1. Bryan Harrison says

    Given that banning offshore drilling will do nothing to reduce America’s oil consumption, all it actually achieves in practice is exporting the inevitable environment nightmare to some other country.

    We’re the ones who’re addicted to the damned stuff – exactly whose beaches do we think _should_ be covered with it?

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    It’s really too bad America has no alternative to the car. From coast to coast and border to border, one must use a car. A few larger cities have rail systems, but for most Americans it’s the car. And no one really wants to change their life style. They want an Electric/Atomic/Hydro/Hamster Car. At all costs don’t make Americans change how they live, change the car! Behold the dependence on domestic oil. We have no fear of the Arabs any longer.

  3. Jon says

    I concur with Bryan. The reason Americans and Californians do not want drilling off our shore has 100% to do with NIMBY and 0% to do with protecting the environment. Let Nigeria, Venezuela, and the Persain Gulf do the drilling, we will do the consuming. Why are we denying ourselves well-paid jobs in this recession? I whole-heartedly agree that if we open our shores to drilling, we need to increase investment at the same time for green energy. But while we are improving more efficient forms of energy, let’s take advantage of our own oil.

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