1. says

    I’d really like to see this documentary, the way she stores her jokes is very interesting. I don’t think I’ve heard of other comics doing that.

  2. Brian says

    Can’t wait. Saw her last summer the day that Michael Jackson died…she was actually pretty restrained. She’s a class act and has done so much fo rthe GLBT community.

  3. Come On says


    I remember seeing a profile on one of the classic comedians many years ago…I want to say it was Steve Allen or Bob Hope. They had a whole room of jokes in card catalogues. I want to say it was Hope, or maybe George Burns.

  4. Sean R says

    Several well-known (old school) comedians are known to have kept logs/ catalogues of their joke repertoires, so Joan isn’t unique.

    I did find it interesting to note how her work/ presentation of a joke evolves, which showed constant reinvention. I saw her tell the one about the 9/11 widow who’s got the $5 million settlement and then her husband re-appears, and she orders the butler to throw him out of the penthouse… it evolved into a more ‘up to date’ dilemma about 9/11 widows and money, etc. (i really can’t remember joke punchlines but you get the gist). A true professional!

    Joan, you’re a legend – can’t wait to see the documentary about you, and hopefully Melissa and ‘Copper’!

  5. TANK says

    I never understood why her husband killed himself until I heard her talk. Yenta dreck.

    It was bob hope, come on. The joke vault. George Burns kept all of his jokes upstairs.

  6. Chuck says

    Joan Rivers is entertaining, but I would NOT call her a nice (or healthy) person. Some of her jokes really cross the line into being cruel, or even anti-social. She was also a bit late in being comfortable with gay people. (She doesn’t like, appreciate, understand, or support gay people like Kathy Griffin, for example, does.) In one of her books (might be “Enter Talking” or something like that) she made a homophobic comment about a Hollywood exec cruising for male hookers.

  7. Clanky Mish says

    Saw this at the SF Film Festival, where the lady herself appeared afterwards. It’s a great film. She truly is the hardest working broad in show business. And don’t mess with her act cuz she will cut you.

  8. Donnie with a D says

    Read her book “Enter Talking”…you’ll get it. What happened to Conan on NBC? Nothing compared to what Fox did to Rivers and her husband. It’s 25 years later and she’s still thriving: a glittering gem of survival and contraditions.

  9. says

    I used to play her album (God I’m old!) over and over during the 80’s!

    I think she’s pro-Gay, but, in the old fashioned way. She probably thinks Gay is her hairdresser or walker. That’s just generational. She did help (along with Madonna) make Gay more mainstream and I hope the remark in her book that was referred to doesn’t close anyone off to her because she really was a friend early on.

  10. Come On says

    Thanks Tank…I thought it was him. I wasn’t a huge Bob Hope fan, I prefer Jack Benny (and I’m only 36!).

  11. TANK says

    My father likes jack benny. He’s a relentlessly unfunny man, but he likes jack benny (not even his generation), and when I see him, it’s usually me being eddie anderson (YES, MR. BENNY!). Bob Hope wasn’t funny. It’s good to justify that with time and place, but genuine funny lasts for all times…and bob hope, for the most part, doesn’t. And joan rivers is goddamn obnoxious. I hate her act like poison. Ptooey!

  12. AngelaChanning says

    Joan Rivers late to the gay acceptance party? Ummmm…she was among the first celebrities along with Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John and others to support persons with AIDS.

    I can remember she was the first mainstream talk show to have Boy George as a guest.

    Joan has clearly stated her support for gay marriage, which was much more than gay icon Bette Midler did on Larry King Live back in 2004. If you recall, Bette gave tepid support of gay marriage and then joked with stereotypes of how gay men like to sleep around.

    As for the remark in Enter Talking, well is it homophobic if the exec really was cruising for hookers?

  13. Come On says

    Jack Benny had impecable timing and was not afraid to let his co-stars get the best joke or the biggest laugh…a true ensemble. He was a good ad-libber. Hope always looked like he was reading the joke from the cue cards written by a staffer.

  14. says

    Bob Hope was a better actor than a comedian.

    I imagine it’s hard – without a full support system – the people around her keep changing and yet Joan is just slogging on and on – but what else can you do? It’s what she does. Keep on pushing, Joan. Never say die.

  15. Paul says

    I remember seeing an interview of Phyllis Diller; she bought Bob Hope’s joke files when he retired and sold them to Joan Rivers when she (Phyllis) retired. What a treasure trove!

  16. niles says

    Whoever her latest platic surgeon is, he does good work. She actually looks pretty good, as opposed to years past.

  17. redredwine says

    From what I can tell Joan Rivers is still kickin. Dane Cook was funny for like, 3 days. Rivers has been funny for like, 50 years. Is that even close? (hint: no, it isn’t.)

  18. fireislandfunpolice31 says

    I was just youtubing some of Rivers’ stand-up from back in the day, and its hilarious! No wonder they’re making a movie about her.

  19. Jay says

    happy early bday ya piece of work! hey & did you know her doc Joan Rivers-A Piece of Work comes out this friday? double Joan , I’m in!