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News: Charlie Crist, Sherlock Holmes, Bomb Scares, Coffee Cups

 road Fans hurl anti-gay insults at Gareth Thomas on the field: "I could hear some chants from a small section of the crowd. It wasn’t very nice and I was pretty hurt by what I could hear. I’m only human."

902fwo  road A portrait of Charlie Crist goes up for auction on Ebay, a few days before the official one from the GOP.

 road Gay basher gets 12 months in prison for brutal attack in Vancouver in 2008.

 road Copyright holder to Sherlock Holmes wouldn't be happy if the main characters end up being gay for the sequel to the Hollywood movie: "It would be drastic, but I would withdraw permission for more films to be made if they feel that is a theme they wish to bring out in the future. I am not hostile to homosexuals, but I am to anyone who is not true to the spirit of the books."

 road The designer of the Anthora coffee cup has passed away.

 road Breasts on state seals offend Ken Cuccinelli.

 road Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renew their wedding vows.


 road Americablog on the HRC's response to the DADT letter from Robert Gates: "It's all well and good that HRC claims to have seen the light. They had no other choice. Solmonese promised the community that DADT would be repealed this year, and after a year of brown-nosing the White House, HRC has bupkis to show us as progress. At some point, to cover his ass, to cover the organization's ass, they had to finally admit that the the DADT repeal effort is totally f'd up."

 road The second bomb scare in a major northeast city in just as many days.

 road Ryan Gosling is into home repair.

 road Report claims that closeted teens at higher risk for pregnancy: “Those who experience harassment and discrimination may choose pregnancy involvement as a way to deny their orientation, to prevent further enacted stigma.”

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  1. Poor Gareth, sorry to say but it kinda comes with the territory when you're around a bunch of neanderthals. Though I think even neanderthals would be more accepting than that lot.

    Posted by: BD | May 2, 2010 5:56:11 PM

  2. You should note that the link in the article on the Virginia State Seal controversy is NSFW ...... if you work for the Virginia State Attorney General. And it turns out the picture they used is an alternative seal, most noted because it resembles the Virginia State flag as it appeared right before they seceded from the Union.

    Posted by: Charlie W. | May 2, 2010 6:05:37 PM

  3. She's not the legal copyright holder. She's a nut. In fact except for a couple of late short stories, all the Sherlock Holmes books and stories are in public domain in the US because they're old enough that the US copyrights have expired. She pulled the exact same publicity stunt before the first film came out.

    Posted by: Steve | May 2, 2010 6:22:38 PM

  4. Cheers to the Vancouver Crown Attorney who persisted in obtaining the hate crime designation at sentencing of gay basher Michael Kandola. It's become commonplace for the hate crime application to be dealt away in exchange for a guilty plea.
    It's great she stuck to her principles and encouraging Mr. Justice Groves saw through Kandola's excuses. It's a great verdict and sentence indeed and shows the law has evolved.

    Posted by: Dickster | May 2, 2010 6:26:31 PM

  5. Thanks Steve for posting the comment about the Holmes copyrights. Why on earth the press keeps giving this nut attention is beyond me. There is plenty of controversy in the world without spreading misinformation.

    Ken Cuccinelli - well, I guess the story speaks for itself. What a buffoon!

    Posted by: Mike | May 2, 2010 7:03:23 PM

  6. Plunkett has tried to sue numerous times and has always lost. The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate has a better claim than she does. There's a lot of confusion on who exactly owns the copyright.

    But, as Steve said, Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain so permission isn't required, it's just a courtesy.

    Posted by: AggieCowboy | May 2, 2010 7:09:06 PM

  7. Who gives a CRAP what John Avarosis has to say about anything...First he and this blog SCREAMED and REAMED HRC for not suporting the all mighty had to ask if Andy Towle and John Avarosis are just trying to scapegoat anyone other than BARACK OBAMA for not passing DADT...

    Towleroad undermined HRC credibility with Obama during the primary and early days of the election. So what leverage could they have...and where is the blog activist on the whole GAY EQUALITY meme...the october march FAILED to do anything...ANYTHING so how about you do something other than trying to undermine organizations cause you have nothing to offer in it;s place.

    Posted by: MCnNYC | May 2, 2010 7:57:30 PM

  8. Ryan. Gosling. OMG.

    Posted by: Jordan | May 2, 2010 8:06:57 PM

  9. Andrea Plunket has been claiming the rights to Shelock Holmes for years -- and, in reality, she owns zip! Many people with deep pockets (e.g., the producers of the Downey Sherlock Holmes) give her money to keep the pest quiet, but there is no legal claim.

    Here's the poop: her ex-husband (perhaps late husband) produced the Sherlock Holmes TV series with Roland Howard (son of Leslie Howard) in the UK in the 1950s. These TV rights transferred to her after the divorce (or after he died). Based on this, she claims to 'own' Sherlock Holmes.

    One amusing aside: Plunket is also the ex-wife of Claus Von Bulow!

    Posted by: Bob | May 2, 2010 8:34:01 PM

  10. hey better keep cucci out of the metropolitan museum. he would go nuts in the greek and roman wing. he be drapping towels over the statues. or maybe he the reason half of them have their dicks broken off

    Posted by: walter | May 2, 2010 10:11:18 PM

  11. To put this in perspective, this is the first time Alfie (Gareth) has experienced anything like this on the field since he came out. It was small crowd of idiots and the other fans were shouting at them to shut up. Most people have been mortifed by this behaviour and the RFL have had words. From reading his tweets, he was back to his usual chipper self and shrugged it off pretty quickly. I saw him at last week's home match and he got tremendous support from the crowd as usual. Those retards at Castleford are not representative of the RL fans in general and Alfie knows that he has huge support from 10 of thousands of RL fans.

    Posted by: meaculpa | May 2, 2010 10:24:14 PM

  12. Hang tough Gareth! ya, but you're looking more and more like Aretha Franklin every day! Stop it!

    Posted by: NYSmike | May 3, 2010 12:22:16 AM

  13. what about obama creditibility with the LGBT
    community.he has danced around issues and when felt he wa s losing us he held a photoop. in 6 months the tide will turn amd them where will we be with anempty wine glass and a photo. the no money=no votesre is no direct leadership by the wh they want it to go away.and figure a few well chosen words will stem the wrath let the dems and politicos know no support= no votes.stop feeling sorry for hrc and the president they
    made their own problems

    Posted by: walter | May 3, 2010 12:59:01 AM

  14. Yah, hasn't Federal Court denied Ms. Plunket's claim a number of times? So, who gives a flying fark about what she says?

    Posted by: Pitt90 | May 3, 2010 8:28:12 AM

  15. I looked up the copyright status and books online says:

    Most of Conan Doyle's work is in the public domain in the US, including all of the other Sherlock Holmes books besides the one mentioned here, as well as the Professor Challenger stories "The Lost World" and "The Poison Belt". Here is a complete list of available online works.

    Text below courtesy of the University of Adelaide, in Australia

    * The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes (1927)

    Various aspects of the characters might still be trademarked, however.

    Posted by: anon | May 3, 2010 12:41:02 PM

  16. Plunkett tried to trademark the Holmes character and her application was rejected. Also, because of her misleading stories and those of the lawyer who serves as executor of the estate of Conan Doyle's last surviving daughter, there is a lot of misinformation about the Holmes copyright status on the net, including a error-ridden story in the NY Times last January. Hint to the Times reporter: that executor was not exactly an unbiased source of information.

    Posted by: Steve | May 3, 2010 2:56:40 PM

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