News: Staten Island Ferry, Betty White, Mom Ink, Kristin Chenoweth

 road The same Staten Island ferry involved in a 2003 accident that killed 11 people crashed again today. 37 people were hurt. NYT: "The ferry was approaching the dock at normal speed, 5 knots (or 5.8 m.p.h.), when the pilots realized that they could not operate the ferry as usual. Ms. Sadik-Khan added that they had enough time for crew to warn passengers and begin moving people away from what would have been the chief point of impact — the front deck."

479-Staten_Island_Ferry.sff.standalone.prod_affiliate.81 road Hot promo for Betty White's Hot In Cleveland.

 road More Betty White to whet your appetite for her appearance on SNL tonight. Watch her play beer pong with Jimmy Fallon.

 road Can anyone blame Jake Gyllenhaal for being "constantly shirtless" on the set of Prince of Persia?"

 road The perfect (and permanent) mother's day gift?

 road Chrstina Aguilera looking very much like Madonna circa 1992.

 road Racial attack? Video shows "two Seattle police officers kicking a man as he lay on the ground. The man was detained during a robbery investigation last month. The two officers have been reassigned as police conduct an investigation amid a firestorm of reaction."

 road Rihanna goes overboard with white tape.

 road A Lithuanian immigrant who has just been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the brutal murder of a gay man tries to take his own life.Nph3.img_assist_custom

 road Neil Patrick Harris picks his top 10 hottest guys. Number one shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. 

 road Kristin Chenoweth fights back against Newsweek article about openly gay actors playing heterosexual characters: "I know how much it means to young people struggling with their sexuality to see out & proud actors like Sean Hayes, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris and Cynthia Nixon succeeding in their work without having to keep their sexuality a secret. No one needs to see a bigoted, factually inaccurate article that tells people who deviate from heterosexual norms that they can’t be open about who they are and still achieve their dreams."


  1. CJ says

    Kristin Chenoweth: You are brilliant, talented, amazing and above all else, you seem down to earth. I wish more people in the world were as enlightened and beautiful (inside and out) as yourself. Kudos!

  2. Skinnylittlebitch says

    LOL at the motherfucker trying to get out of his punishment for murder. Take it you bitch! Fuck your misery, you’re going to pay for what you did!

  3. says

    BRAVO, Kristin, BRAVO!!!

    IRT the Newsweek article – Some people just can’t get past their internal prejudices. If you didn’t know that an actor was gay, and was playing a ‘str8′ role, you’d accept it. However, if an openly gay actor played a ‘str8′ role, suddenly it’s unbelievable. That is the whole problem with the article. The author ASSUMES all actors are straight until such time they come out as gay. Once they are open, their characterizations are no longer acceptable/believable. It’s roughly the same thing as saying an actor has become bigger than the role they are playing. When you go and see Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or George Clooney in a movie, do you see the character they are portraying or do you see Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or George Clooney? I think the public would be surprised to find out how many actors/actresses are gay or bi. The author of that article just can’t get past his internal prejudices. Actors play roles, some succeed, others do not. It DOES NOT depend on the actors sexuality but it does depend on the characterization and YOUR acceptance, perception and prejudices.

    Thank you Kristin for saying what needed to be said.

    If anyone tweets, they can give her thanks @

  4. Soren456 says

    Jonathan Groff, huh? I must have been out in the kitchen when that news broke.

    Saw him in Spring Awakening. Drooled. Very much.

  5. GregV says

    This past week, I have replayed over and over Kristen Chenoweth singing “One More Bell to Answer” and “Home” on my on-demand TV, and I can’t get enough of her. She is brilliant as an actress and her singing voice leaves me speechless.
    My partner said to a friend just this morning, “We need to make a pilgrimage to New York just to see Kristen on stage!”
    It warms my heart to see that her real life persona is as understanding and compassionate as I would have hoped.

  6. stephen says

    did the article author somehow overlook that the gays have been playing straight for years…

  7. Rin says

    I think the real problem is that some actors have less range. Had the writer gone to see Neil Patrick Harris or Rupert Everett either a) there wouldn’t have been an article, or b) the article would have been 100% different.

    What probably happened is that Sean had zero “chemistry” with his costar (it happens: Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis–not that he’s gay) and that lack of chemistry coupled with the knowledge that he’s gay made it seem like its a gay thing.

    People confuse onscreen chemistry with sexuality. Gibson and Glover have it in all the Lethal Weapons. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere have it. Doris and Rock had it. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have it.

    Acting is a craft and not everyone is invested the same way. Sean Hayes cannot drop his “schtick” so that combined with a lack of zing with his costar produced the dumb idea that gays can’t act straight.

    I think the writer was probably looking for chemistry and if they had grabbed Karen from Will and Grace and put her in the role he would have had a different opinion, too. Those two always seemed like with enough wine anything could happen.

    Chemistry is what we all want to see in our actors and it can be had between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

    There are tons of heterosexuals in romantic comedies that don’t have it either. For example, Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl. Nothing there at all. Katherine Heigl and that kid from 27 dresses…they had it.

    Dr. Horrible and the Avatar chick had it and NPH was openly gay at the point Dr. Horrible was huge.

    Hmmm, am I explaining this right? I think people have this idea in their head and if they just see enough good actors they wouldn’t.

  8. Jim says

    The greatest talent on Broadway! And one of the greatest minds and hearts! I love you even MORE now, Kristin Chenoweth!

  9. ChrisM says

    Once again Kristen Chenoweth proves that you can be a Christian and a good and caring person. Does anyone ever suggest that a law abiding actor/actress cannot believably play a murderer or a straight actor/actress cannot accurately portray a gay person? After all it’s call ACTING for a reason.