1. Skinnylittlebitch says

    Surprise surprise, a southerner who has a problem with gays. Yawn. Hope he has fun roundin’ up those retards too. Yeehaw.

  2. Matty says

    It´s not that shocking. CBS tried all season to make Cowboys the favorites who are always perfect and in the last ep, the brothers were “the villians” for no reason.
    They deserved to win. Go bros!!!

  3. Donk says

    The brothers that won cheated their way to the top. At the end, they said that the only sneaky thing they did was cut in line. They must have forgotten about the time they stole someones taxi. The Cowboys deserved the win and are good ol’ boys that I personally know. They’re NOT homophobes. Don’t believe everything people tell you or what you read about.

  4. yeahisaidit says

    …so donk why should I believe anything you tell me or write about if according to you “shouldn’t believe everything people tell you or what you read about…?”

  5. Jeffrey says

    I was cheering for Dan and Jordan until they pulled that cheap stunt. It tainted the whole win. So now lets say the cowboys hate gays to make it all right.

  6. Wes says

    Did they break the rules? If not, then there’s not much to say. Winners play cutthroat.

  7. David in Houston says

    Regardless if the “cut in line” had any effect on the outcome, they still did a really shitty thing that in my eyes was cheating. If I had been on the cowboy team I would have body-checked them out of the way at the ticket counter. Jordan was a major asshole for doing that. The cowboys are a class-act.

  8. jeff says

    I’m southern and I’m gay and I had a real problem with Jordan and Dan. They began to represent all the negative sterotypes which I won’t name here. I hate that people would think that we are like that.

    Moreover, I loved the cowboys. I thought they had great heart and played like kind human beings….. and had a kind of charisma. I don’t know if they “should” have won, but I was pulling for them…. and unfortunately against Jordan and Dan.

  9. Erik says

    I was a huge fan of the Cowboys and wanted them to win. I would have been fine with the brothers winning too, until Jordan pulled the shady stunt at the airport. Of course I won’t discredit Jordan’s claims against Jet, but it just seems hard to believe after watching the show and not seeing any sort of homophobic behavior from Jet. They both seemed so polite throughout the whole race, Jet even refused to knock Jordan out of the way at the Lucas Film challenge. I would like to hear his side of it.

  10. Grant says

    Sorry but Jordan and Dan annoyed the hell out of me. Just because they’re gay doesnt mean we had to root for them…thats like African Americans only pulling for other African Americans…silly

  11. Henry Holland says

    The cowboys aren’t “friends”, they’re brothers, which makes your already lame “Brokeback Mountain” ‘joke’ even lamer.

    “You people are sick, defending homophobes and attacking your own”

    So, we have the word of ONE person that Jet made homophobic remarks and we’re supposed to flay him alive? Get out the pitchforks!

    I *hated* Jordan, I’m very disappointed he won because he’s another in the long line of “Amazing Race” gay stereotypes: the whiny, petulant queen who screams “I can’t take this! I quit!” 4,000 times a season, someone with no personality except that He Is Gay, nothing interesting to say or observations to make. When they *do* have an interesting gay man on, like S14’s Luke, he’s closeted!

  12. says

    Argh. I was rooting for the cowboys the whole second half of the race. I wasn’t really a big fan of the other top 5 teams. The cowboys never seemed homophobic during the race, and never had any problems with the lesbians or the boys (until the infamous line jump [sleazy, but successful play]).

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a southern cowboy would be homophobic, but it’s still disappointing. I guess it really down take 20 years for the blue-state world to trickle down there.

    I still can’t stand Caite, though, even is she is down with the gays. She kept doing stupid things the whole race, and then immediately claim they were brilliant moves. Between her, Carol, and Brandy, the Amazing Race was in full-on bitch mode this season.

    Meh at the end of the day, it’s a reality show. These people don’t matter. Come tomorrow, no one will care who was gay, straight, pro-gay, anti-gay, bitchy, etc. Life goes on, without reality shows. As it should.

    Thank “god” for that.

  13. Michael says

    Wow…all the self loathers running to defend the homophobes. Sad, but not shocking.

    Dan and Jordan played a great game, and I was thrilled that they won. As far as cheating goes, I call bullshit on that. Cutting in front of a line, and grabbing a taxi from another competitor is part of the game. If CBS thought it was cheating, they would have called them on it, since they were clearly editing the show to favor the cowboy brothers.

  14. TARphan says

    I was rooting for Jet and Cord from the start, so yes, I was disappointed in the results. What the brother did at the airport was sneaky and while jumping seats aboard the plane was technically not illegal by the rules of TAR, I’m sure what they did will be addressed in future seasons to prevent every team from doing the same. (Imagine an entire game of Racers, all trying to move into first class.) Did Jet call Dan and Jordan “fags”? Quite possibly, but we’re taking only their words, especially after they’ve been called cheaters online. We also have to wonder in what context the word was used. In an ideal world, words like “fag” would never be used, but there are times when the best of people can become angry, upset, etc and use such terms. Finally, as far as anyone knows, if this did happen, it may have been the first or rare time Jet has used the word. It takes more than one time of using the word “fag” in a moment of frustration to label someone a homophobe. (And yes, the writer did need to actually watch the show to know that Jet and Cord are not friends but brothers. So calling in the Brokeback fantasies is unnerving.)

  15. Mike says

    For those of you who are defending the cowboys and suggesting that all you saw was politeness and friendliness to other teams, don’t forget that what you see on TV is what CBS decides to show you. The producers of the show decide how to edit each team’s “character” and the cowboys were made to look like “aww shucks” heroes. Also, I read an interview with Michael and Louie (the 4th place cops) who said that the cowboys had issues with Carol and Brandy for some unknown reason.

    If Jordan and Dan are going to state in public interviews that Jet called Jordan a “fag”, I’m going to believe it. That’s a pretty serious allegation to make if it’s a fabrication. Note we haven’t (yet anyway) heard any denials from Jet.

  16. jamal49 says

    “Amazing Race”, huh? I need to start watching more television. That’s the rub working third shift. You miss all these “wonderful” TV shows: Amazing Race, American Idol, um, well, those are the two I’ve read about here. Don’t know about any others. Oh, wait! Dancing With the Stars. Yeah. Y’all talk about it here a lot, too. Am I missing anything by not watching these shows? Just askin.

  17. Ed says

    “Also, I read an interview with Michael and Louie (the 4th place cops) who said that the cowboys had issues with Carol and Brandy for some unknown reason.”

    But then, everyone seemed to have issues with Carol and Brandy, for whatever reasons, including Michael and Louie.

  18. Critifur says

    @Henry Holland – Luke from TAR season 14, was not closeted, he was, and is out, the producers decided not to label him in the show as gay (against his wishes) because they already had gay characters, and his character was the deaf son. The producers did not want to confuse us in a season overstuffed with the gays… Father and son gays, Mel and Mike White, Victor (of Tammy and Victor), and Kisha (of Kisha and Jen).

  19. Frank S says

    The Cowboys are young. They can still learn something about the world. It worked for Caite & Br– Oh, wait, forget that last part. 😉

  20. Bill says

    Congrats to Dan and Jordan! I suspected Jet and Cord had anti-gay prejudices which is why I reserved judgement about them until I heard about this comment.

  21. dave aronburd says

    I didn’t like Dan and Jordan from the very beginning. While I don’t think they cheated to win, I do think they were very annoying AND CREEPY. There was a little too much loving going on between them for me. And, to be perfectly honest, until the last two episodes I had the hardest time ascertaining which was the gay brother.

  22. says

    Maybe I’m too cynical, but it totally was annoying how many times they shouted “I love you Bro!” during the challenges.

    Even writing that sentence makes me feel like a bad person, but for whatever reason, I just found it painfully grating. Maybe if they had switched up the word choice a bit, it wouldn’t have bothered me.

    “Love ya Man! You’re awesome Dude! Best Brother Ever!” Any of them would have been sufficient.

  23. Mike says

    Oklahoma–who brought us Sally Kern, Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe just to name a few–is just about the most homophobic state in the country, despite being the state with the gayest state song. So color me not surprised.

    The cowboys had already made a little slur toward them earlier in the race (at the fashion challenge in China), and in one of the post show interviews, someone asked Jet why he didn’t trying spinning to see the clue better after he already saw Jordan did it. His response was, “There’s a lot of things Jordan does that I don’t do.” Ha, ha, ha. We get it.

    I get that people are charmed by that aw shucks attitude, but from someone who grew up around it, I’m not the least bit sad they’re not a million dollars richer.

  24. Eric H. says

    I read the Reality TV interview and I can’t help but feel the comments about Jet were a little dishonest. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jet was a little pissed right after their altercation at the counter so it wouldn’t surprise me if he said something stupid… However, it seems to me that during this interview Jordan and Dan tried several times to tarnish the Cowboys in a sort of defensive reaction to the questioning they were getting about the line cut. I’m sure they were feeling a little persecuted since I’m sure that’s the big question they were getting. I suspect they felt a little guilty and I’m sure they didn’t want to be painted as the bad guys so I suspect they made a big deal out on nothing to deflect. Typical reaction. Based on how they were portrayed throughout the race, it’s not surprising at all.

  25. Grant says

    I couldn’t agree more with Aaron…if I never hear “i love you bro”…in that nasel jerry lewis voice again I will be forever happy….and that has nothing to do with self loathing…gimme a friggin break.

  26. Henry Holland says

    “Wow…all the self loathers running to defend the homophobes. Sad, but not shocking.”

    Wow….a non-critical bootlicker running to defend the gay guy for no other reason than the guy being defended likes cock, not for any other intrinsic reason. Sad, but not shocking.

    “Wow, this show sucks, too. And yet the great unwashed loves it.”

    C’mon, asshole, post the names of your 5 favorite shows and then we can mock you, you peasant.

    “But then, everyone seemed to have issues with Carol and Brandy, for whatever reasons, including Michael and Louie.”

    Newsflash! Carol and Brandy alienated people, like you said. And how come Jet McCoy is suddenly a raging homophobe and that waste of human flesh Caite can spend practically a whole season sneering “The Lesbians” and not get a peep said about her?

    “@Henry Holland – Luke from TAR season 14, was not closeted, he was, and is out, the producers decided not to label him in the show as gay”

    I only know what’s shown on the show, I don’t really follow the show off-air. Same with Victor and Kisha.

    That was a great season, as was this one.

  27. Scooter says

    Screw those redneck hicks. Go make a batch of your “gravy.” Go back to your town with one blinking yellow light and try not to let some freakin cow step on your head again. Loosers

  28. John in Boston says

    The brothers are out of R.I.? Rhode Islanders are shifty like carnies, trust me. I live 40 miles from R.I. Wouldn’t trust them further than I can spit.

  29. srsly says

    Jordan and Dan were obnoxious assholes. Those lesbians were just as bad.

    If they were edited to look that way, start calling the producers of The Amazing Race because they are the ones with the problem.

    Did anyone make a stink about those Big Brother contestants being on the show? Or did they apologize enough for their gay slur tirades on BB to get a pass?

  30. michelle says

    Almost all postings and sites I’ve read have had people saying how much they wished the cowboys had won and how disappointed they were in the sneakiness/cheating of the other brothers. The brothers were the winners, but the cowboys were definitely fan favorites. I find it very interesting that the brothers are now accusing the cowboys of this prejudice. Yes, Mike and Louie said that the cowboys had an issue with Carol and Brandy, but that was seen when the women were rude to the brothers and treated them as lesser people because they were cowboys. Mike and Louie also said, in several different interviews, that they were closest with the cowboys. They can’t have been that bad. After watching them be respectful to every person they met in every country-shaking hands and saying thank you with each-it’s VERY hard to believe their edited behavior was truly that audacious.

  31. Henry Holland says

    “Henry Holland just wants sexy time with the homophobic cowboys”.

    Answer the question, dickhead, so we can start mocking you.

  32. TANK says

    Eh, shaddup your goddamn mouth, henry. I don’t watch dreck. But, I know a self loathing straight chaser when I see one.

  33. Henry Holland says

    Shorter Tank: I watch only Bravo and Lifetime, but hey! look over there! I’m gonna make a stupid jibe at someone I’ve never met.

  34. TANK says

    I don’t watch bravo or lifetime. I watch animal planet’s river monsters. Now that’s a fun show.

  35. Henry Holland says

    Ah yes, Animal Planet, home to such hyper-intellectual fare as “Animal Cops Houston”, “Puppy Bowl” and “Pit Bulls and Parolees”. And you have the nerve to criticize us for watching TAR? Hahahahaha, fucking loser.

  36. TANK says

    You don’t like puppy bowl? FAG! I didn’t say I liked the entire channel. I don’t like any channels. I certain shows…like myth busters. But you just suck for liking this prepackaged rubbish. SUCK SUCK SUCK!

  37. Henry Holland says

    FAG? Nice, nice bit of self-loathing from an idiot with shitty taste in TV. “Mythbusters”? You mean “stuff that Snopes and other sites got to years ago”?

    Come on, what’s next? “Ice Road Truckers”?

  38. TANK says

    All I’m sayin’ is that you’re a self loathing HOMOOOO (probly fat, too). Also, that you have no taste in television, which probly extends to other areas.

    I don’t like ice road truckers, but I like deadliest catch.

  39. Kevin says

    What the f— are you doing ruining the ending of the race in the HEADLINE, ffs??!! In this age of Tivo etc I would expect journalists to show a little consideration to those of us who time-shift our shows. Actually, why is a TV show covered as “news” anyhow? Leave the entertainment TV to the people who are watching it and report on something meaningful, and for the last time, stop spoiling the ending!!! Jezus.

  40. B.J. says

    If you watched the Show EVERYONE had a problem with Carol and Brandy … probably because they were raging bitches to everyone throughout the entire show not because they were lesbians.

    Rooting for someone just because they are gay is the dumbest reason. Although I am happy to be represented, I was not not exactly thrilled with the representation…whining, lying, sneaky, and deceitful.

  41. Mike G says

    Has anyone actually been watching the show?

    Jordan is hardly worthy of being Reiken-ized just because he is gay and he won. He’s sort of a whiny idiot who presented himself as umpteen different gay stereotypes throughout the race. He and his “bra” complained repeatedly how stupid people in foreign countries were for not speaking English. That’s as narrow-minded and redneck as it comes.

    As for Brandy, she is an embarrassment to herself for continuously presenting her 3rd grade level social skills. The only relevant conversation is, “Brandy, please shut up, and learn some interactive skills.”

    As fellow gays/lesbians, for us to run to both of their defenses merely because they’re gay, is ridiculous. Their stupidity and closed-mindedness trumps their gayness and requires their respective attention immediately.

  42. daws says

    Quite frankly I wasn’t drawn to either the brothers or lesbian teams. I was rooting for the cowboys. Especially after the lame ass stunt the brothers pulled at the airport. That marred their win for me.

    I really didn’t like that they allowed Brandy (?) to start bitching at the end of the race. Seriously she just comes off as psycho. She picked on the wrong woman and it bit her in the ass. Sore loser.

    I enjoyed the race up until the finale though. Really disappointed the brothers won.

  43. Redebbm says

    Im glad Jordan and Dan won, they ran a good race and didn’t break any of the rules. They made the moves they thought to win (you know the “goal” of the race?) I was also fond of Jet and Cord but they weren’t all innocent. Threatening to beat up a guy in the airport? Classy… Not to mention other snarky comments (who knows what else was edited out for “time”)

    The Carol/Brandy, Caite thing was so edited to make the Lesbians seem bad, they made like few comments at the start (in the end more) while Caite was made to seem like a victim attacked all season and manipulated by the detectives. I never thought she was stupid, but to U-turn them instead of the detectives was a potential fatal move.

    Overall a comment for this board, just because someone seems stereotypical to you doesn’t mean you should attack them, Jordan and Dan were no more annoying than many other teams. You guys obsess over appearances when we should be able to express ourselves for who we are (not your expectations). If you don’t like “stereotypical” guys on AR then go on yourself so we can judge you. *le sigh*

  44. David in Houston says

    So Jordan and Dan have absolutely no clue why Jet would call Jordan a fag? I find that very hard to believe. The fact that they’re painting Jet as a homophobe without explaining what transpired is really sleazy.

  45. sugarrhill says

    So I guess the moral of this story, at least on this site, it’s okay to call someone a fag as long as it was meant in anger and the gay in question isn’t well liked.

  46. Jonathan says

    “If Jordan and Dan are going to state in public interviews that Jet called Jordan a “fag”, I’m going to believe it”

    Wow. You must believe a lot of things floating around out there. I can tell you I have beach-front property in Nebraska for sale. Interested?

    People LIE! Especially if Dan and Jordan knew that the majority favored the Cowboys over their whiny butts.

    Don’t give so much credit to Dan and Jordan.

  47. Duane E. says

    If I’d had to spend much time around Jordan during the race, I would quite likely — and quite often — have called him something much worse. As Henry Holland points out, Jordan was petulant, whiney and downright annoying. And yet some here would have us believe that to publicly say this about a fellow queer makes us self-loathing homophobes who fail to support team Gay USA. Grow up, kiddies. It’s your own blind, obligatory belief and insistence that “as long as it’s gay, it’s always okay” that creates a community of bobble-headed sheep who fear being ostracized if they don’t toe the queer line.

  48. Mike says

    What saddens me the most about the attacks on Dan and Jordan is this: on most of the non-gay Amazing Race discussion boards, they (and particularly, Jordan) are attacked for their whiny/nasally/effeminate (read: Gay sounding) voices. This is homophobia. When these attacks are repeated on this site by presumably gay posters, it’s internalized homophobia.

    (Note: I think it’s fine to disagree on other points such as whether cutting in line at the airport is dirty or not etc)

  49. RJ says

    @Jonathan… People lie, true enough but they can also tell the truth. You obviously are a bit naive about “reality” shows – there’s something called “editing”. Heard about it? Don’t be so quick to believe that folks are as wonderful or as despicable as they are portrayed in these quick edits.

  50. RAJ says

    Look at those crossed legs on Jet, does he have a snatch down there. I am aways amazed by how many cowboys are supposedly anti-gay since they were called on in Brokeback Mountain. Those two look like they should be in the sequel.

  51. Zach says

    Seriously, hasn’t EVERYONE made some homophobic slurs in their life? I mean, are people who go “OMG, this video is ******* GAAAAAY. U R A F*G!!!” on youtube any better? What Jet did was wrong, but everyone’s overreacting about it.