1. KB says

    All military personnel that are gay, NEEDS to come out of the closet!! They need to show the politicians that unless they are recognized as individuals they will NT fight for this country. I’m sick of it!! Stand up for yourselfs or don’t do it at all.

  2. wtf says

    really KB? So all of these veterans should risk losing their careers, their jobs, all of their benefits because these douchebags can’t get on board with the 21st century reality? I don’t think so. This is fucking typical Ammurrican bullshit: our government is so retarded (no offense to anyone who is developmentally disabled) that they can’t even just REPEAL this offensive unjust piece of shit. Gee, no wonder we can’t get anything done and our country is in the shitter. A real fucking surprise. These idiots could fuck up a handjob.

  3. AlexInBoston says

    WTF KB was saying that “….All Military personnel (that means ACTIVE DUTY Personnel) Should come out and stand up for themselves.”
    Which if you look at it imagine the thousands of men and women from every branch who could stand in solidarity as Active military with their veteran counterparts! (btw i am a VN era vet)

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