Home of Homophobic Australian Footballer Akermanis Egged

Jason Akermanis the Western Bulldogs footballer who has made headlines down under after writing a column suggesting that gay players stay in the closet because they're not welcome, is receiving some feedback in the form of eggs:

Akermanis  "He said it was terrifying to have missiles thrown in the darkness at his house and car.

'I'm not happy and I didn't get a wink of sleep after it happened,' Akermanis said.

'It was pretty terrifying, to be honest, to hear all that noise coming because it's such a quiet neighbourhood we live in.'

It's the second time in a month the Western Bulldogs footballer has been egged.

Akermanis, whose comments in the Herald Sun on homosexual footballers sparked a controversy last week, said about 20 eggs had been thrown. He said his comments could have provoked the latest attack, but he was not sure.

Neighbours saw six males running from the scene.

Akermanis spent about an hour after the attack hosing the smashed eggs from his house and car."

Akermanis has reportedly been admonished by players and coaches at the Western Bulldogs. He also apparently has a ghost writer who writes for him, and he insists that certain parts of his column weren't approved:

"[James] Fantasia, who proofreads Akermanis's newspaper columns – as well as weekly contributions by Robert Murphy in The Age and Barry Hall in The Sydney Morning Herald – said there had been several unapproved additions to the draft of Akermanis's column he checked last week.

Akermanis's ghost writer, Jon Anderson, has denied that the column was 'doctored in any shape or form' and said that 'any changes to the original that Akermanis first wrote … were sent to him for his approval.'

Akermanis, however, is adamant he did not write the sentence that asserted an AFL footballer who revealed himself as gay 'could break the fabric of a club'.

'Categorically, 100 per cent, that was not in the article that he had written and sent to us for consideration,' Fantasia said yesterday."


  1. Mark says

    Harrassment sure sucks, doesn’t it?

    Imagine if you were harassed for something you had no control over–and could not change?

    At least you have the luxury of that option.

    Too bad you are choosing the one that gets your house egged.

    You have a right to your opinion, but are also responsible for the consecuences–especially if you choose to broadcast your ignorance and bigotry to the world.

  2. James says

    This is semantics. What he said that got so many people upset was that ‘Gay players should stay in the closet’. The rest of it is salt in the wound that he opened with the intent of his words.

    He’s lucky he only got eggs.

  3. BobN says

    Uh…. so the first egg attack came before his column (which was ghost written to boot!).

    Psychic queer egg-lobbers? No wonder he’s “terrified”.

  4. Steve says

    Um – this isn’t a PROOFREADING problem, you jerk. It’s your homophobic words that people are upset about.

    Terrified of queers now, is he? Gee, that’s a shame. Bullying is an awful thing.

  5. stephen says

    And what’s an appropriate response to a man with the means to spout such ignorance?

    Well, all you gays are supposed to just take it, and bloody well know your place.

    An egg toss seems a fairly tame rebuke. A bit of sincere contrition goes a long way, Mr. Footyballer.

  6. Ben says

    If key parts of the column were not approved by him – why was that not the FIRST thing he said when the uproar ensued?

    Terrified? really? Now perhaps you know a bit of what a poor middle school kid feels everytime someone like you called him faggot in the cafeteria.


  7. walter says

    he now knows how it fees to be bullied. isn’t pretty is it?people must learn that all words have consequences. engage brain before you speak or write something that will hurt people. i hope he thinks of this every time he has or sees an egg.although i doubt he will order eggs anytime soon.

  8. booka says

    He should just hope that he doesn’t find himself in a dark alley some night, with a gang of pissed off Drag Queens with bricks in their purses. Live in fear you c*nt!

  9. Bryan Harrison says

    Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, and intimidation is the debate tactic of choice for the intellectually bankrupt. If you abhor intimidation tactics when they’re directed at you or yours but cackle gleefully when they’re used against someone you dislike, you’re an unprincipled hypocrite.

    You all seem to have confused freedom of expression with “freedom to express whatever I like to hear.” Or do you all think the righteous moral imperative of the self-designated eternal victim excuses you from such petty concerns?

    Y’all think you’re Harvey Milk but in practice, you’re a lot closer to George Rekers.

  10. says

    @ bryan: Here’s where you and I disagree. In my mind for us to do nothing, to say nothing, to roll over and be silent equates us being victimized and then turning around and asking the perpetrator for more. Again, this is where you and I disagree. I’m not saying who’s right or wrong, I’m just fleshing out my point of view from my earlier post.

    I get so tired of us gay people playing the victim all the time. I get so tired of the quiet that comes after the beating. I get so tired of the fear that comes from not defending ourselves.

    Whether or not us egging his house is the right or wrong thing to do in my opinion is not the issue here. The issue, for me at least, is I’m tired of being bullied. I’m tired of being treated as a second class citizen. I’m tired of getting fag bashed and doing nothing in response. I am so sick of queens running the other way or going to the next circuit party or lighting up another meth rock just to try and pretend nothing’s wrong when their sisters and brothers are being victimized over and over and over again. I’m done.

    The truth of the matter is even a dog will bite back if kicked one too many times.

    Will egging his house “win friends and influence enemies” for us? Probably not. But at least he has some small taste of what it feels like to be victimized. At least now hopefully he realizes that words carry consequence. That fear he feels now should carry a lesson inside that you just don’t fuck with people and expect them to take it.

    And truthfully he should be grateful that was all that was done in retaliation for what he said.

    Call it a warning shot.

    Doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t even make it even. It is what it is. Hopefully this will be a lesson to other would be terrorists who decide it’s cool to fag bash.

  11. Michael says

    @bryan: What you are talking about is diplomacy and it is only successful when *both* sides agree to sit down, discuss a problem, and agree to a binding resolution.

    If neither side is willing to actually “sit at the table” then diplomacy is nothing more than a weak stalling tactic that only a fools believes will actually change anything.

    Diplomacy fails without the threat of violence, war, or sanction to back it up. You can sit down and talk reasonably about your arguments all you want, but if the threat of GLBT people rising up in anger isn’t there you’re just wasting your breath.

    I challenge you to name a single positive change made in the favor of GLBT rights that wasn’t done with the power of civil disobedience, economic/political sanction, or even violence as the stick to your carrot.

  12. Chunks says

    The moral bankruptcy of the idiot Left is well illustrated by what happened here. Akermanis is not a homophobe and simply pointed out that gay players would be taking a personal risk coming out in the existing climate. When did stating the truth become a problem? I was once an activist but have no respect for the pathetic whining arseholes behind this sort of bullshit. Listen to yourselves you hysterical queens.

  13. nic says

    @Bryan Harrison,

    i cackle gleefully at your stupidity. your pseudo-intellectual gobbledygook is the sound and the fury signifying nothing. go away, idjit head.

  14. Jack M says

    Boo hoo hoo! He got eggs, many gay men get fists and knives and bullets. He has nothing to complain about, except for his own stupid big mouth.

  15. Darrell says

    He has allegedly been admonished by both his football club and his teamates, And now he is a victim of a “run by egging”

    Clearly he doesn’t realize you do not shit where you eat!

    Besides that 70’s gay porn star ‘stache alone warrants a good thorough egging.

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