1. Jay Croce says

    I still don’t understand the delay in implementation. It feels like a delay tactic. But to what end? There have always been Gay men and women in every branch of the military. And we will always find some who are reluctant to accept that. There are still people in the military who don’t like serving with women, blacks, and every other minority you can name. But the fact remains, they are there, serving their country, doing their jobs, and no matter who resents it, Gay men and women will continue the proud tradition of fighting and dying for what they believe is important; The rights of all to be free. Even those who don’t think we are entitled to those freedoms.

  2. says

    Mullens was also quoted by the AP as saying

    “It is really critical to understand the points of view of those it will affect the most as we look at the implementation challenges, should the law change”

    That’s SHOULD the law change. They are already setting it up to come back after the review and say no change is needed, and that they never intended it to be not “if” but “when”.

    As far as Colin Powell is concerned, who gives a shit what he thinks? He’s a lying scumbag whose disgusting bit of theater at the behest of George Bush led us into Iraq in the first place. He has NO credibility about anything.

  3. Jay Jonson says

    Crowley was outrageous, prompting Mullen and Webb to say that the “repeal” was political pandering to a Democratic constituency group. She is unprofessional in these kinds of questions. A better one would have been whether the almost unanimous Republican vote against repeal was their pandering to the religious right. She also suggested that it was disrespectful of the troops to go ahead with repeal before polling them. She should have asked whether they were polled as to whether they should be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan or if they were polled before the military was integrated racially. She belongs on Fox News rather than CNN. Is she just anti-gay or stupid?

  4. Chris says

    I’m getting really tired of hearing about how it’s disrespectful to soldiers serving in the armed forces to move forward on a DADT repeal before the Pentagon’s study is done. They keep claiming that we have to hear from the men and women who are going to be affected by the repeal, as if it’s the straight soldiers who are going to be most affected. I’m pretty sure the repeal will affect the LGBT soldiers a hell of a lot more than their straight counterparts, and all this debate over whether they will be able to be honest about who they are, about how potentially offensive their revelation to their comrades of their sexual orientation might be cannot be good for their morale. Every time this issue is brought up in the news it says once again to every LGBT soldier in our military “your opinion on the matter is not our concern, you are less than your straight counterparts, we have to make sure it’s okay with them first.”  

  5. JAMES in Toronto says

    I have to agree with Jay Croce

    I’m not an American, and I have no real say in this matter, but… why can’t the President just mandate a “stop” policy, and prevent any more of this absurdity until the legislation catches up with reality?

  6. Chris Daley says

    @Jay – I agree that Crowley did a really poor job this morning. She also didn’t ask Webb about a possible filibuster, mention the toll that DADT has taken on LGB servicemembers (and their families), the security risks that DADT creates, or whether Congressional repeal would even be possible after the mid-terms.

    I got the impression she was woefully underprepared and just used Sen McCain’s talking points while ignoring ours. However, I think it is a long shot to call her anti-gay or stupid.

    In contrast, the panel from ABC’s This Week was great on the issue. Former Bush staffer, Dowd, told the story of his active service son who thinks 80% of the military supports repealing DADT. He and Will also questioned the wisdom of Congressional republicans’ position on the issue.

  7. AndrewW says

    Dan Choi is starving FOR ATTENTION.

    This is a stupid publicity stunt in a long string of childish historical-copycat pleads for attention. This doesn’t change any minds and THANKFULLY everyone is ignoring it.

    This “Yo-Dignity” stunt is beyond jumping the shark – it’s time to call the medics. GetEQUAL has succeeded again in making us look stupid and immature.

    Please STOP.

  8. Michael @ says

    BRAVO Gay Lib!

    The Big Lie was that Obama/Gates/Mullen only wanted to delay a vote because they wanted to “fairly” delay implementation of “repeal” until after the “study.”

    Most don’t get THAT delayed implementation WAS INTENDED ALL ALONG…contained in the FIVE YEAR OLD House bill.

    Now that they officially have it, the ONLY possible explanation for Obama/Gates/Mullen STILL saying that they didn’t want any vote until “after the report” is because they PLANNED for the report to say “Do NOT stop discharges.” They still can, of course, since Congress caved and gave them the right to delay repeal as long as they want, so, again, WHY keep bitching unless you have some other motive?

    Two: WHY did they insist on the ban on discrimination against gays in the military be trashed if they didn’t still want the power to do it.

    The Pentagon is like a serial killer, except their victims have been over 100,000 gay servicemembers careers since the ban was first instituted in WWII.

    Why would a “serial killer” insist on being able to keep his “gun” if he doesn’t intend to keep using it?

  9. Joseph SingerJ says

    What’s with Choi? Does he think that grandstanding is going to accomplish anything? We’re a lot further along than we were just a month ago. Why is he not giving the administration the leeway to at least try and do something about DADT? Did he think that all of a sudden things would be all good and that there would be no need for any other work on DADT? It would be great if DADT was repealed tomorrow but even under the best of circumstances that’s not going to happen.

  10. DD says

    “GetEQUAL has succeeded again in making us look stupid and immature.”

    No, AndrewW, you’re doing that all by yourself. You’re like the kid in a class project who mooched off everyone’s work.

    But it’s OK, we’ll still be nice and celebrate with you when this is all over.

    Now step back and let real leaders do all the work.

    With sincere love and care,

  11. says

    “Every time this issue is brought up in the news it says once again to every LGBT soldier in our military ‘your opinion on the matter is not our concern, you are less than your straight counterparts, we have to make sure it’s okay with them first.'”

    Exactly, Chris. The same thing totally bugs me. They speak about the change in policy as if LGBT soldiers don’t exist and are irrelevant, while at the same time coddling the poor straight soldiers who have had zero discrimination to face. No consideration for what countless gay soldiers have been thru, which is obviously far worse than a straight soldier having to deal with the mere fact that gay people are serving beside them, something they’ve known all along! It doesn’t even occur to them that they’re treating the straight soldiers like delicate little sissies.

  12. Mike says

    I’m thinking the same thing… what is all this hand wringing about the straight troops? Gay people are already there. Duh! This is so completely inane and obviously homophobic it drives me bonkers. As for Choi – leave the man be. I say BRAVO he has the balls to call out as many people he can about this ridiculous policy. And all this crap about Obama pandering to the “gay base” – that is just Faux News propagandising – because if that were true, DADT would have already been gone! What is really happening is pandering to the right wing nutjobs!

  13. lookyloo says

    I have respect for the troops, but… When did military command start asking the opinion of the troops on decisions that will affect their lives? Aren’t they supposed to pretty much follow orders and trust their superiors? Are troops consulted on their thoughts before being shipped off to who-knows-where to risk life and limb for who-knows-what? I bet they’d like a say in that.

  14. AndrewW says

    Dan Choi is being ignored. Good.

    We shouldn’t promote these self-serving publicity stunts. Dan Choi really believes that people care about him and his health. We actually care about those affected by DADT. Whether or not Choi eats doesn’t change anything.

    Choi (like his promoters at GetEQUAL) need psychological help.

  15. buckler says

    When did Colin Powell become credible again? Even if he is on the right side of this issue he can’t ever be trusted to know what he’s talking about. Thirty three Americans died last month because of the fraud he perpetrated, what, eight years ago.

  16. says

    Dan Choi deserves our thanks and our donations (money, not food). Support the lone activists that are changing history.

    Dan Choi is a hero. He is risking his life for all of us. While i had hoped this hunger strike would also be a “reality show,” we have to just use youtube.

    If you don’t have the conviction to go on a hunger strike, at least consider a Hungry Strike. This is accomplished by giving up Breakfast and seeing how long you can go before lunch. Make sure everyone knows you’re not having breakfast because your “starving for equality.” The money you save skipping breakfast should be donated to to cover Dan Choi’s medical bills or funeral.

  17. TANK says

    A “Hungry strike”? Are you kidding me? That’s goddamn funny right there. That sounds more like a diet than a political statement.

    But, if you want to live longer, eat less…a lot less.

  18. TANK says

    And since when is colin powell’s opinion on any political matter relevant or taken seriously? He was instrumental in the tactical deception that got us into iraq. He was one of the principle architects of made up WMD conspiracy who has the blood of countless american soldiers on his hands. Why does his opinion on anything having to do with the military matter anymore? He’s a political hack, not a soldier.

  19. Yeah Gurl says

    From Gaylib:As far as Colin Powell is concerned, who gives a shit what he thinks? He’s a lying scumbag whose disgusting bit of theater at the behest of George Bush led us into Iraq in the first place. He has NO credibility about anything.
    POSTED BY: GAYLIB | MAY 30, 2010 4:26:29 PM

    OK Gurl,Then what about Bill & Hill what about their credibility?


  20. Greenman says

    Yeah let’s attack Dan Choi & Colin Powell, that’ll get things changed! Oh wait we don’t want change be wanna make a lot of fuss & bother. We want to blame & attack our friends and allies. Quick pull out the purity test….unless someone is perfect, with unsullied motives and without “sin” we must attack them.
    I for one will accept support from anybody we can get including Colin Powell. Hell, I’ll accept support from Mary Chaney! How about we get the changes made then worry about the motives of the ones who got the work done.

  21. Jerry12 says

    When I was in the Navy in WW2 there were gays in the barracks and everyone knew who they were (and we knew who was strait), and no one cared one way or the other. What was interesting, was the relationship between gay officers and gay enlisted men. In the states, the YMCA Hotels were available for leave weekends. Elsewhere, their were rendevoue problems, but solutions were found.

    Two months ago, we buried a 93 year old, 32 year carrier Army Sargent who was “promoted” just prior to his retirement in 1952, to Leutenant (sp?) so he would have a higher retirement income, and four of his bed mate officers (all Captains and above)drew straws for who would pin on his stripes.

    Ergo, I think the real problem with repealing DADT is “How do we handle the Officer/Enlisted Man problem?”

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