1. Mark J says

    Fuck! Being human is SO embarrassing sometimes.
    A taser?! Really?! … What a needed course of action, lazy cop… Look at the fat ass cop who did it! He couldn’t chase tail if he wanted to.

  2. GrabbinNewscum says

    Kid did something crazy and stupid and got what he deserved.

    Who knows whether he might have been carrying a concealed weapon?

    In these days of high security alertness, you can’t be too safe.

  3. says

    I’m so sick of seeing excessive force used as a method to preempt others from doing the same. We have to turn everything into a lesson instead of actually giving the one person an reasonable punishment–it’s not fair.

  4. Lee says

    If the security wasn’t so fat and lazy, he could have just tackled the kid. Why is it that the police force is allowed to use a Taser on civilians as a “reasonable use of non-life threatening force” but if someone shoots one at police it’s considered attempted murder?

  5. crispy says


    Honestly, who is the most retarded regular commenter at this site? It’s a toss-up between bisexual rights crusader/Lady Gaga hater Jason and homosexual fascist Bill.

  6. Jjoyce says

    “I don’t think you should, son.” are you for real?

    My dad would have said, “Dont you dare! Are you drunk? I hear booze on your voice! Come home now!”

    idiots. This is what’s wrong with these kids.

  7. mike nyc says

    you can almost see the donuts slowing the fat ass american rent-a-cop down.

    this once great country is getting more like the old Soviet Union every day.

    any tiny nothing event, a teenager on a ball field is met with absurdly over reactive force.

    this event is porn to someone like dick cheney

  8. Chip says

    Totally not OK. At all. Tasers should be banned except when protecting public safety. I hear too many stories of douchey college guys getting tased for no reason other than the cops’ incompetence. I hate douches, but I hate being afraid of the police a LOT more.

  9. filly says

    looks legit to me. If the kid got tackled to the ground and hurt himself people would be complaining about that too. Saying the cop is fat and slow is stupid. What if usain bolt or someone fast like him was out there? Should they just let the guy run around for an hour? The kid is fine. People should be happy society is coming up with quick, non-lethal weapons that can solve a problem quickly like this.

  10. Jack says

    Eh, got what he deserved. What did he think was going to happen? Why should anyone be forced to expend energy chasing the punk around when he was clearly in the wrong?

  11. john says

    I can’t stop laughing, the kids fine he just got a little shock after wasting everyones time, no biggie. kid ran around, kid got tazed, kid got up, life goes on. I love tasers! There should be a sport that replaces paint-ball with tasers, it would be my favorite thing to watch besides Rupauls Drag Race…and if they could taser the contestants on that show I would love it even more!

  12. DavidW says

    I’m amazed that anyone can condone this stuff. Just because this guy was interupting the organised, consumer packaged and predictable monotony of yet another event designed to keep the masses occupied means you have to down him?……get real. I doubt he would have run around for and hour…..normally they do a lap and then scramble back to their seat while the crowd booos them if they take up too much time.

  13. Martin says

    Are some of you living in a cave?

    In today’s climate of violence and various acts of terrorism you CANNOT have a breach of security like some crazy fan running onto the playing field at a major event! Players have been assaulted, stabbed, etc…

    The cop (his weight is irrelevant) was completely justified in doing what he did.
    The kid is an IDIOT!!!

  14. DavidW says

    Martin they have so got you where they want you………red alert, orange alert….be scared of everything from transfats to Osama.Thats what the World says about Americans…….it’s time you guys realised that and stopped making yourselves the laughing stock of the planet. Just saying and not meaning to offend.

  15. Dannie says

    I can’t believe anyone can justify this kid running onto the field. It is a serious safety issue. What if this kid was armed? Should the police let him run around until he gets tired, that’s ridiculous. I don’t think any of the fans paid to see this kid run around the field. He should be embarassed , his parents should be embarrassed , his community and school should be embarrased by this disruptive behavior. Thank you officer for handling the situation quickly and quite effectively. Thank you.

  16. JusticeontheRocks says

    Instead of giving the kid a lame answer, the father should have said “only if you can afford your own place to live.”

  17. Dylan says

    Tasers are lethal weapons which should be used only if your life is in jeopardy when you would have otherwise used a gun. Some kid running around on a field? Shooting is not appropriate, and neither is using a taser.

    It’s astounding so many people are prepared to allow this for the false idol of security. That did not make us safer and could have killed the kid for what was just a harmless prank.

    Has it been done before? Sure.
    Should we be shooting possibly heart-stopping electricity into a kid who doesn’t come up with an original gag? No!

  18. JTlvr says

    You jump on the field at a major televised event and act like an idiot? Reality TV just got a little more real for this kid. He got what he deserved.

    Oh, and of course he’s going to “State Penn” University (consistently ranked as a top 10 party school…)

  19. says

    And since when did a vicious assault become the punishment for doing a dumb act ? And has apprehension gone out of fashion ?
    The use of Tasers is an outrage and has been exploited to supress hecklers and now a field runner.
    Unreasonable force is a criminal act. Prosecute the cops.
    What shameful cops.

  20. josepe says

    But before then he called his father and ask permission if he could run in the field,
    what a damn ass!!
    are you serious?
    the father had to said No way in hell, you are doing,
    i don’t think anybody would call their father and asks permission for this fuckery.
    father and son bunch if idiots

  21. MCnNYC says

    yeah what about that streaker at the OSCARS!

    How about that protester who apporoached an ELECTED OFFICIAL of THE UNITED STATES brandishing a “marker” insisting that the CONGRESSMAN use it to “mark” up the DADT bill..TASE HER! TASE HER!
    I mean you just can’t be sure in this day and age of security TASE HER!

    HAve we become so TERRORIZED by this action that some posters really think this is justified?
    Wrong yes…possibly a misdemeaner or a citation….TASER?
    The only really winner is the taser industry that is actually selling this crap to the American People as safe.

  22. Frank says

    I’m disappointed in the Phillies fans (said as a Philly local).

    Given their reputation, I’m surprised they didn’t storm the field and beat the shit out of that rent-a-cop.

  23. Henry Holland says

    After they tased him, they should have kicked him in the head and then crushed his balls so he never reproduced.

    OK, that might be a bit extreme :-) but I have zero sympathy for attention whores like this ugly little fucker, they get whatever comes their way. At every baseball game I’ve ever been to (over 15 different stadiums) there are loud announcements about not going on the field. I’m certainly no fan of cops or especially rent-a-cops, but I obey the rules even if I disagree with them because the alternative could really suck.

    I bet Steve Consalvi knows about the concept of actions having consequences now.

  24. says

    @Henry Holland : Wow, have you become so numb to the abuse of power that you are actually beginning to think this action,by the cop, acceptable ?
    That suggests a terrible corruption of the US value system.

  25. says

    Tasers should only be used in pretty dire situations, when there’s a real, physical threat present as an *alternative* for other, more deadly weapons. They should not be used because you’re too lazy to chase down some guy getting his 15 minutes.

  26. Henry Holland says

    “That suggests a terrible corruption of the US value system”

    What value system would that be? The one that enslaved Africans and brought them here in brutal conditions to work? The genocide of the Native Americans? The vile invasions of Central American countries by the Marines just so the United Fruit Company could do business without those pesky native workers causing problems (ca. 1900-1925)? The illegal and immoral overthrow of foreign governments in Iran (1952), Guatemala (1954) and East Timor (1975) to name but a few? The propping up of vile, evil dictators like Saddam and the dude in Uzbekistan who boiled his opponents in hot oil?

    Seriously, I could go on for a page. Sorry if I don’t get misty eyed when the Star Spangled Banner plays or when I read the Constitution, but this country has always been a violent, shoot-first-maybe-bother-with-questions-later country.

    And David T. has already said what I think about this: he went on the field, nobody knew what his intentions were, tough shit if he gets tased. I bet the coach of the Kansas City Royals that got the crap the beaten out of him by guys from the stands, Tim Gamboa, wished security at Comiskey Park had tasers. From an SI report:

    “With his eyes on home plate and his back to the seats, Tom Gamboa never saw them coming. One second the Kansas City coach was standing near first base. The next he was slammed to the ground, a bare-chested father and his teenage son pummeling him”

    Fuck people that do shit like this, I have ZERO sympathy for them, none at all.

  27. BobN says

    This terrorist was obviously trying to force the cop and the Blue Shirts to run in smaller and smaller circles until they got dizzy and fell over. Who knows what he planned to do after that!

    I hope they waterboard him and his father to get to the TRUTH.

  28. DR says

    This was a clear abuse of authority, IMO. Did the kid do something stupid? Yes. But from what I see on the video he had no intentions other than to run around the field acting like a fool. Folks can say the weight of the police was irrelevant, but clearly they tased him because they couldn’t catch him, and whose fault is that? Hmmm…..

    I have to agree with others who have said we’ve become far too complacent if we allow tasers to become crowd control.

  29. Grant says

    inappropriate action!
    being american must be so embarrassing sometimes….

    Posted by: Tom | May 4, 2010 3:24:27 PM

    Yes…we Americans should be soooo embarrassed by this! How will we ever recruit people to move to our country.

  30. MCnNYC says

    FIRST of all…this kid wasn’t a THREAT.
    SECOND this was no “rent-a-cop” like at a sea shore boardwalk. He is a Philladelphia POLICE OFFICER paid for his off duty services. And if this officer could not decide that this particular 17 year old was no threat to security he needs to be fired cause I do not understand his ability to use his reason and his policing skills to think otherwise.
    Finally TASER INTERNATIONAL the maker of Tasers recommends police avoid shooting the taser in the back—which it looks like this “officer” did. I would not want this man on the beat and having to make similar judgement calls on the streets of Philly.
    I know if I were the city attorney I would not want that liability.

    LAST..sorry…tasers have killed people in this country. They are not water pistols and should be used with discretion.
    The kid was stupid… as kids are the saying goes…but this police officer seemed to react more to the fact they he was being bested and out run and lost control of the situation…as the saying…

  31. steve says

    Completely justified? In shooting directed electrical current into somebody’s body because that somebody was horsing around? Half the comments here sound SORRY the kid wasn’t simply shot to death right there on the field. Yeesh.

  32. g_whiz says

    at worst disturbing the peace. Even worse case senario, tazing anyone under these circumstances would be seen as excessive. “Just what he deserves”? seriously? Who are you fascists and when did you become the queer voice of the police state?

  33. Dan says

    “Are some of you living in a cave?”

    The short answer is, yes, they are.

    “In today’s climate of violence and various acts of terrorism you CANNOT have a breach of security like some crazy fan running onto the playing field at a major event! Players have been assaulted, stabbed, etc…”

    Bingo, but you’ll always get a rubber stamp retort about civil rights in return to this sort of common sense you speak. Is law enforcement (or security, in this instance) supposed to operate under the assumption of “just a harmless prank” when this happens? They have no idea.

    “The cop (his weight is irrelevant) was completely justified in doing what he did.
    The kid is an IDIOT.”

    Also correct. He got a short shock that will not leave a permanent mark or cause any longterm damage. Much better than the ass whoppin’ I woulda gotten for doing the same thing when I got home.

  34. A.G. says

    I don’t usually side with law enforcement, but in this case I will.

    The cop had to make a split-second decision. He didn’t know if the “runner” was high on drugs, a terrorist dressed in a Tshirt and ball cap, or what?

    If the “runner” had done something horrible, people would be criticizing the cops for not taking strong action.

    Public safety trumps the adolescent on this one.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but perhaps, now, some of the alkie sports nuts will think twice about the “once-in-a-lifetime” thrill of jumping the fence.

  35. TANK says

    Those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Rent a cops aren’t real cops…and I hate them both, but particularly ersatz cops.

  36. Paul says

    The crowd’s reaction says it best when they booed the actions of the officer. It was clear that the kid posed no threat.

    Tasers are not non-lethal and should only be used in clear life-threatening situations where firing a gun would greatly increase the possibility of someone else getting hurt or killed. If the kid had pulled out a weapon tasering him would have been appropriate.

    The kid should have been tackled.

  37. says

    umm…..tasers can kill people. Let the kid have his fun, call the cops, he has a great story to tell and the game was only mildly disrupted. Man, what are we coming to?!

  38. gwyneth cornrow says

    No one’s life was put in danger by this kid running on the field. He should not have been tased. And, more to the point, that rent-a-cop should not have a taser.

  39. Dave L says

    I have no problem with the rent a cop or real cop having the taser. Out and drawn should the kid have proven to be the grave threat everyone on this board of apparent authoritarians automatically thought he was.

    Until then, he was no more of a threat than kids throwing snowballs at cars. I suppose next you want cops to tase kids throwing snowballs at cars? Kids climbing trees? Kids jumping into public pools without taking a warm soapy shower first?

    What a bunch of anal retentive prudes. I suppose you guys never colored outside the lines when you were little, did you? It’s no wonder gays aren’t equal with the likes of these guys always standing with their toes lined up exactly where teacher tells them to.

  40. Michael says

    I seriously doubt anyone in favor of taser use here has ever been hit with a police-issue version.

    If they had I’m sure they wouldn’t be so gung-ho about it. Sticking your finger in a light socket is 120v…this kid was hit with 1200v.

    That’s ample voltage to stop your heart and brain activity for a minute or more. That’s enough to kill a person you idiots.

  41. anon says

    Never leave home without taser protective underwear kiddies!

    No, as in a zillion other cases, the family will sue for excessive force and local precedent from all those other cases will guide whether or not the cop did the right thing. It’s irrelevant what you or I think was the right thing, the only practical consideration is existing case law, which in Philly would favor the cops. Al Sharpton isn’t going to come down and defend this kid or speak out against the cop here.

  42. mikeywaz says

    I don’t go to a ballgame to watch some idiot run around the field and waste everyone’s time. What else do you suggest? Beanbag gun? Potato gun? Come on. The guy wasn’t hurt and got what he deserved. More importantly, no one ELSE was hurt.

  43. Dave L says

    Yeah, Mikeywaz, because you don’t wanna see that, anyone who doesn’t do exactly what you want deserves to be electrocuted. I mean living our lives to avoid inconveniencing you is what we all should be about.

    The kid was hurt. He puked on the way to jail. It’s painful. Just because he’ll recover does not mean he wasn’t hurt. I suppose you buy the Bush admin arguments for torture too: As long as there are no permanent marks, it’s ok. Especially if we’ve been inconvenienced. I mean come on, I don’t go to ball parks to be inconvenienced, so lets electrocute 17 year old children when they annoy us.

    Anon, of course it matters what both you and I think. What people think matters. Case law should follow what the people think, not the other way around.

  44. Suzanne says

    “I don’t think you should son.” Sounds like something Ward would say to the Beav in the family den. How about: ” I don’t think you should son but if you do, your ass is grass and you will be commuting to a local community college instead because well, son, you’re grounded for the next four years.”

  45. Drew says

    I just hate people who think running on a field is ‘fun’ or something. That’s what your fucking backyard is for, retards. TASE. THEM. ALL.

  46. Jerry says

    I look at it like this:

    Kid is a dumbass who clearly did not consider all of the realistically potential consequences of his actions, whether justifiable or not, and he was not taught this kind of reasoning by either of his parents.

    Too fucking bad. Tasers or not, dumbasses have to find out one way or another to think things through before engaging.

    As an earlier commenter mentioned, we black people don’t do that kind of thing. At least those of us whose parents were not afraid of wailing on our asses for stepping a centimeter out of line. No child who ever had to go out and get the switch off of the willow tree from grandma would think twice about NOT jumping onto the baseball field.

  47. Marty says

    Not feeling this kid’s pain. As many have said, people don’t pay money to see some jerk off’s need for attention. The whole “vicious assault” brigade sound like screaming queens.

  48. DavidW says

    Time to build a wall and stop you violent Walmart loving idiots from getting up to Canada…..keep your tasers and your guns and just destroy yourselves with your greed and hate.

  49. Daws says

    Lol, that cop was like “screw this running shit!”…bzzztt! The guy is fine, and he got to play a little in the field, so it’s okay to lol @ him :)

  50. TANK says

    “As an earlier commenter mentioned, we black people don’t do that kind of thing.”

    Not for any reason you used. White cops used to…use you guys for target practice. That’s the real motivation…not because momma raised you right.

  51. Gil says

    In this age of “Be Afraid, Be Very, Very Afraid, BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA” the solutions seems simple:

    All ticket holders should be shackled to their seats for the duration of the game. Attempts to disrupt the proceedings will result in an electric shock delivered to the seat of the offending individual.

  52. Sami in Vancouver says

    I live in Vancouver (British Columbia), and since the tasering of a Polish citizen at our international airport is such a scandal to both the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and the RCMP, I am very sad and shocked to hear that any police department use the taser in such an interesting situation.

  53. JT says

    I’d have to defend the cop here. Although the kid probably meant no harm, it is the cop’s job to protect the athletes. Athletes have been stabbed in the past by crazies.

  54. JT says

    You anti-taser folks….what would you choose as the alternate method in a case such as this? Not challenging you guys, really just curious.

  55. JT says

    Gil : Why would you think this is the Age of “Be afraid, be very afraid..”? Here in NYC we almost had a car bomb go off in Times Square, but virtually everybody interviewed on the street said some variation of, “What can you do? Can’t let it stop the way you go about your daily life.”

  56. Blaz says

    I hate excessive force and I abhor the idea of using tasers on people for something as silly as running on a field.


    In this particular case I can understand the cop worrying that the kid may be a threat to someone’s life (ie. kid may have a weapon and that is why he is running on the field) and wanted to be safe. I would much rather have someone be tasered than to have a murderer run on a field and stab someone to death.

  57. nic says

    the kid was scampering around waving a white ‘t’. clearly, he was presenting a threat. the fat bastard probably thought oh goody! i can try out my new toy.

    tasers have been known to stop people’s hearts. anyone who thinks the kid deserved this is an idiot. i hope the rotund rent-a-cop gets his fat ass canned.

  58. josepe says

    that will teach you not to run in the field ,EVER .
    i don’t know why the big deal ppl having their panties in a bunch, all of this ppl saying omg a cop shouldnt have done that ,omg but all of this ppl never said anything while they pass the patriot act and when george bush said all of those lies and he was appointed president in a second term, the country is deep shit and this is what grabs our attention ?
    wake up ppl.
    this shit is funny a fat cop running after a stupid kid who has the nerve of calling his dad to see if he can do it,

  59. says

    Tasers are deadly. There have been 400 taser related deaths since 2001. You shouldn’t use it like it’s a f-kin toy and you shouldn’t use it on some skinny kid who interrupts a baseball game.

  60. Chris says

    Little fucking bastard. Do this kid thinks folks pay 45,55,65$$$ at a basebal game to him perform?…I think not.

    It was well justified. Next time his ass will know. But of course on the 6PM news the Mom said “We’re looking at possible legal action”

  61. JT says

    Josepe : I agree that on the face of it it might seem trivial. Gays regularly post about the gruesome tortures they wish to see happen to people just accused (not even convicted) of certain crimes all the time on this blog (“getting their eyes plucked out by birds”..etc.) and nobody bats an eye, but they pretend to be appalled by the use of tasers. But…still…it really is sort of a significant topic : how dangerous are tasers? Should they be allowed in cases like this? If not, what is the legitimate alternative to these situations…? Etc.

  62. John in Boston says

    Mounties in Vancouver,BC killed a dude awhile back with a taser. Tasers can be lethal if used on someone with certain medical conditions. I think they’re over-used and an easy out for some cops, but the alternative can often be worse.

    It’s funny in retrospect, but probably wasn’t to those guys on the field at the time. A cop never really knows what to expect in any given situation/confrontation, and what on the surface appears innocent can often turn quickly negative, even deadly violent.

    Plus their job was/is to protect the players and staff and this kid could have been mentally unstable and up to who knows what. And of course there’s the issue of legal liability. If the kid hurt himself, imagine the lawsuit?

  63. John in Boston says

    Philip in London:

    I know for a fact there are MANY extreme examples of police violence, not to mention general VERY WIDE-SPRED violent antisocial behavior in England and the rest of the UK………… don’t act all ‘Shocked’.



    Tasers are used in many places OUTSIDE THE U.S…..example: they’re even more widely used in Canada than America. And they are used by all police forces. Boston police, for example, don’t use tasers.

  64. Marty says

    Sorry but don’t forget that we learned he was an “unarmed 17 year old” AFTER THE FACT. In the heat of the moment cops have to react “as if” the person is armed and dangerous because otherwise the reasonable person wouldn’t behave like that. Sure, after it’s over and we realize it was a prank that we can get all indignant and outraged but if you watch the tape, even the audience was silent in the beginning because one simply doesn’t know what is going on.
    Better to be overly cautious than not cautious enough. The greater good folks….this kid is but one schmuck.

  65. John in Boston says

    The non-Americans posting anti-American comments on here crack me up, ESPECIALLY the Brits……probably the last people in the world to lecture others about bad behavior, violence in sports arenas and other public places, out of control violent drunks, etc., And the UK is a true police state compared to the US.

    ditto our Canadian neighbors. Again, tasers are more widely used in Canada than the U.S. (ALONG WITH STUFF LIKE WATER CANNON, which hasn’t been used in the U.S. since the 50’s-60’s civil rights disturbances.)

  66. John in Boston says

    The mom threatened a lawsuit? LOL………my mom and dad would have said I got what was coming to me. I guess her little angel is special.

    And I agree with Marty: Cops always must assume others are armed, dangerous, during a confrontation.

  67. JT says

    What’s so funny about a simple event like this is how varied the reactions are, and each reflecting the person’s own agenda. We’ve seen anti-American posts here, anti-Bush, anti-sports, anti-heterosexual, anti- law enforcement, anti-modern parents, etc. Didn’t Anais Nin say, “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”? I’m still waiting for someone to state, “He wouldn’t have been tazed if he was blonde and blue-eyed!” (And so as not to let myself off the hook, I’m surprised I’m not blaming it on Vermont).

  68. TANK says

    For an alternative, that fat rent a cop could have chased him around until he caught him, to benny hill’s theme song. he would have gotten some much needed exercise and could have provided entertainment to most of the desperately bored people in attendance. Overall, win win. Another satisfaction condition of much needed entertainment could have been the he use a water balloon cannon…and they don’t need to be filled with water (no…no, you sick fuck…pudding). Or would that be cruel and unusual? A potato gun could have been fatal…but more entertaining.

  69. Norm D Plume says

    It’s disgusting when GAY MEN support the use of TORTURE against innocent people. The taser is a weapon of torture and has lead to the deaths of too many innocent people. Shame on those right wing queers who applaud the cops when they torture people.

  70. Dave L says

    Exactly, I think we should collect the IP addresses of everyone who posted in favor of tasing 17 year old pranksters, and tase them till they puke up their lunch.

    As if anyone should give a flying fuck what they “paid their money” to see.

    Dumbfuck right wing idiots would then have gotten exactly what they deserve.

  71. JT says

    Right wing queers!? Boy, are you pretending or what, Norm? How do you know it’s Right Wing queers defending the use of tasers? Go read the comments under first post on those Kentucky girls accused of kidnapping a lesbian. They weren’t even convicted, and yet the tortures gays were calling for them were like something out of DeSade. Do you think those were all from your fantasy category of Right Wing queers?

  72. Dave L says

    What? You don’t think there are right wing queers? You’re the one pretending if you do. There’s a big ol’ right wing ‘mo in the news right now. Founded the family research council and took a rentboy on vacation with him.

    Looks like we got a bunch of ’em that visit this site and comment.

    I was lumping their pro torture stance in as evidence of their right wingedness. It tends to be the right that advocates torture. While it’s of course not accurate to judge someone’s politics from where they stand on one issue and they could be tried and true lefties on all other issues except torture, on that one issue at least, yes, they are right wingnut queers. No pretending needed.

  73. Dave L says

    JT: I agree that it’s ironic and maybe even nonsensical to call for violence as a punishment for violence. Torture the torturers that will teach everyone torture is wrong.

    But it’s a visceral response and I have it too for things. If someone calls me a name, I think it’s ok to call them a name back. if someone pushes me down, I think it’s ok for me to push them down back. If someone punches me in the nose, I think it’s ok for me to punch them back. It’s human.

    Calling for violence against some girls who tried to push another girl off a cliff is just an example of that (perhaps primitive) kneejerk response to violence like the examples above.

    This kid was not violent and the calls for torture were because someone was annoyed and paid money for a ticket. I suppose those people think if they don’t like a movie they paid to watch, it would be their right to tase the clerk who sold them the ticket. Sort of like if someone calls you a name, and you responded by tasing them. That’s definitely in the right wing mindset in my scorebook.

  74. JT says

    Of course there are Right Wing gays. There are Left-Wing gays too. And Commies, and Pacifists, and Socialists, and Capitalists and everything else. But to criticize Right Wing gays over their support of the use of a taser (which is just an assumption, anyway) and ignore the bloodcurdling posts we see all the time from Lefties is just……very Hitler/Stalin/Mao. And I could continue making links to other horror movie stuff on this blog from past stories.

  75. JT says

    Dave L. : You’re missing the primary point about thoise girls. They were ACCUSED of trying to push the girl off a cliff. The judge, after revieweing the evidence, says that’s not the case. That’s the other problem with the average gay: they think accusation = guilt. Gays have no judgement. If they ran the country, only an accusation of queer-bashing would be enough for them to torture and kill.

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