1. TANK says

    All that money wasted. All that sweet, sweet money…brings a tear to my eye. And yes, the ecosystem will forever be changed for the worst.

  2. Piper says

    I live in New Orleans and the new norm is endless TV ads for attorneys and an “oil” report with the weather that lets us know where oil is headed. How ironic that much of the language being used sounds familiar when a hurricane is approaching.

  3. SmallhandFF says

    Imagine a cluster-fuck like this happening to a nuclear reactor after Obama gets his bi-partisan wish to revive the nuclear energy industry.

  4. tom says

    looks like we are in an Extinction Event not even including near future other ones :( corporations rule and there’s no people movement stopping this plutocracy…

  5. Jason says

    Seriously, “ticking timebombs” “Extinction Event”; this is the only the second major platform spill in 30 years; the first in the Gulf. There are 4,500 platforms in the gulf and one major accident in 30 years are pretty good stats(keep in mind chances of worldwide extinction from an asteroid is 1 in 3,000 or so). Certainly better technology needs to be implemented to make this a 1 in 100 year event but you don’t quit b/c of one accident. With that attitude its good thing you weren’t in charge of the space program. They have had a failure rate of 1 in 35 and still persevered.

    Mother nature is extremely resilient and will survive this.

    The real danger is during the actual drilling phase; once its producing the danger level reduces significantly. We might should kick BP out as they have been responsible for this and the big one in Cali in 79′.

  6. amknyc says

    I just thought of something…

    When hurricane season comes, the storms are going to suck up all that nasty oil water in the gulf, only to deposit it in the form of rain storms throughout communities along the Gulf Coast…It won’t be long before it’s not “contained” to the gulf.

  7. CJ says

    Jason, I’d love to know the color of the sky in your world. If man continues to exploit and pollute, I’m sure it will be a dark grey soon. Mother Nature will indeed survive, it is man (and the ecosystem) that will not. When hydrogen and other renewable CLEAN energy sources are available and are powering cars on the road, why are we still on oil?! Oh yeah, I forgot, lobbyists and capitalism. God Bless. :rollseyes:

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