‘Amazing Race’ Cowboy Jet Has Problem with Gays, Called Winner Jordan a ‘Fag’


Okay, it's been 36 hours since the Amazing Race finale so I'm going to go ahead and discuss the winner. Jordan Pious, the gay Rhode Island man and his brother Dan, won the race.

Cowboy friends Jet and Cord came in second. Now, some revelations are coming out about what went on that you didn't see.

Reality Blurred reports:

Meanwhile, despite a CBS publicists’ pathetic effort to get them to not talk about things outside of the lame, noncontroversial stuff (“Let’s talk about their strategic play on the show”), Dan and Jordan told Reality TV World that cowboy Jet has a problem with gay people.

Interestingly, Jordan defends Caite (“She definitely is not homophobic”) and Caite’s response to Carol and Brandy (he said that when he challenged her on the race about U-Turning Carol and Brandy, he wasn’t accusing her). Instead, the brothers say that Jet is actually the one who made homophobic comments about the lesbian team and now, about him.

Dan said, “Jet hates gays, yeah,” and Jordan said that “he made comments about Carol and Brandy on the show.” Dan added that “Jet called Jordan a ‘fag’ Saturday night for absolutely no reason and Jordan just said hello to him, so there was something on the Race and I guess, in all fairness, there’s some stuff that isn’t shown and I think it’s an important thing to get out. Because I don’t think there’s any doubt that certain things happened and it all plays a part in everyone’s reaction. … I think there’s some animosity but it really goes one-way.”

And you know what that means. Jet probably is harboring some closeted Brokeback Mountain fantasy.

More of the full interview at Reality TV World.

Watch Jordan and Dan and Jet and Cord on CBS' The Early Show, AFTER THE JUMP...

Posted May 11, 2010 at 11:33am ETC by Andy Towle
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