Map: The Gulf Oil Spill on Top of San Francisco, Rome, D.C.


Here's an interesting look at the size of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in comparison with various metropolitan areas. A Google Earth API has been jiggered to layer a current image of the spill so its scope can be compared to places with which you might be familiar.

In related news, efforts to cap the leak in the Gulf failed over the weekend: "After the cofferdam was lowered onto the leak site, a slurry of methane crystals formed on the inside of the dome’s surface, making it bouyant and clogging the outtake at the dome’s roof.

The giant box has been moved 200 meters from the disaster site, and is sitting on the sea bed. BP had anticipated that methane hydrates could form within the pipework from the dome to the surface, but not within the dome itself, especially at such a rapid rate."


  1. says

    That’s just lovely. Originally from South Texas where we have the fabulous South Padre Island (a major resort area) I can already see how this will potentially affect the Gulf Coast in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and probably even Mexico. Doesn’t look like the mantra “drill baby drill” is working out so well.

    Once millions of people lose their livelihoods, you may very well see the loss of support of continue drilling of coastal lines and for alternative energy, which the Repubs still refuse to embrace.

    I guess I need to get back home and visit mom and dad ASAP, so I can enjoy the beach while it’s still clean and beautiful.

  2. contragenic says

    I just left Florida a few days ago and on the flight to and from I could see this mess plain as the nose on my face and it is MASSIVE. I dearly love the gulf coast,except of course texass,and I was desperate to see it before it was covered in some greedy fuckers lube so I went and spent a few days in St Pete. This is unforgivable considering that BP knew and avoided the fact that there was potential for an accident of this magnitude, yet they waited until there actually WAS an accident and then tried to make it sound like they have some concern for the environment. This company has no concern for the environment, no concern for You, no concern for anything but Profit. BP must be held accountable for their actions, yet the taxpayers of the gulf coast are already paying for the mess that BP has caused. The Florida Gulf is extremely fragile, when something bad happens there, like a red tide, it takes alot of time for the gulf to heal because the water is relatively still compared to the Atlantic coast. There are numerous species, already endangered, that will not be able to recover from this tragedy. I am talking about Manatees; Sea turtles; Whales and the rest of an entire ecosystem that may never recover from this, all because of money. I will do everything I can possibly do to make certain that the bastards in charge at BP are held accountable for what they have done to an ecosystem full of beings that have long ago given up on the human. Admittedly I am a bit of an asshole, but when I saw this mess from the air I just started to cry, this is an unimaginable tragedy and BP is to blame. I hope this post pops into your minds when you are on the dance floor thinking about how lucky you are because we are in fact, all doomed.