1. says

    LOL CD…

    I would embarrass myself if I tried to pronounce that name. 😀

    And love Sir Ben’s confession of being a ‘spelling boob’… I to am horrible at it and have up and ready any time I type… like now.

  2. Gregoire says

    Yake Yil-En-HOO-Li-Hay has an exalted place as the ne plus ultra of gay-male crushes and as such is gay news whenever he does anything. If this site were all gay bashings and senate committees, nobody would read it.

    His name reminds me of Goldie Hawn’s character from Overboard — Annie GOO-Li-Hee.

  3. says

    I think thats what it sounds like when you have something in your throat. ZING!

  4. jgm22 says

    sorry but shouldn’t it be yil-len-hay? where is the extra who-li coming from? i’m not a dutch speaker but there seem to be too many syllables in there.

  5. TANK says

    I’ve always pronounced it “overindulged douche”. His sister’s way more talented than him.

  6. Sam says

    Once again Tank you prove yourself to the be the “overindulged douche” on this blog.

    I think Jake and his sister are both incredibly talented.

  7. neverstops says

    why are we always supposed to drool over this guy?

    I mean, Jake’s good looking enough – but until he actually comes out, it’s gay men hopelessly lusting after “straight” men syndrome

    granted, he isn’t a fraction the culprit that Tom Cruise is, but I wonder is we would be drooling equally over TC if he was 20 years younger

    whether Jake’s in the closet or straight – either way doesn’t seem like a particularly healthy object of lust

    he’s young, handsome & talented for sure,so I’d def give him some slack as he grows

    there’s just a strange order of idolatry in the gay community sometimes

  8. jgm22 says

    @neverstops why shouldn’t gay men be infatuated with him? shouldn’t all people be allowed to have the hots for anyone they want. your argument strongly supports a major point from that newsweek article about why gays shouldn’t play straights – straight women won’t lust after them…um why can’t they? it’s all a fantasy anyway.

  9. topher says

    Jeez, enough already! It’s a fun short clip, what’s the big deal! If you don’t like it, read on to the following news entry, and if it bothers you that much, go somewhere else for your news!

  10. GM says

    I wonder how many awkward advances Ben Kingsley made on our boy Jakey during the filming of this vehicle.

  11. wtf says

    jesus fucking christ you queens will make drama out of nothing! NOTHING! It’s entertainment news with Jake Gyllenhaal who many of the gayboys happen to like because, gee, I don’t know, Brokeback Mountain, maybe? So many asses on so many shoulders when people speak all I smell is fart. Fuck!

  12. jaragon says

    Who cares how you pronounce it as long as it taste good…and what is all this anti-Jake nonsense-he is a good looking talented actor- who is gay friendly.

  13. says

    Before Brokeback Mountain I thought Jake looked like a fetus that became sexually mature in gestation. Ditto with Heath. Pale lipless cheekboneless doofwuss no self-respecting homo would give a second look. After BM I can’t stop making porn versions of the tent scene in my head, and afterwards sequel after sequel of escalating raunchiness, not to mention cast size without the proportional increase in tent size: First I had Robert Gant thrown in there as a forest ranger, of sorts, who stumbles on them one bored patrolling night. He asks Jake and Heath if they have a “permit” for what they’re doing (yep, dialog lines promptly deteriorate that way in my movies), and because Jake and Heath say “No sir we don’t” in unison, an agitated Gant orders them both to take off everything so he can look for the “permit” himself in all the body cavities available to him. And them. All three of them. And several seconds after, four: Zeb Atlas drops by looking for Gant. It turns out they were high school buddies and there are unresolved issues and unfinished businesses involving football uniforms and locker rooms and god-I-was-so drunk-last-night episodes and stuff. These are all in mpeg and avi formats, by the way, with each scene approx. 1.2 GB each. Want a clip?

  14. Brian says

    @jgm22 Deffinetely not a Danish name. Perhaps Swedish as some have suggestet or Dutsch as you yourself mentioned at first.

    But I believe he is joking. I have not seen such different pronounciation of the spelling, except in Irish and Scottish and it is neither.

  15. Contrarian says

    Hell must have frozen over. I’m actually agreeing with a certain regular poster here. Maggie G. is my crush object. Jake-a-la looks like a member of the weasel family, and as for his acting skills, they are OK by American standards which ain’t saying much.

  16. says

    A friend of mine was their babysitter and they are just “jillenhall” in real life; he’s joking here.

    And he’s hot and a good guy.

    Complaining about Jake is just silly, there’s a lot that’s actually heinous in the world.

  17. Sam says

    Well, I think Jake’s a great actor by any standard and seems like a good guy and totally sexy.