, so inspiring. ALL of the speeches and performances were superb and Mixner capped the night with electricity! Yeah, POINT!

  3. dave02657 says

    Tired, old, bitter, and jealous queens denigrating David and all the good that he has done and is doing, as well as making hateful references to his weight in…

    …3, 2, 1.

  4. ty says

    24play, where is your reel? David has been there through thick and thin. He has peeled back the layers of discrimination more than most, and has inspired many an activist including myself.

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