1. Major707 says

    Oh Edie, why were you so upset that someone might ask you that question? I get mistakent for straight all the time and I don’t get bent out of shape!
    What was wrong with just a laugh and a simple No response?

  2. Kyle says

    In her defense, I’d think her answer expresses disgust at the vulgar questioning and not homosexuality itself. That sensational language is clearly used to get a reaction, and I don’t blame her for being caught off guard.

  3. jeff in la says

    read it in the context of the entire interview and it’s clear she was surprised by the way the question was asked. she seemed thrilled with the fact she has so many lesbian fans. it was a refreshing interview. i think the framing of this post is a bit disingenuous.

  4. ChrisM says

    Are we ever going to reach a point where questions like this won’t even be asked and the answers wouldn’t matter anyway? I’m all for being out and not totally turned off to outing under some (extreme) circumstances but why is it that reporters (both gay and straight) seem to find such delight in delving into someone’s personal life?

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