1. Paul R says

    I’ve never heard of him, but that’s one of the better answers to that question. I’m all for people being out, but how often do celebrities or anyone else in the public eye come out in the course of a random interview? It’s almost always the focus of a story (as with Ellen DeGeneris) or a public announcement (as with Ricky Martin). Maybe my memory sucks, but I don’t recall anyone being asked in a venue like this and using it as an opportunity to announce something that will have a major impact on their lives and careers, so it’s a waste of time. People come out on their own terms.

    Maybe if every celebrity answered using pretty much that exact same wording, the media would stop asking that same question over and over.

    Oh who am I kidding. They’ll never stop.

  2. Disgusted American says

    he was darlene’s BF on ROSEANNE ,, and he has been in quite a few movies..and of course one of my fav.shows…”Monday nites CBS…The BIG BANG THEORY – funny as hell!

  3. psgoodguy says

    great answer to an inane question. bad on whoopie for not doing her homework and actually READING the questions someone else prepared for her. lazy ass.

  4. Zlick says

    He played a great gay role in The Opposite of Sex. Funny guy. And it’s about time someone answered that question the right way. Note to The White House and Kagen.

  5. Donny with a D says

    The View is unwatchable, so thanks for posting this — Whoopie needs to pull the ear piece out and whoop ASS for that question—poorly written, badly phrased; then look inward and ask herself, “WHY am I on this show and HOW can I get my integrity back?”

  6. neverstops says

    had such a crush on this guy when he was on Roseanne

    great answer

    wtf happened to Whoopi? wasn’t she out in the NYC streets protesting Prop 8 at one point? grr

  7. Robert says

    Chill, ladies. Whoopi said “I can’t even believe this question was on there.” She does a 4 hour radio show before The View, it’s not like she can prepare every day like Hasselblech.

  8. mike says

    I love him, but The Big Bang Theory is pretty consistently homophobic. I’ve seen all the episodes several times (long story, but it used to play in the background while I was working). Homosexuality is almost always portrayed on the show as something to be ashamed of and vigorously denied whenever any of the characters are put in a situation where there is a chance of them being perceived as gay, and they’ve portrayed two of the characters as being disgusted by being fooled by transvestite as lying to them to get sex. Even Johnny Galecki’s character has done this when Raj’s parents thought Leonard and Sheldon where a gay couple.

  9. JT says

    uhh…to the comment above…and Sandra Bullock played a racist in “Crash” and Brad Pitt played a killer in “Kalifornia” and Tom Cruise has played any variety of normal thoughtful men in his career…its called ACTING!
    What he says off the screen means more…he has always been gay friendly…and frankly, his handling of the question was the single most effective and well put that I have witnessed. No grandstanding, or overly long explanations, simply saying that “I dont care if you perceive me this way, cuz its okay.”
    No one gets offended if they are perceived “young” or “rich”.
    As for Whoopi…you can see as she reading the question, she is regretting it, and says as much, her face says it all…so please queens, lets trying not to get the “Offended” tourettes we gays tend to get.

  10. says

    Besides “The Opposite of Sex” where he played a gay punk (Who can forget “New piercing” ?) he played a gay hustler who falls in love with a Tom Cruise type movie star client in a very well-regarded Broadway comedy called “The Little Dog Laughed.”

  11. mike says


    My point has nothing to do with his acting. Also, you surely can’t be saying that it is more important that something he says on one appearance on The View is more important than the message sent out every week on The Big Bang Theory, a top-ten television series in the United States, that is also broadcast in the rest of the world as well. Remember, these are the shows that LGBT kids see with their parents and friends every night, and these are the shows that shape the hearts and minds of the public.

    He should use his considerable influence to make The Big Bang Theory more gay friendly.

  12. says

    Has anyone noticed how conservative Whoopi has gotten lately? It’s just little things here and there.

    Perfect answer for one of my fave actors. He was great in Roseanne and The Big Bang is an amazing comedy with a great ensemble cast.

  13. says

    “Now that we know you are not gay” LOL..He looked kind of shocked at that statement. I suspect that no one asked whether or not he was gay, which shouldn’t be asked in the first place. It seems Whoopi was not paying any attention to the conversation. He gave the perfect answer. SHAME ON WHOOPI!!!

  14. Geo says

    to Mike :

    “I love him, but The Big Bang Theory is pretty consistently homophobic.”

    Am I missing something here? I LOVE this show!!! I don’t think I’ve ever watched an episode that was homophobic…

  15. Donny with a D says

    It is NOT a gay panic to address Whoopi Goldberg’s preparedness for a 6-figure job…she is an outstanding pro and was obviously very shocked by what she was reading. Trust me: heads are going to roll and she will say something (ON AIR) about it this week. But don’t ‘Queen Please’ those of us who expect Goldberg to rise to HER OWN STANDARDS.

  16. nic says

    good god, i am starting to detest whoopi. gurrl get those dreads out of your eyes, lose some weight, stop wearing shades indoors, and stop dressing like you’re doing gardening.

    she fancies herself the “magic negro”. she doesn’t discuss; she pontificates. “ok”, she thinks, “you lil girls talk, and then i’ll tell you the REAL truth.” why is she even relevant? she has no standards and no class. she isn’t funny anymore. i hate that default ‘valley girl’ accent she affects for no reason whatever.

  17. ChrisM says

    Loved his reply. I’m always amazed when actors, gay or straight, don’t seem to know how to respond to the inane gay questions when they know they are, more likely than not, coming. Many stumble and stammer trying to evade an honest reply making themselves look as if they are hiding something (and of course, some are) rather than simply deflect the question with a innocuous reply. I too was somewhat surprised that it was Whoopi who asked the question since she herself has previously been the subject of gay rumors and recently announced that she would not publicly discuss her current boyfriend. And, while I love Whoopie I can hardly chalk this up to her lack of being prepared – she’s a professional and exactly how long does it take to read a question to yourself before reading it out loud? It’s not like she’s out there all by herself because half the time you can’t even ask a complete question or statement without being interrupted by at least one of the other hosts.

  18. SFshawn says

    Since most of his fellow actors/actresses on Rosanne are gay(some closeted/some not)it makes sense that he is comfortable with the subject.

  19. Gavin James says

    For everyone upset with Whoopi for even asking this type of question…At the start of the show, it was announced that Johnny Galecki would be addressing a rumor that had been floating around for years. Whoopi (and everyone else, including Galecki) knew that question was going to be read. I’m pretty sure it was an opportunity to get the point across to everyone that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being gay.

  20. winnst says

    His performance off and then on Braodway(“the Little Dog…”) was worth it just to see him up close and personal….this man/boy is very well furnished…if you know what I mean.

  21. JME says

    The answer was a really good answer. However, it also sounded premeditated. I bet he has been asked the answer a few times before, just not in a venue that was as public as “The View”. From what I can tell he is a VERY private person.

  22. John says

    “I’ve never really addressed those rumors because I always figured, why defend yourself against something that’s not offensive?”

    Sure, but if is not offensive, why not answer the question? If you wanted to know more about me and asked, “Is it true that your favorite color is orange?”…I would answer, “no, I am not a big fan of orange.”, even though I do not find it an offensive question. If you asked me, “Are you into guys?”, I would reply, “Absolutely not!” because I would not want to be misrepresented in any way….despite the question, answer, and topic not being offensive in any way. In other words, I think he gave a BS answer.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to know more about the celebrities that entertain us. I, myself, have looked up to see if Charlize Theron is married and what sign Natalie Portman is. Its part of the whole fantasy. If sexuality is really not an offensive topic, then why not just state that you are straight and proud of it? Personally, I see a double standard here…..its fine to be gay and proud of it, but I can’t be straight and proud of it? To say that on national TV would make you a “homophobe” and I think that is unfair.

  23. TONY SCARDINO says

    JOHNNY GALECKI IS ABSOLUTLY NOT GAY!!!. I have nothing against the Gay community, but it seems to be what people use, if they either don’t like the person, or it’s necessary to like that individual. I worked with Johnny, on Roseanne, for 5 years, and he is a great guy. I have been married 52 years, and over the years, without getting into personal things, I will stand behind my word…JOHNNY IS NOT GAY!!!!! Gay people get enough, can’t we just let them live?????

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