1. Dan says

    I have to agree with President Omama here. Kip, go yell at the other guys. Stop yelling at our allies. You’re making us all look like dummies.

  2. says

    Activism is hot, and so is Kip. I’d agree that I want them out there yelling at the GOP more often – they’re the ones that may cause this moderately-effective bill to not even pass to begin with. Scott Brown is due for a good interruption, seriously.

  3. Rick says

    It looks like Obama did most the heckling, LOL. I love when one activist can make the entire community look like disorganized and uninformed babies.

    “Move faster” LOL Move faster? “Mr. President. I’m going to acknowledge that you are actually doing something, you’re just not doing it as fast as I expect you to.”

  4. Scott says

    The President lost any remaining respect I had for him by his condescending reply. We worked hard to get you where you are, Mr. President. If you are not going to fulfill your promises to us, at least don’t ridicule us for a laugh.

  5. JH says

    We need to be looking at the results of gay rights activism and behavior. Who cares whether it is ‘hot’ or not? It could be the the recent dramatic, interruptive actions by those opposed to DADT may have effected the current push to get ‘something’ done, but in fact it might actually slow the true implementation of new law and policies – that was already on track and proceeding.
    Hurrah or something for blasting out one’s right to speak – but is any of this behavior helping?

  6. patrick nyc says

    Jon Stewart said it best, “Mr Obama, I know you have a lot on your plate, but you are the PRESIDENT. Get a bigger plate”.

  7. says

    The petulant, whiny baby is Obama. He needs to save his condescending trash talking for the basketball court and show the well deserved respect to his constituents that they are entitled to. They campaigned and elected him, so he better fucking shut up and listen to what they have to say. But then Obama has always blamed the voters when they don’t agree with him, and mostly shown them nothing but contempt. He is a petty, arrogant man who disgraces the office he holds. Bush set that bar very low, and Obama is doing his best to keep it at that level.

  8. David in Houston says

    There’s no timeline or guarantee of repeal, and continued discharges. What’s not to love?

  9. says

    Oh and Barbara Boxer can go fuck herself too for laughing along. And for all those trolls out there comparing these activists to “teabaggers”, did you get a look at that audience? It looked pretty damn white, affluent, and old. Did I mention they were almost all white? Looked just like a tea party rally to me.

  10. says

    @KFLO Scott Brown is due for a good interruption, seriously…

    Absolutely right! This guy voted for health care reform and marriage equality in MA. If there is someone you should be able to get to, it’s him. He’s be most likely to buck the party, because of his own interest back home.

  11. J.D. says

    Every gay news blog I visit today has this story and most of them have this video. Anyone who wants to be rude enough to yell at the president can make himself a mini internet celeb in this day of YouTube. YUCK.

  12. Dan says

    I actually don’t mind the whole heckling (sometimes). These are elected officials and should answer to those who help get them elected. How often to “common Americans” get access to ask questions?

    And I like Obama — but the way he handled this was inappropriate. How many service men and women who were dischagred, losing all their benenfits after serving this country, are laughing? I hardly think those who are currently in fear of being discharged care that working with Congress “takes time”.

  13. says

    in my view the Civil Rights leaders of the 60’s amd 70’s would have said exactly the same;”move faster”.
    Are we supposed to be grateful for crumbs ?
    We are talking about discrimination based on sexual orientation. It is a crime !

    Now let’s move on to lawsuits; as discrimination based on sexual orientation is unconstitutional let’s get going on seeking proper damages for loss of earnings and loss of career for those who have been discharged.
    Even that oaf, Scalia, must rule that discrimination is unconstitutional……Jefferson said so.

    I agree with the posters above, patronizing, condescending, self congratulory remarks by Obama are out of line; he’s not shown much activity on an issue of discrimination which should be near to his heart. Now, unlike Truman, he’s passed the buck.

  14. Bill Perdue says

    Obama had better get used to being yelled at, picketed and heckled.

    Obama’s entire presidency is deep in a failure mode.

    It’s SNAFU! … over and over again.

    It’s obvious by now that Obama is in way over his head. He and his team pretty much failed on every major question they attempted to solve.

    They gave trillions to the looter rich who continue to operate as if the economy isn’t collapsing. The financial reform bill is a sham. Obama is a tool of Goldman Sachs, who ‘donated’ $994,795.00 to his campaign. The Democrats health ‘reform’ was a giveaway to insurance companies and Big Pharma. People are going to continue to die needlessly. They absolutely reject single-payer or socialized medicine.

    He promised to escalate in Pakistan and adopted the same policy of ‘defended hamlets’ and winning the ‘hearts and minds’ that failed in Iraq, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Not only is Obama a military and diplomatic idiot but lots of GIs are going to be killed and maimed because of it. “The US and Nato commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, who was boasting of military progress only three months ago, confessed last week that “nobody is winning”. FUBAR!

    He ran as a ‘friend of labor’ and busted the UAW.

    He ran as our GLBT ‘fierce defender’ and so far all he’s defended are Bill Clintons ugly bigoted DADT and DOMA using language that southern baptists like Rick Warren, Der Papenfuehrer and the LDS Quorum of the Twelve Apostles would be proud of. DADT is not repealed and military discrimination and violence against women and GLBT folks won’t end. It just won’t be codified in law.

    He ran as an environmentalist whose administration called for more, not less, offshore drilling. His administration violated federal law and allowed unchecked expansion of drilling in the Gulf which caused the BP disaster. The northern reaches of the Gulf are a sewer and the graveyard of entire species because of Obama’s ineptitude and lax regulatory efforts. TARFU!

    He ran as a friend of immigrant and imported workers and then made the racist proposal to deny them medical care and now, because the Republicans want him to, he’s sending 1200 troops to the border.

    If elections weren’t rigged, if this wasn’t the biggest Banana Republic of them all, he’d be impeached. But ten to one he’ll be reelected while Obots and Democrats applaud thinking they’ve been saved from rightwingers like Palin, Romney, Jindal, or Huckabee.

    The only thing wrong with that kind of thinking is that Obama is exactly that kind of rightwinger. And not very bright in the bargain. BOHICA! (And not in the good way.)

    The looter rich much prefer working with Democrats like Obama and the Clintons – they’re greedier, they fool more people and they’re able to get away with a lot more than Republicans.

    Don’t enlist. Don’t fight. Don’t translate.

  15. tony says

    Can we please try to elect an non-Ivy League elitist sometime soon ?

    Left or Right these guys DO believe they are superior to the rest of us — listen to how Obama condescends and makes like of the citizen who helped elect him.

  16. stephen says

    The President talks down to this man who is asking for faster action on equality… DADT has been a discriminatory law for 17 YEARS!

    This Kip guy may make people uncomfortable, but the people with the power are the ones that need to change here.

    The compromise still has no teeth; it’s a pacifier for Gates & the gays so they don’t walk-out at election time or create a greater momentum of discontent for same’ol Dems.

    I’ve lost my sense of humor about my inequality in a nation with such high-regard for itself.

  17. walter says

    what has changed with this compromise?nothing. nobody has said discharges will stop during this period.there is no cut off for the length of the review and implementation.the dod and gates are running the show. what happens if in 5 months congress is run by repuks this can be stalled forever.when obama gets challenged he reacts like a spoiled child.he has shown that over and over.

  18. says

    So now we’re not supposed to heckle a manifestly odious slap-in-the-face bigoted piece of discrimination ?

    @ John: So now we must keep quiet and appear calm to “be taken seriously” ?#

    It’s time to wake up and remember one truth : what advance has there been in our civil rights without persistent protest ?
    What funding for AIDS research and treatment was there without ACT UP ?
    Shame on those of you who say shame on the hecklers.

  19. TampaZeke says

    For those of you idiotically asking why we don’t turn our protests to the Republicans, listen VERY closely. I’ll give you the answer very succinctly.

    1) The REPUBLICANS don’t control the House, Senate OR the Presidency. The DEMOCRATS do!

    2) The REPUBLICAN NEVER promised us that they would repeal DADT or pass ENDA or repeal DOMA. The DEMOCRATS did!

    3) The REPUBLICANS don’t owe the gay community ANYTHING because we’ve never been a loyal constituency of theirs. The DEMOCRATS most certainly do!

    4) The REPUBLICANS don’t promise us things on the campaign trail and then shit on us once elected. The DEMOCRATS do!

    5) The REPUBLICANS would NEVER listen to us anyway. Why should they, their HUGE anti-gay base is who they listen to when it comes to gay rights. They’re not about to piss them off in exchange for a few gay votes. The DEMOCRATS just might listen to us if we speak loud enough, and demand that they fulfill their promises and show them that there will be consequences if they don’t.

    I don’t know how to make it any more clear than that to explain why we heckle and protest our so called “allies” and not the Republicans.

    It seem that these facts would be easily evident to even the most uniformed idiot. Apparently not.

  20. TANK says

    There are far too many in this so-called community that are satisfied with rhetoric and no action. They aren’t very bright, these issues don’t impact their lives at all, and thus they don’t care about them; or care about them only in terms of the funding that can be generated. Lots of defective, stupid people amongst us. Thankfully, not all of us are like that. Kip Williams is one of the few is this community who found a spine.

    There is no compromise without the passage of repeal. That hasn’t happened, so it’s WORTHLESS. And the compromise has its own fatal flaws.

  21. jomicur says

    So, when Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” at Obama, Obama defended him. But when a gay person does the same thing, he doesn’t like it one bit. What does that say about Obama’s real loyalties?

  22. TampaZeke says

    And while I’m pointing out the obvious facts, let me point out one more.

    This was NOT Obama’s compromise. He did not initiate it to save the chance for DADT repeal this year. He was clearly sitting on the sidelines and was willing to let it fade into oblivion without lifting a finger or a voice. He was dragged into this compromise KICKING AND SCREAMING by Democrats on the Hill who were DESPERATE to save any chance of getting some kind of DADT repeal passed before the midterms. They realized that Obama wasn’t going to help them in any way unless they forced him to. They had to send him a letter BEGGING him to get involved, just to simply state exactly what his position and timeline was for repealing DADT; this year? next year? next term? eventually? next administration?

    Then Gates, who we’ve been told supports repeal, didn’t even want to support this compromise even though it pretty much took the “when” off the table and replaced it with an “if” that GATES HIMSELF had the last say on.

    This was CLEARLY not a compromise that Obama and Gates offered to save repeal from dying. It wasn’t even a compromise that EITHER of them wanted or truly supported. Their hands were FORCED because of persistent pressure from the gay community and groups like GETEQUAL in PARTICULAR. HRC sure as hell had NOTHING to do with it since they put their stamp of approval on ANYTHING that the President does, or DOESN’T do, for our community.

    I was the biggest Obama supporter on TOWLEROAD bar NONE. I have every right to take him to task for letting me and my community down. So do the people who didn’t support him because they didn’t trust him. The ONLY people who don’t have a right to bitch and moan are those people who didn’t vote at all.

  23. chasmader says

    I’m getting tired of the Dems treating us like ATM machines and expecting us to be grateful for any crumbs they let fall off the table.

  24. Chuy says

    Seriously, shut the fuck up Get Equal and Kip Williams. You’re doing more harm than good. You yapping is childish, counterproductive, and just plain embarrassing.

    Channel that “energy” to the GOP.

  25. says

    I like Obama! I just do! DODT and ENDA are being worked on currently and many have promised it by the end of the year. He signed the Hate Crimes act with us in it. Keep in mind it is only the beginning of his second year and he has done way more than Bush did for us in 8 years.

    I respect Kip and understand his purpose and I understand what the president is saying as well. Both of them play a vital role in our ascension to equal rights.

  26. walter says

    i think kip williams, dan choi, get equal and all the others who really put themselves
    on the front line of this question deserve great respect and apppreciation. nothing would have happened if they hadn’t getting in people’s faces over this. the administration would have waited for survey after survey. does any one realize how impotent this makes us look around the world we preach human and civil everuywhere but can’t deliver them at home. does this make us all hipocrits?

  27. william says

    Heckling is inappropriate regardless of the reason. Common courtesy is to allow the speaker to finish his speech. I agree that Obama and the democratic leadership has not fulfilled their pledge to GLBT americans and i seriously doubt that we will achieve equality during this administration but i do support a speaker’s right to address his audience without interruption. This outburst while bringing the subject matter to the forefront doesn’t help in my opinion

  28. Timzilla says

    Never kiss an ass that is in the process of shitting on you. I don’t see anything wrong with reminding the President we want equal civil rights faster. It’s true isn’t it?

  29. says

    Screw Obama! God dammit repeal DADT today. Quit pussy-footing around. I encourage all who read this to join and support today. Go there. Give ’em a few bucks to keep this kind of pressure on Obama and other lawmakers. The next President, probably a Republican, is going to try and wipe us off the planet and all that we achieve today. I didn’t vote for Obama, I didn’t believe in him, I thought Hillary would be a far better president especially for the gay community. Obama is a pompous ass. FORCE him to repeal DADT. FORCE him to support same-sex marriage. FORCE and every Congressperson to give us equal status. Why the hell should any gay person be denied the same rights as any heterosexual person?

  30. Randy says

    Obama is a liar and a fool.

    Aside from our own issues, which he’s done nothing for, he’s just bad for the country overall. Look at his handling of the BP disaster, and tell me this moron is any better than the Bush moron.

  31. AndrewW says

    Exxon Mobil annual shareholders Meeting:

    Last year 40% of shareholders voted in favor of “partner benefits.”

    This year 22% of shareholders voted in favor of “partner benefits.”

    Almost HALF the support we had the previous year.

    For the previous 6 years in a row we made progress. This year, we were all treated to GetEQUAL’s childish “Dump the Pump” protest, which sought to inconvenience people AT A CONVENIENCE STORE, another senseless act of demanding.

    People do not respond favorably to complaining and that is GetEQUAL’s only strategy. We need to fully understand the dynamics of this over-the-top embarrassing events and pissing on our friends. It is counterproductive.

    Kip Williams claimed in his email to Michael Petrellis that “activists participating in the actions were volunteers” and that “none of them were paid.” Then we learn that both Robin McGehee and Kip Williams are PAID and both have been arrested.

    I have asked a dozen times for someone, anyone, to please connect the dots about the logic of these stunts. They are not civil disobedience. They are not rallies of support. They are high-profile complaining stunts purportedly to “apply pressure” on their targets. That is silly.

    We should recognize the potential damage being created by these loose cannons. THEY have a responsibility to make some sense of their strategy. We do not need to run around complaining, embarrassing and insulting. Those “actions” don’t change any minds or garner any support.

  32. says

    Activists Needed!

    Heckle the President and interrupt meetings in Washington D.C.

    Informal attire. Tie-dyed shirts and sandals are okay.

    Must be able to rhyme and shout (at the same time).

    Salary: $89,999 per year *plus travel expenses

    Apply @

  33. JuJuBeeBee says

    All of this Obama was out of line to us and he’s wrong to heckle back…
    I’ll repeat something I have said before

    “Obama’s relationship with our community has been rocky since his election.”

    In fact, it’s been rocky since the kids voted overwhelmingly for Clinton in the primaries. 60% of LGBT’s voted for Clinton during the primary. Not only did they vote for Clinton, they supported her long after it was clear she had lost. So when she finally gave in, and the two campaigns were supposed to merge. It was too late. The entire structure of the campaign was locked in stone. Further, 30% of LGBT voted for McCain. So it hasn’t been a love affair.

    And you know he knows that.

    Obama was never the gay community’s first choice. Unlike Kip who was for him from day 1.
    He would NOT be in office had it been up to the gays to decide. Clinton would be. Who also doesn’t feel we should be married,or call it marriage and her wonderful husband who signed the 2 death certificates to ever face this community D.A.D.T and D.O.M.A

    In the end, he was simply less frightening than McCain/Palin… and he probably still is.
    Remember, Palin tried but failed to ban gay-related books from the Wasilla public library and fired the librarian who opposed her.

    A book-burning, Rapture-ready birth certificate conspiracy nut, one stoking the white surpremist and religious extremist violence we see today, drove the gays in droves to vote for Obama…Because you felt you had NO CHOICE!

    And some of you fucking Hillaryites will never accept his crumbs. But if this were her most of you be finding a million and half reasons to excuse her eat her crumbs like you did her husband and beg for more while she would have done the same thing!

    One thing I will repeat what that idiot Michael Bedwell says. If you really want action. Stop making Andy Towle a load of coins with your so called frustration and GET OUT IN THE STREETS AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

  34. Chris says

    @ Tamapazeke

    Your last post is SPOT ON except for one part..Where you said
    “So do the people who didn’t support him because they didn’t trust him.”

    No they don’t need to say shit you voted for McCain then you deal what is given to you!