1. Dan says

    So why does Kevin McHale, the actor who plays Artie, have to perform in a wheelchair? He isn’t paralyzed in real life. The only reason I say this is the actress who plays Quinn isn’t required to walk around with a fake pregnancy hump. Just seems all sorts of wrong to me.

  2. says

    It sounds like Cory is always SUPER Auto-tuned… it’s gives me hope… i can be a recording star yet! But I think they all use auto tune for a more crisp pop sound… but i’m surprised they actually sang, as opposed to “performing” ie. lip synching.

  3. steve says

    i love “Glee,” but i gotta agree that seeing Kevin McHale perform in a wheelchair is a little bit awkward – but i guess it’s relevant to his character

    Cory singing :(

    on the bright side, Mark Salling looks about 10x hotter than he already is without the stupid mohawk – yum

  4. Jubal says

    This is it? This is the best that we get from the White House?

    Good thing that hes set the bar reeeally low so that the apologists don’t have to come to his defense again.

  5. Thomas says

    I love Glee, but that was terrible!! Cory was painful, and even Lea wasn’t on her A-game. I think I’m going to have to stop watching these videos… they make me feel so disillusioned! Time to go back to my pretend-world where they’re all outstanding singers.

    And, really, White House? My middle school’s production of Seussical had better sound quality.

  6. CKM says

    I think the technical difficulties murdered the song more than the singers themselves. You seen them performing the national anthem? That was splendid ! I must go watch that now.

  7. Chuy says

    That was horrible. The show is not all that great to begin with. And who ever is in charge of marketing/PR for Glee is making it so omnipresent and cheap, that it loses any of the special qualities that it does have. Do they really need to have a “You can be the next Glee cast member” contest with MySpace?

  8. says

    I enjoy the show a lot, hate the marketing of it and really, really hate hearing Cory Montieth live. Dude, you’re not a real singer. Lip synch… please!!!

    I hate being so negative, but they really just need to have him never, ever sing live… all it does is remind me how bad he really is — as a singer — when he’s on the show. (Which is a shame, because I enjoy him a lot on the show and think he brings a lot to the table aside from singing.)

  9. Jon says

    I’ve seen a bunch of other video clips from the event, and there are two things I noticed. First, Kevin is only in the wheelchair when they’re doing the choreography from the show. Which means neither he nor the other singers have to learn different dance moves. Second, if you find the clip of them singing “Somebody to Love,” Cory sounds much better. I suspect he’s like a lot of inexperienced singers — he can get into the right key and pitch for a particular song, but it’s harder to do several songs in a row. He may also just not have the vocal stamina for a lengthy live performance. Those are things they’re definitely going to have to work on before they tour, but I don’t think his performance on DSB is indicative of his singing abilities.

  10. 2 cents says

    There are so many factors here: they’re clearly not comfortable getting around on the stage (more rehearsal/different choreography needed if it’s too cramped), the video recording is crap (outdoors, taped within the audience), the sound system is SO spotty (so who knows what their monitors are feeding them), holding a mic & wearing a headset to perform is a totally different thing. I just watched 5 discs of Madonna’s live performances starting in 1983 until 2007, taped from shows all over the world. Now we all know she’s not a good singer, but sometimes she was SPOT-ON & it sounded amazing (trust me: you KNOW when it’s lip-synched), most times not so much :-}. If you saw her on Oprah’s Ray of Light episode, you’d think she could really sing! Much like Madj, Cory has a voice, but it can’t be counted on/relied on like, say, Mariah’s or Kylie. Now… talk amongst yourselves.

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