1. JeffRob says

    I can’t wait to vote for Sexy ‘Lexi!

    Andy, one thing- Halsted doesn’t have that second “A”.

  2. Drew says

    Giannoulias doesn’t have a pray. He has way too much baggage with his family’s failed bank and faulty loan practices.

  3. Patric says

    Cue the Log Cabin commenters to start posting about how Mark Kirk is really a “moderate”. Just like Scott Brown. And Chris Christie. And Bob McDonnell . . . .

  4. SkepticalCicada says

    Folks, has the last year taught us nothing???? It makes no difference what this guy says during the campaign. ASSUME THAT, ONCE ELECTED, HE’LL TOSS YOU UNDER THE BUS. Don’t fall for this b.s. from yet another Democratic candidate. At least make him commit firmly to goals WITH DATES AND SPECIFICS, so it makes it even harder for him to wiggle out of the campaign promises later.

  5. Terry says

    No one is going to give a rat’s ass about the Broadway Bank thing in November. The bank has been taken over by the Feds and sold to another bank. Mark Kirk is going to have to either vote for financial reform or continue to be an obstructionist, like his other fellow Republicans. Right now, the polls show a tie between Giannoulias and Kirk. I’m convinced that Giannoulias will win in November. Illinois is still very much a Blue state.

  6. Lothar says

    I’d strongly advise folks in our community not to blindly vote for a candidate simply because there is a “D” after his name. [I think folks who vote “for a person , not a party” have more success at spotting good legislators.

    P.S. Mark Kirk is gay. He really is. He was single when elected , but married to squelch the gay rumors. He divorced after a few years, but not before displaying his wife one election night, kissing her and asking “Isn’t she beautiful?”

    Also, Rep. Aaron Schock is gay. He really is.

  7. K in VA says

    Just a few years ago, Mark Kirk was a moderate Republican who represented a moderate Chicago suburban district. As I recall, he had a decent HRC equality score.

    Then he decided to run for state-wide office in a time when the state GOP is controlled by extremists (they’re the ones who picked Alan Keyes to run against Obama in 2004). Every day in every way since then, he’s looked for ways to be move farther and farther to the right.

    What better way to show right-wing chops than attacking equality? So, natch, Kirk has turned into an extremist.

    I think I’ll make a contribution to Alexi’s campaign. Today.

  8. LincolnLounger says

    Alexi campaigned for IL Treasurer as a genius banker whose family bank was making record profits. Then he cost IL families saving for college $80+ million in losses to the Bright Start program, used funds to buy an SUV, and his family bank needs taxpayers to bail it out after the family looted millions from it and it loaned tens of millions to gangsters.

    These are all facts if anbody cares to look at the record, and it’s why Mark Kirk will win be elected in November.

  9. sparks says

    Call me shallow, but I just LOVE it when a candidate I like also happens to be very easy on the eyes. lol

  10. Chris says

    Miss Lincoln Loungette, You worry about that stupid ass Scott Brown you dumb right wing Faggot.

    You crazy ass don’t even live in Illinois!

  11. lincolnlounger says

    Chrissie, I notice you didn’t say I had my facts wrong. And I do live in Illinois. Why do you think Lincoln is in my screenname?