1. sparks says

    He’s a total sweetheart. If you have a few minutes check out his youtube channel for a clip of the spontaneous outdoor session he did in a little park in Italy. Tried to sing a song in Italian.. and almost pulled it off. :)

  2. Shelby says

    He’s got a great voice, and he’s cute enough. But his Youtube channel screams messss. Apparently he likes take videos of himself crying (no, seriously) when he’s depressed, asking things like, “Why doesn’t anyone love me?”

    Poster child for gay boys with low self-esteem.

  3. Jordan says

    A lot of gay boys do have low self-esteem, Shelby. Now why do you think that is? Could the shallow criticism of people like you have to do with it?

    Deal with it. It’s a reality. People need to vent.

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