1. Strepsi says

    I think he’s terrific and funny. I liked his earlier ones dealing with gay tropes in media the most, but they’re all good.

    Also: he is adorable. And furry. An adorable furry bundle of funny.

  2. D. Carney says

    Sorry guys… this sarcastic (and bitter) brand of gay humor has become utterly predictable, obvious and cliche. I’ll take Jefferey and Cole Casserole over this dreck any day.

  3. MT says

    I remember a scene from Boiler Room (i think it was an outtake) where the Wall Street guys were sitting next to a table of gay guys in a restaurant. One of the Wall Street guyssaid he wished they’d put all gay people on an island somewhere and one of the gay guys said ‘they did, and you’re on it’ (referring to Manhattan). I thought it was hilarious.

  4. James says

    I love Brian Saffi!

    This segment wasn’t his best, though.

    The other one to check out is Sarah Hakins, who basically does the same thing but about women (though she was the first to), and who’s just hilarious.

  5. D. Carney says

    … to say nothing of the fact that his delivery is amateurish at best. Best leave this type of thing to pros like Samantha Bee of The Daily Show. I mean honestly, he’s as annoying as those soundstage lackeys who Joel McHale insists on dragging on to The Soup every week. (I’ll give you that Sarah Haskins on infomania is sometimes very funny though James.)

  6. qjersey201 says

    “I think they should all be put on an island”

    I AGREE! I think they should put us all on an island and then we secede from the union.

    Please vote for your choice:

    Hawaii (well on of the islands)

    Staten Island (Manhattan just a ferry away…and those trips could be Fun!)

    Puerto Rico


    Any other US islands large enough?
    St. Thomas/St. Croix isn’t big enough!

  7. TANK says

    Samantha Bee is funny? Well, maybe if you pee into a bag that’s strapped to your belt. She’s not funny at all to normals, and neither is her husband Jason Jones. There really aren’t a lot of funny people on that show anymore since rob riggle left…larry wilmore and john hodgeman are all that’s left. Gone are the days of rob cordry, steve carell and steven colbert. Oh, and this guy isn’t completely unfunny…why is it that gay comedians and female comedians are rarely funny? Female comedians are only funny when they’re immitating men (e.g., sarah silverman, lisa lampanelli) or are butchy lesbians.

  8. D. Carney says

    “Tank”, “normals?” really? Bee is the last thing remotely funny on The Daily Show, and that’s not saying much… She did have an hysterical bit on a “Men’s Retreat” wilderness group a month or so ago. Anyway, no one can hold a candle to Colbert as far as I’m concerned (loved Cordry too BTW.) Oh and “Edd”, I’ll complain about whatever I want to wherever I want to. In my opinion this guy stinks. Real, real bad. It seems like the blogs I read feel the need to link to this guy’s skit the day after it’s on – not because it’s a quality piece of work, but because it’s gay (first), and funny a distant (if not non-existant) second. Come on, up your standards people.

  9. TANK says

    Yeah…the condescending/clueless interview thing mixed with expressions like “suck it,” to which we’re all supposed to be amused because the person who she’s telling to suck it shouldn’t be….and she’s a gal….oy. Not funny. If you think so, you lack a sense of humor.

  10. D. Carney says

    And YOU, tank, lack the balls to attach your name to your comments (and the creativity to come up with anything better than “tank”) oy indeed…

  11. Billy says

    This guy’s adorable. No, this wasn’t one of the better “That’s Gay”s, but that’s fine.

    It does make me wonder how you get a job like this. I mean, I’d kill to do this sort of thing.

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