1. james says

    Sounds a lot like a Killers track being sung by Elton John… and I mean that in a good way.

  2. GGREEN says

    the songs intro was about 45 seconds too long, but otherwise brilliant. This does sound like the Killers (only done right). Bring on the remixes!

  3. Andy F says

    Love them! But… I wish they’d stop likening themselves to The Killers. They’ve stated in the past that they compare their records, and they respect them and try to gauge their common achievements. This does sound an awful lot like the last Killers album, and while they’re both good, I’m more curious to hear what the Sisters were working on for a year and a half that wasn’t borne out of druggy club nights in Berlin. Still – excited they’re back.

  4. Paul R says

    I could see that song finally make them have a hit in the US. Maybe it’s time for me to head to Berlin and spend a couple drug-fueled months in clubs.

    Glad to learn the provenance of the ass on the album cover. I knew I’d seen it before!