1. chrisz says

    so…if we’re against the current war then why are we trying so hard to get into the army so we can go fight in it? Doesn’t make sense. Seems like we’re just fighting for the right to throw our lives away. Not very positive.

    To each his own, I guess. As for myself, I rather enjoy my draft-exempt status 😉

  2. Sean R says

    Oh Lord!

    How does he know, did he ask, did he tell?

    How then, does the armed forces feel about defending the gay citizens of the USA? Aren’t you supposed to be one nation under God? Where is the fierce advocate for gay rights?

  3. Steve says

    @ChrisZ: We are not draft-exempt. Over the years, when a draft is enacted the whole “Homosexuals in the military” thing goes out the window. They want us when they have to have people. When they don’t they treat us like dirt.

    And, to quote a good friend of mine in the army “If I’ve got someone watching my ass expecting them to save my life, I’d like them to like what they see! Hell, they save my life I might give it to them!”

  4. Kyle says

    So what he’s saying is that straight soldiers are willing to let their country be defeated because they hate fags. If that’s the case, maybe straight folk shouldn’t be allowed to serve.

  5. incredulous says

    Unbelievably offensive and disgusting. That man wears his hate on his sleave.

    We also shouldn’t allow blacks to be soldiers because some racist white soldiers might balk at saving black soldiers’ lives.

  6. greg2 says

    “We’re not doing it for flag or the country”…sounds unpatriotic to me….”we’re doing it for the guy in the next foxhole”,even though Senator only had 1 year of service to include bootcamp and never saw field action.

  7. Harry says

    I think a straight soldier would love it if his fox hole mate was gay and in love with him enough to take a bullet for his man. Let’s be serious. Is he saying that straight soldiers would not be patriots just because they have a gay man in the fox hole with them? That is a load of bull shit. All the free blow/hand jobs you could want and someone to take that bullet for you=PRICELESS.

  8. says


    I remember as a little kid growing up with stories about how my Aunts couldn’t try on clothes in downtown Chicago because the stores felt that if Coloreds tried on clothes, white people would not buy them. Well, that rule went by the side and guess what? White people are still buying clothes.

    I remember as a tween the debate on allowing women in the Armed Forces. They said that if women were allowed the Army would go to Hell and no guy would support a woman in combat. Well, now women are flying into combat and serving in some really ugly places with honor. Guess what? We still have the best Army on Earth.

    This too shall pass.

  9. RedCedar says

    “What an absolute MORON. I hope his seat is up for grabs soon.”

    Unfortunately he is one of the two senators from Oklahoma, and the other (Sen. Coburn) is only slightly brighter, yet in other ways perhaps even worse than Inhofe (if such a thing is possible). Even if Inhofe lost his seat I fear it would only be to someone worse than he.

  10. duhh says

    Yes, Mr. senator.
    I remember back in segregation times,
    (WHITE) Soldiers would be unwilling to fight and die for their “BLACK” comrades

  11. walter says

    where do we find the people we elect to congress?it very clear it not from the brightest in the country. remember the old saying those who can do those that can’t teach. that has changed to those who can’t run for office.are politicians are jokes.

  12. clint says

    OMG there’s alot of us in Oklahoma who would LUV to get rid of Inhofe but there’s so many bigoted idiots around here that it ain’t happening anytime soon.

    Tom Coburn is an asshat, but he’s an angel compared to this shithead. Coburn actually told people in Oklahoma to stop watching Fox News because it was making them mean. And that Nancy Pelosi was a nice lady who really loves her country, but just has different beliefs than he. I couldn’t believe it.

  13. Charles says

    Nobody appears to notice the only thing that I think is even worse than the “they wouldn’t die for them”:

    “You have women, men, then you have a third group to deal with, and they’re not equipped to do that.”

    Yep. Gay people, not even women or men, nope. An ENTIRE new gender. And you know, soldiers, they’re so stupid they just can’t deal. Welcome to 1952.

  14. Morgan says

    Even in red-state Oklahoma, there is a openly gay public official or two. I know of at least one of them. Watch out Inhofe! Five or so years down the road, some openly gay or lesbian public official living in Oklahoma might be “gunning” for your seat! Your job is not as secure as you think! Here’s an example: 87 year-old Homophobe GOPer Ted Stevens of Alaska was in Congress for about 40 some years. Guess what, he recently lost his seat after his corruption trial) to a pro-gay Democrat from his state named Mark Begich who marched in a gay pride parade.
    Take notice, homophobic congressmen and homophobic congresswomen (especially these days if you are implicated in serious messes like avoidable and patently stupid unethical and corrupt behavior)… your days in legislative bigotry ARE NUMBERED!!Inhofe has infested Congress for many years same as Stevens, Helms etc. had.
    Term limits for congresspersons anyone?

  15. Justin N says

    Lemme tell you somethin’, bub.

    My dad WAS a marine. He enlisted in 1958, and served admirably until 1961, stationed in Alaska during the Cold War. After an honorable discharge, he served on our town’s police force. And your comments are an INSULT to his dedication and service – and that of his fellow marines.

    These men and women took an oath to do their duty. Just because you admit that your own oath meant nothing to you doesn’t mean that that holds true for everyone else.

    Shame on you. You owe a few million active military and veterans an apology for your poor opinion of them. You owe me one, too, for insulting my dad, an honorable man you’ve never even met.

  16. jakeinlove says

    Translation:You get men, women, niggers, spics, them damn orientals. Now we gotta worry about faggots.

    I love his honesty and openness on how he is willing to commit treason if someone doesn’t mend to his moral sensibilities. Moron.

  17. says

    The man doesn’t know what in the hell he is talking about. Straight and gay soldiers alike are alreay taking bullets for each other and have been in every war we have ever fought in. As a combat veteran of Vietnam, I was accused by a bigoted soldier who was new in country of being a fag. Much to both our surprises, my fellow vets to a man, came to my defense. Not because they were enlightened, or even approved, but because I had admirably proven myself in combat to have their backs. This new guy had yet to prove himself and if sides were being forced to be taken, they were going to come down on the side of a fellow veteran who had proven himself over the new guy who hadn’t, regardless of sexual orientation. On some level I suspected they knew I was homsexual, but it wasn’t an issue. They wanted no part of someone trying to make it an issue. Thus the accuser was the one who became the outcast, not the accused. In time, the accuser proved himself in combat and was finally accepted, but the gay issue never came up again.

    Mr. Inhoffe, there’s an old saying (I think it’s confusious) that goes something like this: “Tis better to keep quiet and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!”

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