1. Reno says

    Stop saying “after the jump”.

    Stop saying “after the jump”.

    Stop saying “after the jump”

    This is not a TV programme. There are no commercial breaks. This is a hangover from corporate media sites who don’t understand the internet and cant get away from the TV show paradigm.

    There may be some kind of conceptual “jump” on your screen but there isn’t on mine.

    People have different kinds of browsers, opened to different sizes, displayed on monitors of different resolutions. They may have zoomed the screen magnification, blocked the ads, blocked the images, gone for text-only or be viewing on a cellphone.

    You cannot assume there is any kind of break to jump over.

    The phrase just sounds pathetic, like you secretly wish you were a news presenter saying “after the break” or “coming up in part two”. There is no break, jump. or part two. This is not a TV show.

    Stop it

    Stop it now

  2. says

    Seize BP: Campaign Statement and Petition

    The government of the United States must seize BP and freeze its assets, and place those funds in trust to begin providing immediate relief to the working people throughout the Gulf states whose jobs, communities, homes and businesses are being harmed or destroyed by the criminally negligent actions of the CEO, Board of Directors and senior management of BP.

  3. Asher says

    Reno, who the fuck do you think you are? This blog is filled with interesting, well-written, newsworthy content day after day, and that’s your contribution? You are truly sad. (And so are you, Alan G, if you’re “with Reno” on this one.)

  4. jerry says

    I heard on MSNBC that Canada requires that when oil wells are drilled in the Arctic the releif well(s) (that BP won’t have finished till August) are required to be drilled at the same time so that
    they are ready to be used in the event this type of thing happens. Why couldn’t our spinelss Congress and bureacrats do the same. Costs more up-front, but sure is worth it in the long-run.

  5. Wes says

    So wait, there’s no free market incentive for private industry fix the leak? libertarians always tell me a free market works itself out! so BP hasn’t been trying to plug the leak to save the environment but instead salvage the drilling site to save its investment?

    the government needs to be involved because BP is full of greedy liars who see nothing but their bottom line, like most big corporations.

  6. MRW says

    I’m as happy as the next person to run down an oil company, but I’m not sure quoting a lawyer filing a class action suit on the technical details of capping oil wells and recovering from spills gives you the most accurate view.

    BTW, the jump thing doesn’t bother me in the least, but then I’m not an expert on the history of television commercials.

  7. Wes says

    Yea Jubal, its “we the people” who are at fault because most Americans cheer FREEDOM! when private companies prevail over regulations designed to protect our people and environment from just these kinds of disasters.

  8. fireblazes says

    So what does this attorney know about fluid mechanics that engineers don’t know? Oh yeah, that you can say crazy shit and make money doing it.

  9. Beef and Fur says

    He’s filing a class action suit for one reason: MONEY. Lots of it. FOR HIM. The claimants will get next to nothing but he will get paid big time.

  10. Beef and Fur says

    Oh, and for all the yahoos who bleet about suing the federal government, please go look up the “federal torts claims act” and spend some time reading.

    You are yet another fine example of “we the people” who didn’t bother to pay attention in 9th grade civics class or ever bother to learn about our system of government and then go shooting off at the mouth.

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