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Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren dies at 64.

Road Utah GOP lawmakers delay action on Ryan White Act because their panties are still in a bunch over health care reform: "Doesn't Obamacare pay for this?"

Skarsgard RoadAlexander Skarsgard one of three 'True Blood' covers for 'Details'.

RoadDoes Whitney Houston have crackingitis?

RoadFirst gay-marketed apartment building in NYC?

RoadMystery surrounds death of gay professor at University in India. Background: "Siras, 64, was suspended by the conservative institution after secretly shot videotape surfaced, showing him having sex with a rickshaw puller. Last week, the Allahabad High Court had stayed the suspension ordered his reinstatement. VIDEO.

RoadJustin comes out on Ugly Betty.

RoadPuerto Rican activist, GLAAD take on Super Exclusivo over Ricky Martin comments: "On the Puerto Rican gossip show Super Xclusivo on Wapa America the pejorative term “pato,” was used several times on segments telecast April 5 and April 6."

RoadMadonna lays first brick at Malawi school.

Typo  RoadTypo spotted in seventh inning of Astros – Giants game.

RoadUSA Hockey creates internship in honor of Brendan Burke: "The organization announced Wednesday it has established the Brendan Burke internship, which will be given each year to a recent college graduate who is interested in pursuing a job in hockey operations.

Brendan Burke worked with the Miami University men's hockey team and was killed in a car crash on Feb. 5. He is the son of Brian Burke, the Toronto Maple Leafs GM and the boss of the U.S. Olympic team."

RoadCan a militia be supportive of gay rights?

RoadIranian Railroad for Queer Refugees puts out call to action for Iranian transsexual.

RoadGay soccer player blogs from the closet.

RoadPhilippine Supreme Court says gay party Ang Ladlad is legitimate: "The Philippine Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a decision barring a gay rights group from contesting national elections in May and recognized it as a legitimate political party for the first time.
Voting 13-2, the court threw out decisions by the Elections Commission denying accreditation to Ang Ladlad (Out of the Closet) on grounds that it tolerates immorality and offends Christians and Muslims.

The justices said the party had complied with all legal requirements, and that there is no law against homosexuality."

SkullRoadOur new human ancestor?

RoadClub Evolution: Police want gay bar's license revoked in Foley, Alabama.

RoadCarbon Dioxide the source of "near death" experiences?

RoadNice piece on the shelter for LGBT homeless youth that Cyndi Lauper's foundation is building in Manhattan.

RoadConfederate History Month: on collective and selective memory.

RoadManager at The Corcoran Group real estate firm in NYC sues company, saying he was discriminated against for being gay and overweight: "Jason Riggs alleges Corcoran President Pam Liebman was 'obsessed' with diets, people's weight and gyms and discriminated against him because he was hefty.

The suit in Manhattan Federal Court says Liebman gossiped about how Riggs had 'ballooned up' since starting with the company.

He contends Liebman didn't like gay men and shunted off Riggs and another gay man to the den during a Thanksgiving dinner at her home.

Riggs, an administrative manager, said he was fired in October 2008, less than a month after he complained about the discrimination."


  1. says

    There is nothing more tragically ludicrous than an organization purporting to promote dignity and security for LGBT persons that uses the word “queer” in its name. Such clueless organizations perpetuate the stigmatization of LGBT identity that endangers our lives and livelihoods.

  2. peterparker says

    The gay soccer player’s blog turns out to be a fake. It is written by a 48 year old Japanese woman. She ‘comes out’ in today’s column titled “I’ve been lying to you.”

  3. bading says

    YAY for Ang Ladlad. Now it’s time to expose the rampant, ubiquitous and flagrant sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in the Philippines.

  4. Willig says

    Has that great friend of the gays, Madonna, made any statement at all about the ongoing trial in Malawi of the two gay men????!!??!?!?!?!

    Her silence makes me feel nothing but contempt.

  5. Chitown Kev says

    I guess crack isn’t wack enough for Miss Whitney, still.

    As a recovering addict of some years, I have highly mixed feeling about the news that Miss Whitney may have relapsed.

  6. pablo says

    I get the feeling GLAAD is making too much of Super Exclusivo using the term “pato” in covering Ricky Martin. I used to date this Puerto Rican guy who loved La Comay. She is supposed to be offensive, the idea being that you’re laughing at her as much as with her. GLAAD is prone to not seeing context.

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