1. jason says

    Why is Andy Towle continuing to promote Lady Gaga? The woman is borderline phony. Andy would be better advised asking Lady Gaga why she consistently refuses to show male-to-male interactions in her music videos. If you look at all her official music videos, every gender combination is permitted except male-to-male.

    Are you going to ask her, Andy? You’d be doing good for our community. Lady Gaga should be held accountable for her seemingly homophobic double standard.

  2. Amaezm says

    dude…not everything has to be gay…just because there hasnt been a big gay sex scene in a lady gaga video doesn’t mean shes homophomic..especially considering her pro-gay comments she has made several times…

  3. patrick says

    Love it. I’ve always had so much respect for our troops, but this seals it!

    And Jason, why don’t u go ask these soldiers if Lady G adds any value to the world?

  4. AngelaChanning says

    This is great…These guys are just having a little bit of fun in a hell hole and obviously they don’t care about stereotypes. Yes, “Big Rob” (red head) can really move!

  5. jason says

    No-one is asking for full on man-man sex in Lady Gaga’s videos. Far from it. I’m simply saying that she should show man-man stuff in the same style she shows man-woman and woman-woman. She’s definitely got a double standard at the moment, one that reeks of pandering to the “ewww, I don’t want to see two men kiss” mentality.

    Why aren’t members of the gay media asking her this question? It’s a simple question, and it’s not going to go away? Hold her accountable.

  6. Rocky says

    Fuck Lady-Gag me,and fuck every uppity bitch queen who’s obsessed with her.You all are probably the same arrogant homos who probably bash Madonna or even Mariah Carey everytime the impulse strikes.You get pissy when someone bashes your “beloved” Lady Gaga,but you do the same to other more established pop divas,like you did to Christina Aguilera the other day.Fuckin’ hypocrites.Im glad Im not into that whole diva thing and I find it a complete turn-off when some queen starts bitchin about pop divas.

  7. theo says

    @jason: with all of the wrongs in the world, this is where you focus your energy? You’re borderline hysterical, buddy.

    You can’t take a moment away from your strident indignation to watch a cute cub solo his way into the hearts of men and women?

    Don’t be such a downer, sweetheart.

  8. Ryan Ward says

    This can’t be real, but if it is, maybe they are a) trying to get kicked out of Afghanistan for DADT or b) trying to protest DADT or c) unaware that this is gay music.

  9. Spongey says

    @Pace – I disagree completely, I think these kids are military. I’ve seen this kind of stuff before. It gets boring sometimes and this is one way to break up the monotony. Good for them, but if their command finds out, they will probably got in trouble for it.

  10. says

    @Jason, are you insane? I’m seriously wondering. She has marched for our rights, has proformed at our fundraisers, and is one of our most vocal advocates, and yet you are under the impression she has to show two men having sex in her music videos to show her true support?

  11. says

    If a bunch of guys find some fun doing this in a place where no American should have to be, groovy. If GaGa helps them make it through a day when every moment could be their last, groovy. Anybody who has a problem with it, who gives a fuck?

  12. Marcus says

    why on earth is it that almost all the comments I’ve read so far seek to hijack the spirit of the extraordinary exuberance of this video?

    spend a little time looking at the history of imagery of men at war in your off-hours. educate yourself; then stop and think for a minute. these guys and their ancestral, military predecessors; all faced the same ambiguity about their immediate future.

    as in: “I might get in a fucking humvee tomorrow and be sent skyward by a buried mine and my brief history will cease in a flash.”

    sit comfortably atop your keyboard and make jokes about the sexuality of these guys. pathetic you.

    think what you will about bush’s wars. he sucks, the conundrums he foisted on moral people suck; but these men put everything important to any individual at risk for a variety of reasons.

    just watch the damn video and smile. it rocks. they rock. bless ’em.


  13. jason says

    Who wants to see man-man sex in Lady Gaga’s videos? I don’t. However, I would like to see male-male sensuality. Lady Gaga has no hesitation showing every other gender combination but she stops short of showing male-male. She’s an effin hypocrite.

    When will a member of the gay media ask her why she’s leaving it out? I’m still waiting. My feeling is that the gay media elite don’t wish to offend a “friend” of the gay community.

    We need to be tough and unrelenting in how these dance divas are promoted by their record companies and the media. At the moment, these women seem to be designed according to the dictates of male heterosexuals. It’s a case of “do not offend people who find two men kissing disgusting”. It’s clearly a homophobic paradigm.

    Again, when is a member of the gay media going to ask Lady Gaga about her homophobic double standard in her video marketing? Or are they too gutless?

  14. TANK says

    Don’t back down, jason. You’re my alpha dog of the week. Once you let them convince you that you’re crazy…the terrorist’s win. The sexual terrorists. Once you believe that you’re just unleashing a big mess of batshit over and over and over again, then all of this was for nothing…and it will stop. War on!

  15. Haven says

    Love the video, but why did they give the fat guy so much of the spotlight? How do you stay that fat deployed in the desert? The guy reminds me of Hurley on Lost: supposedly months and thousands of miles from any real food, yet still a tub of lard.

  16. Gary says

    Fat? Gaga? You mother fuckers whine about everyting. Andy, purge your comments list like Stalin. Two people in dangerous situations, for us or because of us, have a moment of fun–which may or may not be a social statement. Andy shares it, and the ugly hits the fan. You dicks need to go to the next tea party.

  17. bettyBoop says

    I can assure you people this is in Afghanistan, I also can assure you these are real soldiers can assure you they are not gay. When you don’t know what is around the next mountain top or under the next humvee or the next flying object in the air, you find ways to take your mind off of the more serious things going on around you. If you don’t you go crazy. Bravo to these men for trying to enjoy themselves in the worse place in the world. If you haven’t been there then shut the hell up. Some of you people will always have a half empty glass instead of a half full one. No one cares what you think! You men are in my heart everyday and I will always remember you

  18. bettyBoop says

    Hey Haven, you know the difference in them and you? They are real men! Your a comment whimp. As for him being a fat guy, bet he can kick your ass with all that as you call fat. But I bet he bench presses 250 plus lbs everyday. The only bench pressing you do is with your mouth. LMAO

  19. Kit says

    LOL *dead* at the ‘club scene’ and the guy doing the sprinkler!

    I thought that ish was hilarious.

    You tell me what you’re going to do with your downtime in a hellhole, far away from pop culture? You’re going to do what you did when you were 10 – fake music videos and lip sync with your friends.

    They just have a camera and some craft tools now. :)

  20. garyj says

    I hope they all get home alive, to see it and have a good laugh about it.

    It is what it is, bunch of G.I.s blowing off steam, making some good out of a bad situation. Trying to have some fun at the same time.

  21. seeldee says

    Hi all,

    Just dropping by to say that I’ve finally had enough of the negative comments that have become the norm at Towleroad. I’ve had it. As much as I will miss the site and its fun mix of hard news and pop culture, I’m deleting it from my bookmarks. I wish the remaining open minded, positive-spirited commenters the best of luck; they’ve got a lot of angry, age-ist, body fascist, compassionless commenters to keep them company, unfortunately.

    In the past, there used to be a dialogue among commenters but the situation has devolved into personal attacks on Andy, the content, and other commenters who try to keep things civil. I’ve noticed that formerly active commenters who had interesting things to say have either disappeared completely or now only rarely post their thoughts. I wonder if they, too, have given up and moved on.

    It’s been nice visiting your site these past few years, Andy. I wish you luck and much success. To the remaining commenters who try to keep an eye on the bigger picture, who work to keep an open mind and who persevere in trying to actually add to the content, I will miss you guys, too.

  22. Jace says

    Wow! I can’t believe I just read all of this. Know your enemy guys. Lets put this anger and frustration out on actual threats to our community, not a huge supporter. There are plenty to go around.

  23. rafi says


    “Im glad Im not into that whole diva thing and I find it a complete turn-off when some queen starts bitchin about pop divas.”

    Are you sure? Go read your own post again.

  24. Paul R says

    @Seeldee: Yes, I’ve increasingly felt the same way and so have a few friends. But if it really bothers you, you can visit the site without reading the comments.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the negativity comes from a small group of posters who I’d love never to read again.

  25. g_whiz says

    this is making my day. Kudos to these guys…who obviously don’t have a lot in the way of decent off hour activities. Where does one go dancing while on deployment?

  26. patrick nyc says

    SEELDEE I hope you do not give up the site, it’s the best out there, not only for gay issues, but also a view of the world at large. Do not let the few douche bags spoil it for you, as PAUL R said, just read the site and skip the posts.

    There will always be evil douche bags, those that get off bringing others down, don’t buy into them. Stay strong sir, we need good people like you, those who have souls.

  27. BILL MYERS says

    This may be a better world if more soldiers were working out their choreography instead of their missile projectory. Delightful.

  28. Sasie says

    Jason, you’re so bent up about when “members” of the gay community will ask Lady Gaga that question. Its HER song and video, let her show it the way she wants.. but if you’re really heavy about finding out the answer to your question, then why don’t YOU ask her?

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