Portugal One Signature Away from Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

The signature of Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva is all that stands in the way of Portugal becoming the sixth European country to legalize same-sex marriage after the Constitutional Court approved the measure on Thursday.

Silva  Euro News reports: "[Silva] sent it to the country’s top court last month, after expressing doubts over whether it was constitutional.

But the tribunal’s president Rui Moura Ramos explained why no problems were found with the proposal. While it does not fit the traditional concept of marriage, as outlined in the constitution, he said this concept is open and can evolve.

Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva has 20 days to either veto the legislation or sign it into law. If it is ratified, it would come into effect just ahead of a visit to the staunchly Roman Catholic country by Pope Benedict XVI."

The legislature is thought to have enough votes to override a veto from Silva.


  1. Name: says

    We were just planning a trip there. Now I’ll feel more comfortable spending my money there.

  2. Bill Perdue says

    Socialist parties in Spain (Socialist Workers’ Party, Partido Socialista Obrero España and Portugal (Socialist Party, Partido Socialista) egislated same sex marriage.

    In the US a bigot in the White House fights tooth and nail against it and torpedoed our efforts to preserve it in California. At a ‘debate’ between McCain and Obama at Rick Warrens southern baptist bigotfest in Orange County, CA just before the vote on Prop 8 Obama galvanized and justified bigot voters saying he was opposed to same sex marriage because “gawd’s in the mix”: “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman, now for me as a Christian, it’s also a sacred union, now God’s in the mix.”

    Another WH bigot, Bill Clinton championed DOMA and bragged about signing DOMA in ads on Southern redneck christian radio stations, saying “Protecting religious freedom. It’s the foundation of our nation.

    When the Justice Department went after a church to gather the parishioners’ tithing money, the government was stopped cold because President Clinton overturned the government’s policy and protected us. It’s not the only time he’s defended our values…

    President Clinton wants a complete ban on late term abortions except when the mother’s life is in danger or faces severe health risks, such as the inability to have another child.

    The President signed the Defense of Marriage Act, supports curfews and school uniforms to teach our children discipline.

    President Clinton has fought for our values and America is better for it.

    “Paid for by Clinton/Gore 96″ ”

    A Republican is a rightwing jackass with a theocrat attached at the hip. A Democrat is a Republican in ‘progressive’ drag. With Democrats like these who needs Republicans.

  3. SCOTT in LISBON says

    Looking good for passage of the law. But keep your fingers crossed. My Portuguese partner of 15 yrs and I will be stepping up to the tables at City Hall to sign the marriage documents, you can rest assured of it. In this country where so many things get lost, forgotten or neglected, it’s time to stand up and be counted.