1. JusticeontheRocks says

    Whoever is advising this guy on his image needs to find a new line of work. He’s a golfer. The sooner he shuts up and plays the better.

    Jeez – we know what he was thinking.

  2. TommyOC says

    Yeah… this commercial is horrible.

    I don’t see where using a man’s sexual dalliances to a corporation’s commercial interests speaks well of the corporation or the man.

  3. B-rod says

    If this commercial in anyway is supposed to make one sympathetic to Tiger, it isn’t working. In fact, I can’t stand looking at the guy. He’s not a victim.

  4. JNJ says

    Come Monday, I want to see a, “Yeah, I still got it” commercial with him driving with the green jacket on.

    Or a “I just won enough money to shut up a few more hookers” commercial.

  5. Mark in ATL says

    That is one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Nike attempting to expunge one of their “models” so they can make more money off sponsoring him.

    It’s like the confession booth intersecting a commercial, and waving its hand over all.

    Fuck you Nike, and fuck you Tiger Woods.

  6. nic says

    wtf?! if he were a gay man, he would have been pilloried as a promiscuous degenerate. but, because he is a cash cow for all the toadies, all the hangers-on, all the black folk who stuck behind a philandering double-murderer, all the black folk who dismiss the fact that all his whores are neither black nor asian, but lily-white, tattooed hookers, i suppose that i can recognize vested interests. but, as an ethical being, i just don’t get it. good luck with that, tiger.

  7. Mike says

    Et tu Andy? C’mon pleeeaaase no more Tiger stories. I am SICK of seeing his tired and ugly (both inside and out) face all over the media. The double standard on sexuality is as gross as he is and a golfer (yawn!) nonetheless. George Michael gets banned from US radio stations over flirting w/ a cop and this jerk will be held-up as a sinner who becomes a saint. SICK!!!!!

  8. Brian in Texas says

    Wow, lots of hatred and obvious envy over Tiger.

    @Mike…George Michael?? He broke the law, he had sex or solicited it in a public bathroom. There’s no comparison. Also, George Michael is irrelevant at this point; Tiger Woods is still the number one ranked golfer in the world and the first billion dollar athlete.

    @ Nic…what does the ethnicity of his hos have to do with anything?? We all have our preferences…Get a life.

  9. mellotron says


    “all the black folk who stuck behind a philandering double-murderer, all the black folk who dismiss the fact that all his whores are neither black nor asian”

    All the white people who took the land from the Native Americans, enslaved the Africans, and now reap the benefit of their privilege..

    First of all, black people aren’t the only race of people sticking behind him, and even if they were, this is relevant to this commercial how? Second, can you refrain from calling women whores? Jesus Christ, thinly veiled racism and misogyny in one post?

  10. mellotron says

    And since when are black people, collectively, rallying behind Tiger and OJ? Bitch, please. Get the fuck out of here with your racist bullshit. I bet you’re one of the assholes who blame black people for Proposition 8 passing. *EYEROLL* I guess colored folk have a lot to discuss at their next meeting.

  11. Mike says

    Brian – get a life. George Michael flirted w/ a decoy cop in a public restroom and got busted. Big freakin’ deal. This idiot golfer had sex w/ dozens of hostesses and porn stars and will be thought of as a saint when he returns to the golf course to play this boring “sport.” There is a gigantic difference between what a het and a gay celebrity can get away with and still be relevant.

  12. Toto says

    The whole concept of this ad is insincere by its very existence. Your using what SHOULD be a personal matter in one man’s life coupled with his deceased father’s voice while having the man “act” all sad and sulky for the camera and then flash your corporate symbol at the end. Completely tasteless.

    I dont give a shit what all you crying harpies think about Tiger, he hasnt done shit to you. He’s a fucking golfer not a senator trying to deny you rights, not a pastor calling for a gay cure, and not some ignorant bigot who committed a hate crime. He fucked around. End of story. If you think A BIG majority of your favorite celebs and public figs havent or arent doing the same thing you are pretty damn naive. Im just sick and tired of the media perpetuating this whole event. It seems like more and more the tabloids, gossip shows, and mainstream news are becoming a culture and society unto themselves, marginalizing and blocking out news that relates to all people. My god, look at how little attention any incidents involving glbt citizens standing up or being put down gets in the media. If it werent for the internet, they probably wouldnt even consider any story that wasnt sensationalized.

  13. Scot says

    @Brian in texus…envy? are you fucking kidding me?!?
    This jack ass took a vow, in front of his family, his friends, and his gods, to hold his wife above everybody else. Maybe vows don’t mean anything in texus, but in most places they’re a solemn oath. A man’s word is only as good as the man. When he broke thet vow, he basically said fuck you to his family, friends, and his gods.
    A man who breaks his word and a company that hires him as their spokesman shouldn’t be trying to sell me ANYTHING!

  14. says

    As a straight, white, married woman, I gotta say:

    Take the stick out of your ass, y’all.

    I have always advocated sexual freedom, and fought against the puritanical demonization of sexual expression and desire. That’s why I come here, educate myself about your concerns, and fight for your causes and rights.

    No one gets a pass in this society–het or gay; black or white; male or female; rich and powerful or the everyman. To veer from the narrow confines of what is acceptable in sex and love and commitment, is to commit a sin of the highest order. Acting out a particular kink, or vision of intimacy, or deep personal need, somehow negates everything else about a person–their talent, hard-work, value to their community, the love they feel for those in their lives, the goodness in them, and even the goodness that might exist in those sexual acts so despised. A blow-job can bring down president where no amount of malfeasance can.

    The power of sexual deviation (as in departing from the norm) to engender fear, disgust, and absolute condemnation, is so over the top as to be psychologically and spiritually unhinged. Why does sex–other people’s sex–foment such HATE?

    No matter what it looks like from the outside, nobody can really know the motivations and quality of someone else’s intimacies and relationships. Some may be of a higher vibrational level than others, but that’s for those involved.

    Regardless of the PR angle, I think these are legitimate questions to ask: What were you thinking? How do you feel?

    For once I’d like all the cheaters, the homos, and the whores to be free to respond: I was thinking I belonged to myself, that the expression of my desires and my heart–my body–is singularly my most sacred possession. The reasons for my actions are my own. And I don’t feel sorry.

  15. nic says

    oh, LET UP, give me a fucking break. you no longer belong to yourself when you make a vow to be true to someone and start a family. perhaps, i am being too harsh in expecting someone to be honest and straightforward (i am old-fashioned that way). but when someone makes a promise to me, i expect him or her to honor that pledge. this is what makes the world go round. the idea of ‘credit’, the idea that everyone will stay on his side of the road, the idea of social order. i don’t give a rat’s ass about whether someone screws himself to oblivion so long as he is not betraying a trust. you, LET UP, are what gives liberals a bad name.

    @mellotron, ethnicity has nothing to do with it. as far as i know, i am spanish, native american and irish, and maybe other. i don’t much care. but should we turn a blind eye to the obvious? o.j. simpson butchered two people, but his exoneration was cheered on by the black community, irrespective of the fact that he was trying to be everything BUT black. tiger woods marries the whitest of the white and cheats on her with nothing but white-trash sluts. what, psychologically, does that say about him and HIS ethnicity? to my mind, it demonstrates a pathological ethos against anglos that was passed on by his put-upon father. the apple never falls far from the tree.

    i am getting so tired of excuses: i’m a sex addict; i’m an alcoholic; i’m a food addict, i’m this, i’m that….

  16. says

    @Nic, if you want honesty in a relationship (I do, nothing old fashioned about it) you have to provide safe haven for the truth. A woman willing to wield a golf club on her partner, is an unlikely confidant to tell your deepest secrets, vulnerabilities, and desires. If you expect a person to give themselves entirely away, you have to be willing to keep them and feed them and meet their needs. No one has the right to capture and then starve another person’s soul. What you are talking about is like an unfunded mandate–an expectation with no mechanism to realize it. If you say, “If you want x,y, or z, you are dead to me.” Then guess what, x,y, and z are going to become a dirty little secret.

    The bigger the dirty little secrets become, the more people unhealthfully act them out, or stunt them and twist them grotesquely. Ask the Catholic Church. Ask Ted Haggard. Ask Tiger Woods. An environment of scorn and shame and recrimination for normal sexual and emotional desires, does not tend to make for a happy and truthful marriage.

    If society is subscribing to the “rules of the road” that you espouse–and by all the judgement and condemnation I hear, it certainly is–why so many fiery crashes, Nic? Why so much mayhem and pain? Ah, judgment and repression: We may be headed off a cliff, but at least we’re wearing our seatbelts! The kids are all strapped in! We got each other firmly by the balls!

    You sound like the kind of person who says gay men who are too feminine, or too sexual, or too outspoken, give gays a bad name. God forbid those uppity blacks–who do they think they are, going after white women? After all, people should stick to their own kind, know their place, and make as few waves as possible. And never should a liberal talk about liberation! Never mind love, forgiveness, and empathy. Am I right?

  17. peterparker says

    The only way this ad could have been more tasteless would have been to have the camera slowly pull back to reveal Tiger being blown by one of his mistresses. I don’t give a damn who the man fucked. That is his own business. But to use his dead father’s voice in an attempt to exonerate himself in the court of public opinion shows that he is completely without scruples.

  18. BMF says

    Nic: given you’re not black, I’m not sure your qualified to speak about what the “black community” thought about OJ Simpson.

    Additionally, you don’t know Tiger and unless you’re trained in psychology (which seems highly doubtful from your posts) your claim about Tiger having some sort of pathological ethos against anglos is also equally ill-informed.

  19. DR says

    Utterly tasteless. Bad enough that he issues public apologies (maybe he needs some marital counseling instead!), now we have a commercial with his dead dad chastising him?!?

    I’m all for redemption, but this is really just a PR scam, that’s it.

  20. Chitown Kev says

    Funny, Nic, I know hardly ANY black people that are sticking up for Tiger Woods and I talk to black people on a regular basis.

    I guess that just goes to show some of the assumptions of white folks.

    Having said that, I am sooooooooooooooo over all of this Tiger Woods drama. Just play golf, man.

  21. anon says

    I guess in his mind being paid for his remorse is a victory of sorts. Cash is not just the main thing–it’s the only thing.

  22. Mellotron says


    “but should we turn a blind eye to the obvious? o.j. simpson butchered two people, but his exoneration was cheered on by the black community, irrespective of the fact that he was trying to be everything BUT black. tiger woods marries the whitest of the white and cheats on her with nothing but white-trash sluts. what, psychologically, does that say about him and HIS ethnicity? to my mind, it demonstrates a pathological ethos against anglos that was passed on by his put-upon father. the apple never falls far from the tree.”

    it seems like you are the one that is hung up on race. how dare these black men think they’re good enough for white women! is that what you’re insinuating? black men are at the bottom of the totem pole; in society, the media, both the straight and gay community, in the workforce, education, etc – white women are at the top. maybe cheating with white women was an increase to his self-esteem. like, wow, look at me; i really came up! i can sleep with all of these white women, or maybe no black woman wanted to reduce herself to a notch in the nightstand. who fucking knows? i’m not his psychologist, and i don’t feel like giving an armchair analysis; if you really care, then go read some of the articles written about tiger’s “precarious” attraction. in sum, the point is that you’re letting the opinions of the few vocal black people you observe (what, like 5?) become the universal opinion of all black people. that’s bullshit, and you know it is.

  23. Mellotron says

    forgot to address this covert racism:


    “irrespective of the fact that he was trying to be everything BUT black”

    excuse me? what does it mean to be black? seeing as how you’re not black, i’m curious as to what you think being black entails (besides sticking with your own kind! no interracial relationships allowed).

  24. Chitown Kev says


    With the OJ Simpson portion of the comment, I do see where Nic was coming from (I hear THAT a lot from black folks) but, yeah, I’m still black even though I know more than a few black people would disagree with that.

    And, of course, I self-identify as a black American (though not as an African American but that’s a long story)…

    So like you, I am eagerly awaiting Nic’s discourse on what it means to be “black.” LMAO

  25. says

    @ Mellotron and Chitown Kev

    I’m not black, but while you wait on Nic, I’ll take a stab at it:

    Being black means being whoever the fuck you want to be–thinking what you think, liking what you like, doing what you want to do, being where you want to be, knowing whomever you want to know, loving whomever you love–acting on your sense of self. Pretty much like every single person on the planet.

    Fuck anyone who says any of us should be anything other than what we ourselves determine to be.

  26. Chitown Kev says

    @Let Up

    Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

    Of course SOME white people and SOME black people (no shame in airing a little dirty laundry here) would not agree with that.

  27. nic says

    i’m just stating the obvious. tiger woods was fucking skanky, white puss-puss even while he was newly married. he disrespected his wife and his family. one need not be a psychiatrist to recognize psychopathology. we agree that dahmer was nutzo, right? my point is simply that, by running away from his ethnicity, tiger was screwing every white poontang he could. something in his psyche made him want to fuck white cunt, only. inside, he is a pathetic little blasian boy seeking self-assertion. wtf did his dad do to him?

    as to the racist accusations against me, i do not limit my lust to any specific ethnicity. i am equal opportunity. however, if any person who watched the reaction to the “o.j.” verdict, the blacks reacted with glee, while the whites were stunned. i agree that i lumped the two together. but, tiger, the serial, cheater horn-dog, got a hero’s welcome at Augusta. i still maintain that if he were gay, he would be branded and shunned as a pervert. tiger, tiger, burning (not so) bright, in the forest of the benighted.