1. Paul R says

    Is bigot a far more slanderous term in Britain than here? I mean, I realize that insulting voters of any stripe looks bad, but it’s not like he called her anything truly horrible…or anything that likely wasn’t true.

  2. Alex N says

    What’s ridiculous is that they made the prime minister apologize to this ignorant woman. These people are a dime a dozen…Complaining about every aspect of social responsibility, like those pathetic teabaggers in the US. There is no thought process behind what they say other than to protect their own interests.

  3. John says

    The woman is crying poverty and yet her grandchildren have traveled to Australia. She deserves to be dismissed as a bigot and a complainer. I should think she should be glad people are coming from Eastern Europe. Would she prefer people from other continents?

  4. petes says

    This whole situation is the equivalent of Obama leaving a NAACP convention and complaining that it was too “ghetto”. This woman is supposed to be the bed-rock of the Labour Party. Shows you how much respect Brown has for his supporters.

    from the BBC:

    Gillian Duffy, the voter Prime Minister Gordon Brown called a “bigoted woman”, says she and her family have been lifelong Labour supporters. She worked for Rochdale council for 30 years, describing herself as working with children and disabled children. Mrs Duffy told the prime minister her father had even sung the traditional socialist song “The Red Flag” when he was a teenager. She also told the prime minister the three main things “I had drummed in when I was a child was education, health service and looking after people who are vulnerable”.

    During their conversation, Mr Brown told Mrs Duffy “you’re a very good woman, you’ve served your community all your life”. This was at odds with his comments, caught on microphone in the car after their meeting, where he described her as “bigoted”.

  5. peterparker says

    Gordon Brown is running scared because he is being trounced in the polls by his challenger, Nick Clegg–a Liberal Democrat who has stated that he does not believe in God and who has championed civil rights for everyone. Let’s hope Clegg wins!

    As a side note, I find it interesting that he clearly disapproves of this woman and calls her a bigot. I doubt her comments would have raised the eyebrows of many American conservatives.

  6. Bogchick says

    Gordon Brown is the same Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal garbage we the people have been served for years. Tony Blair, George Bush, Nicolas Sarkozy, Italy’s Berlusconi, etc.–there isn’t a nickle’s worth of difference between any of them. All are for war and special interests.

    Vote these inhumane criminals OUT!
    Make our world a better place.

  7. Randy says

    Brown is such a loser. If the woman is a bigot, then she’s a bigot. He should have stood proudly by his statement.

    I wish ANY of the news reports I’ve seen about this would include what she actually said. Every single one jumps on Brown for being somehow out-of-line, without examining whether the woman is really a bigot, or said something bigoted.