1. says

    While Mark Wahlberg’s bod is a thing of beauty, I have to confess I’ve always had a thing for Steve Carrell. Funny guys are a big turn on for me.

  2. Mellotron says

    “At 16, Wahlberg was convicted of beating two Vietnamese men that he was trying to steal beer from. Many felt the attack had racist intent as he had previously been arrested for racist comments made to schoolchildren. Wahlberg denies these charges of racism. He ended up spending 45 days in jail for the attack and says that experience changed the direction of his life.”

    I expect all of the closet “racists” to come out gunning for Mark. Oh, they’re still in the Tiger Woods post? I can wait.

  3. GGREEN says

    Mark is so short he’s usually standing on a box in all his movies and he has an intellect to match.

  4. Doug says

    Okay, I’ll say it (because I like to say it at every opportunity) — Steve Carell lived in my building when he was at Second City, and he truly is THE NICEST GUY EVER. Okay, there: I’ve said it. Again.

  5. Todd says

    Did any of you bother to see ‘Lovely Bones’…? As always, I was stupified as to how Marky Mark got cast. Not that the movie was so spectacular, but he is so spectacularly bad, it’s astonishing. With that bod and charisma, I am sure he has charmed the pants off many a casting director. Great for the casting director, not so great for those of us who have to suffer through his performances.

  6. Jeff In Boston says

    Sorry. I used to work out at the same gym as Wahlberg in his post-prison, Marky Mark days. He couldn’t have been more nice or courteous or, based on admittedly limited interactions whilst spotting him, etc., less stupid than I thought he would be. Also, making yourself a better person after being a thug counts for something in most places.

  7. Marty says

    The guy did some bad stuff when he was 16….the dude is almost 40. He’s made something of his life. So what some people are basically saying is criminals or the convicted can never make amends and must always be reminded of their past??

    Let it go.

  8. jaragon says

    Walhberg is not a great actor but can be perfect when cast in the right role like the tough cop in “The Departed”. And he still one hot looking blue collar stud.

  9. Pete says

    Wahlberg was very good in the Departed, as almost all-male cast… Male dialogues turn me on… His acting has been improving.

    He is also cute and looks better now than before.

  10. Paublo says

    Sorry Snarky Mark at only 4’5″ your over developed moobs still do nothing for you everything is to small everything is tiny tiny tiny…