Teenage Girls Try to Push Lesbian Peer Off Cliff to Her Death

Three teenage girls in Kentucky allegedly attacked Cheyenne Williams, a lesbian classmate, last Friday (coincidentally, the national Day of Silence) and tried to push her off a cliff. Johnson's mother says she was attacked because she's openly gay, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports:

Kentucky  "Those charged in the alleged attack — who attended Jackson County High School with Williams — are Ashley N. Sams, 18, of Annville; Corrine M. Schwab, 18 of Sandgap; and a 17-year-old girl. Her name and the charges against her have not been released because she is a juvenile.
Williams said the three teens took her against her will to Flat Lick Falls, physically abused her and tried to push her off a cliff.
Johnson said her daughter had the presence of mind to videotape the attack on her cell phone.
'There's proof on the video that this is a hate crime,' Johnson said.
A hate crime is an offense motivated, in whole or in part, by bias based on race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity/national origin, according to the FBI Web site."

The teens have been charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. Both have been released on $25,000 bond.

Johnson was able to defend herself from her attackers with a stick, the paper reports.


  1. Rob says

    Hope they have to share a cell with the biggest, meanest and roughest bull dyke in the joint

  2. Tony says

    I hope the parents that fed those three girls so much hate enjoy visiting them in prison.

  3. DC Chris says

    Jail is the wrong place to be if you don’t like lesbians.

    Is it me or are girls becoming more violent?

  4. kelehe says

    I’m sure these girls come from a fine upstanding Christian home full of the highest values in the land, true Americans who are afraid of the moral decline of our nation brought on by the onslaught of the evil Gay Agenda being forced upon America. They were merely protecting themselves. Their God will show his wrath over their incarceration by making a volcano erupt in Iceland.

  5. Mr. E says

    Dawnell, they look like they’ve already been hit by books. LOL If all is true I hope they are severely punished, but I’m hesitant to say put ’em away for life, they’re so young…

  6. wtf says

    wow, it’s like the evil straight girl version of Heavenly Creatures. We could call the made for Lifetime TV movie: Devil’s Bitches. I mean, c’mon. Look at them. Really I’d like to see the people who raised them to be this homophobic and homicidal. And then punish them.

  7. bobbyjoe says

    So I see the headline “Teenage Girls Try to Push Lesbian Peer Off Cliff to Her Death” and I immediately think “The South” even before reading the article (And I grew up in the South for some thirty-something years of my life).

    So now it’s Kentucky. It’s like they’re currently having some sort of “who can be the biggest homophobic/sociopathic a**hole” contest.

  8. Brian says

    I KNEW that Ke$ha bitch was bad news…and now she’s attacking lesbians. First the god awful music, and now this!?!? Not right!

  9. g_whiz says

    Its not just you, girls are becoming more violent. There’ve been arguments in delinquency for a while that the reasons why girls are underreported in crime statistics is that they were previously more supervised than boys…and that in a world where all parents work more and have less gendered expectations for girls, they’ll have more opportunity to behave like other teenagers (and be more delinquent). Yay. :(

  10. nat says

    hope they get raped and passed around by bulldykes in prison. isn’t justice system funny that way?

  11. stephen says

    How did she manage to videotape w/ phone while under attack?

    They have cliffs in KY? Who knew.

  12. Aron says

    @Stephen – Really? Eastern KY is dominated by the second largest mountain chain on the continent. Can you name it?

  13. Jon says

    The victim’s last name is Williams. Her mother’s last name is Johnson. The two names seem to have gotten mixed up in this summary of the case.

  14. Jersey says

    If I looked like those ugly hags I’d want to push someone off a cliff too, ‘cept it’d probbly be my parents for passing such hideous genes down.

  15. patrick nyc says

    The first thing I thought of was the girl who was attacked last year by a group of her peers, and it was caught by a cell phone. That is one of the best inventions for catching crimes that the perpetrators would otherwise walk. These three are truly evil, the perp walk with the families to court will tell a lot about them.

    As the South breeding this kind of hate, lets not forget one of the worse, Matt Shepard was out west. And my home town has the trial of the two latino men who were beaten, one man to death, because they were walking arm and arm. They were straight brothers, but they were called anti gay and anti latin slurs.


  16. alex kino says

    these girls need to be put away for a long time but you knwo thier parents are going to say that thier good girls who were never in trouble.

    if you saw thier facebook pages you can tell that these chick were nothing but trouble

    im glad that the victim walked away

  17. Norm D PLume says

    Anyone who thinks we should be “nice” and “patient” with bigots and their defenders (including the Democratic Party) is a fool. It’s time to say enough is enough. You are either for equality or you are against equality. You are either with the bigots, gay bashers, and queer killers or you are against them.

  18. GOD says

    Lesbian white trash piece of shit, and her mom made her do it, fucking get real people, if three girls can’t push one girl off a cliff, really, you people are fucking stupid as hell, go on you dumb leg licking and cock sucking faggots, play it up, it’ll be your one second of fame,

  19. Amy Wallace says

    @Kelehe I come from a Christian home and actions such as the ones that these girls undertook were neither taught nor tolerated. I was taught respect and tolerance. These girls obviously didn’t learn that.

    Looks like their fine, upstanding Christian parents forgot one of the Commandments. THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

  20. Katiep508 says

    What’s even more insane, is if you look at the facebook link, one of those insane girls actually posted she was going tanning… three days after the attack!!! Who in the heck are raising these crazy people?

  21. joshua says

    I am utterly mortified and appalled by the lack of maturity, restraint, and respect these girls have for another human being. So many bible-thumpers, like DC Chris there, will defend the girls’ actions; let’s not flaunt bible scriptures in their defense, or did we forget murder a far more heinous crime and sin than a lifestyle choice? To speak bluntly, and oh so casually about it, I dare one of those girls to lay a hand on me, lest I “protect myself” (from DC Chris) by layin those bitches flat.

  22. TANK says

    Well, like anything in christianity, killing can be justified…oh, the pretzels…”murder vs. killing” define murder…on and on and on….Aquinas’s double effect…you name the practice, and christianity can be found to support it…all coming back to the fact that there is no wrong way to be a christian.

    I hope these vile pieces of trash are punished severely by the law….hope they do time.

  23. Sean says

    Prison will be fun for these girls. I hope the scary prison dykes have razor blades on their tongues.

  24. AwesomeSpenny says

    @kelehe yes, nice prophecy calling out gods wrath by making a volcano erupt in iceland. Please if god is feeling pain toward any of this, its toward the poor innocent girl who was beaten and almost murdered by two ignorant teens. You need to stop preaching religion when you apparently know nothing of it

  25. natalie says

    Don’t blame this on religion-it’s the dumb people who interpret it horribly. For one, the ORIGINAL bible said “man should be with a PARTNER” and two, I’m Christian and I fully support gay rights. Plus, our country should have separation of church and state, which obviously it doesn’t. It was a couple of girls that are totally blind to social reality acting stupid. Luckily, I feel that the whole gay issue will sink into society just as black equality eventually did, even though it took forever, and that our grandchildren will look back on this as stupid, just as we do with slavery and black inequality.

  26. says

    I say tie those bitches that attacked her to a tree alongside that cliff and let them rot under the sun, and let the buzzards pluck their eyes out!

  27. Diane says

    @KELEHE re:I’m sure these girls come from a fine upstanding Christian home full of the highest values in the land, true Americans who are afraid of the moral decline of our nation brought on by the onslaught of the evil Gay Agenda being forced upon America. They were merely protecting themselves. Their God will show his wrath over their incarceration by making a volcano erupt in Iceland.

    What exactly were the three haters protecting themselves from?
    The VICTIM here did NOTHING wrong. There is NOTHING Christian about their actions.

  28. Valerie says

    These stupid girls shouldn’t have been let out. They should have been thrown in jail. I hate how ignorance causes these violent hate crimes. People who are gay/lesbian have the right to love, because love is love no matter what you are, or who you are.

  29. Makana says


    For all those people that want to quote the bible why don’t you watch the video on the link I provided. You talk about wanting to keep traditions??? Then lets keep the traditions. All those “traditionalists” that want to have pre-marital sex…you better make sure no body finds out or the public gets to stone your wife!!! Better yet, you better hide the fact; like Braveheart, that you are getting married or your mayor or governor gets to have his way with your wife as soon as you say “I do.” So go ahead and quote the bible, use it as a shield all you want because all it is is a book of bigotry. I was raised Catholic. I was taught in the Old Testament that unless I live a life of “good” I will go to hell yet in the New Testament I was taught that as long as I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins I am saved. So which is it? Am I going to hell because I’m gay or am I going to Heaven because I honestly do believe Jesus Christ died for my sins. One last thing, as you hate mongers sit there point your judging finger me and my people pay attention to how many is pointing back and judging you!!!!

  30. Kitty says

    I like how the same people commenting about how horrible and wrong this is, are also the same people using words like “bull dyke” and making assumptions that all women in prison are lesbians. Not to mention making irrelevant negative comments on their appearance. Way to make us gay rights supporters look like hypocrites and immature assholes who pick on teenagers’ appearance. Really. Good job.

    That having been said, I hope these girls get the most severe punishment allowed. Attempted murder? Over a girl being a lesbian? What kind of extreme hate do you have to have forced into your head to think that’s even remotely reasonable?

    I honestly feel bad for these girls, because it’s pretty clear that they come from hateful and intolerant home lives. I agree with Tony’s comment: I hope their parents feel really proud seeing their little girls in pretty orange jumpsuits.

  31. TANK says

    Yeah, don’t blame this on religion! No TRUE christian would…do something that one christian disagrees with and another agrees with because of their religious faith! Religion apparently has no impact on anyone’s life…just the behavior of religious people which is distinguishable somehow from religion (or is it YOUR religion? YOUR preferred version of christianity vs. theirs? Yup)…through non-empirical hocus pocus…or more religion. In fact, religious people can just pick and choose what they want their religion to be responsible for and what they don’t, just like they do for the meaning of their religion (this part of the bible and not that part). Reality? reality’s for suckers, huh?! LOL!

    Let’s blame religion because, after all, if it weren’t for religious beliefs in the evilness of homosexuality (a MOTIVATIONAL BELIEF), a great deal of human suffering would be averted.

  32. Melissa says

    They need to do some serious time..as does the 17 year old involved. She’s not 3, she’s almost an adult and she should know better.

    What a bunch of stupid bitches.

  33. Chad says

    This white trash learned everything from their disgusting parents. This is that hatemongering southern values we hear so much about. Disgusting pigs.

  34. PernRider says

    Oh wow. I just … can’t imagine someone being that ignorant and hateful! I bet this girl came on to them … that makes it okay, doesn’t it?! I mean, seriously, how does her being gay harm them, or alter their lives in any way? I mean, aside from the whole “life in prison thing” …

    Oh, and about Kelehe’s comments: anyone ever hear of “IRONY”?! Also known occasionally as sarcasm …

    Serioulsy, though, I hope they get the book thrown at them. There is NO excuse for this kind of vile, evil, insane behavior, especially in girls so young, with so much ahead of them. So that’s three wasted lives, and one that is forever altered …

  35. iden says

    Sad situation. Im guessing even though they could possibly come from christian homes…they forgot a couple of commandments
    love thy neighbor, and my goodness thou shalt not kill. How can any one encourage this type of behavior? Do we not have bigger things to fight for? For god sake we are all people, treat each of us as such.

  36. Derek says

    I agree it’s most likely these three little sunbeams for Jesus learned their hate primarily at home (and church, of course). As a parent, though, I have to point out how little control one has over what a teenage child learns. You can teach them all the tolerance you want; you still have to send them out into a world where it’s perfectly legal for people and institutions–even the state itself–to treat gay people as less-than-fully-human, a world where the airwaves are full night and day of demagoguery and lies, a world where there’s always some adult ready to teach them hate. It’s not always the parents’ fault. It takes a village to fuck up a child this badly, and when a child turns out this badly fucked up everyone in the village bears at least a little bit of blame.

  37. grego says

    i can’t believe that these attempted murderers were released on bond?? Its lucky the victim was able to defend herself.
    I’d recommend she purchase something more substantial than a stick and learn to use it in self defense.

  38. Donna says

    “hope they get raped and passed around by bulldykes in prison. isn’t justice system funny that way?”

    Um, way to stoop to their level, Nat. That’s the most fauxgressive thing I’ve ever heard someone say.

    All these violent, hateful, sexist remarks…commenting on their physical appearances…wtf people?

    Those girls are shitty people, but not because they’re “bitches” or “pigs.”

  39. Jason says

    I go 2 this school + I read this blog every day…..so please trust me when I tell u that these girls did go 2 far w/ their prank…..but it wasn’t b/c she was gay…..they all knew they Cheyenne was gay since 6th grade…..they were just being idiotic and it went 2 far

  40. e says

    i would like to get ahold of those 3 girls and shove them down a cliff myself; see how they would feel. better yet, just beat the shit out of them, break the legs in 4 places, smash their faces with rocks and then leave them in pain. These assholes are becoming so violent because of their parents and what they learn. And they get bailed for only 25,000?!!! murderers able to go for $25,000?!!

  41. Bekah says

    It is things like this that really blow my mind. If you have traveled to the south,like I have, and all the states along the way, you will notice that each one gets more and more conservative. The problem really is where is the line drawn? (When did being conservative=being violent? Since when does violence solve anything? I MEAN THEY MEANT TO KILL THIS GIRL! No wonder she won’t go back to school!)
    It is like when I went down there and noticed that NO ONE had computers. They are like 15 years behind whatever is going on here in California, even mind-wise. Their minds are so set on things they don’t even know what being open-minded is. I really hate to generalize, but it is true. Why do you think people use the term “Coming out of the closet?” Because they felt they had to hide in the first place. Actions speak louder than words, and for these three girls it landed them right where they needed to be. Trust me, jail will scare the hell out of them–but they wont do any hard time.
    The real “hard time” is going to be on Cheyenne and any gay/lesbian who is still living in fear.

  42. Saint Anger says

    Wow what beaches these girls are. I hope the judge throws the book at all 3 of them! I also hope that they get raped by some real bull dyke lesbians in prison. I don’t condone or agree with homosexuality although the thought of 2 women lesbians kissing turns me on but still it is not their place to judgethis girl and they definetely should not have tried to kill her, that is totally f’d up. I hope they get sodomized in jail like daily.

  43. Kayla says

    Everyone needs to blow up their facebook pages and let them know how shitty they really are for doing this. Bitches.

  44. Trent says

    SO tell me why again the girls got let go from trying to push a girl off a cliff?? Please judge tell us, what else do you foresee up your butt?

  45. Sammy says

    Bekah- I’m glad you brought up the violent tendencies of conservatives in recent news and I think it has to do with the ‘majorities’ becoming ‘minorities’. Once someone has perceivable power it is really hard for them to give it up, and usually always ends in violence. Examples: lynchings after slavery is abolished. the race riots at UCSD (the white student population there has become a minority), as well as the anti-immigrations laws that are being passed (because the hispanic population is getting close to surpassing the white population). Conservatives are losing power in this country, so they react in extreme ways.

  46. Jessica says

    I hope these girls get raped in prison and rot there. On the one’s facebook she put “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” something tells me no one is going to forget what she DID or how she made ppl FEEL.

  47. Julio says

    also to kelehe or whatever your retarded name is. first of all its people like you that are preventing interorientaitonal cooperation. and you really shouldnt speak for god. i mean you just embarrassed his good name right there. looks like you have some bible reading to do dear.

  48. Julio says

    @faghater its really not good to think that way of yourself. its very unhealthy. but its ok take ur time come out when ur ready.

  49. maggi says

    I think thouse three girls shoud stay in jail for longe piriod of time why should do something that is going to affect the hole familly and is not fare for the girl that right know is death.and these is not going to continue im going to do something about this discrimination.

  50. Yupp says

    This was the piece. (For the poster who asked). And no, these girls didn’t get one apology from Towleroad from what I know.