1. says

    I couldn’t be prouder of our Russian sisters and brothers!!!

    THIS, my friends, is what gay pride REALLY is about. Yeah, I go to my local gay pride parade and wave my rainbow flag as I watch the half naked men and women on floats pass by. But if you ever want to know what REAL fighting for your rights is all about, just watch the above video.

    It’s good to be a queer Russian today.

  2. john says

    Peter Tatchell is an Australian, born in Melbourne in 1954. Like me he moved to the UK in the 80’s, but I only stayed 5 years. He stayed permanently.

  3. Nastya says

    Yeah! Now, THIS is what’s going to get us rights! No disgusting, oversexualized “pride” nonsense, peaceful, respectable rights marches! Show them that we’re capable of acting like civilized, normal people! THAT is what will get us rights, not overly aggressive displays of sexuality. It has to be about PEOPLE and RIGHTS, not SEX!
    And if there’s anything that history’s shown us, it’s that Russians never give up! Good luck!

  4. says

    Nastya, give it a rest. that “disgusting, oversexualized “pride” nonsense” you’re talking about is mostly a boogeyman invented by homophobes. If you look at any of the marches that have taken place across Eastern Europe, they look more like March on Washington 1993, filled with everyman, than like Folsom.

    Bratislava last weekend:

    On the other hand, it’s really the trans and effeminate and “overly aggressive displays of sexuality” (like holding hands? like kissing?) that show the real tolerance of queer people by a society. Russia is definitely not there yet. We’re still fighting that battle in the West.