1. yeahisaidit says

    c’mon man..these are NOT interviews this guy jason is not interested any any answer these politicians may give and is not after any info that might answer his questions…this is about attacking pure and simple so there should be no surprise that his hostility breeds hostility…he’s out to be a jerk IMO…

  2. patrick nyc says

    Just when I cut O’Reilly slack for offering money to the father of the soldier he goes and shows what a douche he is. Mattera is even worse. Mattera putting his hand on peoples shoulders is totally unprofessional, one day he’s going to get his lights put out.

  3. Brent says

    I”m getting a little glee from O’Reilly schooling him. Mattera- what I can I say that hasn’t already been said. He’s a parasite, with no care about anyone in this world but himself and how famous he can try to make himself. How old is the guy anyway, because his attempted hipster speak of “dude” and “sweet bro” is SO not convincing.

    I still love how Chris Matthews cornered him about supporting the Iraq war but not enlisting because he preferred to fight it here in the safety of the basement of his mom’s house.

  4. Drew says

    Grade-A asshole, this guy. I do not understand how he seems to forget the last 8 years and simply blames Obama for a “financial timebomb”.

    Either way, all these people just can’t bear to have their dollars help others. For some reason, I don’t mind if my money helps others in this country, so maybe I’m moral and stupid.

  5. Scott says

    I stopped once he said “passing bills they have not read.” Revisit “Fahrenheit 911″ and the congressional interviews about the Patriot Act. In the interview a member of Congress from Detroit, MI sad the same thing, almost verbatim, for legislation that HE VOTED FOR! Idiots.

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