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Watch: Hugh Jackman Dances For Lipton

Why can't all commercials starring celebrities be this much fun?

If you like all things Hugh Jackman, then you'll love the full version of this vibrant ad for Lipton Ice Tea. The folks over at Lipton chose Jackman to be their spokesperson because, according to them, "he is a true entertainer who can dance, sing and act. We will use all of his skills." I can't disagree one bit.

Watch the terrific results, AFTER THE JUMP.

(Via Joe.My.God.)

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  1. Hugh Jackman and Gerald butler definately need to date. Wouldn't that be the Millenium's Hottest couple?

    Posted by: New Jersey Girl | May 9, 2010 2:15:22 PM

  2. I was pretty certain Jackman could walk on water, so I'm not that surprised he can dance on it, too.

    Posted by: BobN | May 9, 2010 2:23:49 PM

  3. To answer your rhetorical question ("Why can't all commercials starring celebrities be this much fun?")... because yer typical celebrity has zero talent! Just makes an exception like Hugh that much more delicious.

    Posted by: emarell | May 9, 2010 2:49:41 PM

  4. Yeeeaah, Hugh came across as SUPER gay in that commercial (but of course in a FABulous way!). Of course Gene Kelly had the same sexy gay(?) vibe back in his day as Hugh and he was definitely straight, so we gays shouldn't necessarily assume.

    I always find it funny that American movie actors try to act so much better than their tv counterparts, when they will whore a commercial product the same as any of them, just as long as the clip never airs in America.

    Posted by: Ian | May 9, 2010 3:16:38 PM

  5. He kept his shirt on, so it couldn't possibly be his best work.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | May 9, 2010 3:26:23 PM

  6. Hugh Jackman is a god. He is the most wonderful man on earth, no question about it. That tea advert is the greatest ad I have ever seen!!!

    Posted by: hephaestion | May 9, 2010 3:50:28 PM

  7. I'm still wondering why this commercial is better than 99% of 'reality' shows on American tv.

    Posted by: wtf | May 9, 2010 3:53:17 PM

  8. This would've been so much better if it took place at a beach and Hugh Jackman wasn't wearing anything but a speedo. I would have had myself an absolut jack-me-off moment.

    Posted by: Paul | May 9, 2010 5:02:26 PM

  9. Obviously not the "caffeine free" Lipton!

    Posted by: jpeckjr | May 9, 2010 5:38:31 PM

  10. This would make Michael Jackson smile. =^)

    Posted by: lodenmuse | May 9, 2010 6:58:59 PM

  11. In that still above, he looks as if he's trying to pass a bowel movement.

    Posted by: jason | May 9, 2010 7:23:50 PM

  12. whoa

    i'm high and that was pretty intense

    Posted by: shane | May 10, 2010 12:25:03 AM

  13. I don't even Like tea....but Love Hugh!!
    And, actually, Gene Kelly is said to have been bi. So, we still have hope for Hugh!!


    Posted by: Bruce Wayne | May 10, 2010 1:59:58 AM

  14. Great ad, fantastic to see him dancing again.

    @Ian: Just checking, but you do know that Hugh Jackman is Australian, right?

    Posted by: Chris | May 10, 2010 5:37:33 AM

  15. hot damn! that man is sexy.

    Posted by: nic | May 10, 2010 3:41:12 PM

  16. I'll take a sip of that and whatever else Hugh's offering.

    Posted by: Kyle Michel Sullivan | May 10, 2010 4:16:48 PM

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