1. neverstops says

    Josh Holloway has a great bod – not some self conscious overly-muscular/anorexic looking mess – just right :)

    Matthew Fox looks way better with chest hair. Period.

    Play again >

  2. Ro says

    Can we please do that with every show from now on so I wouldn’t have to bother watching them?

  3. says

    The ending did not suck….but I am glad it’s all over. Now they can release those poor monkeys from the room of typewriters…


  4. Esurb says

    Rodrigo Santoro ought to sue the dumb asses for not making use of his beauty. They seemed to contract him to keep him off screen.

  5. says

    Jin was the only person who really kept up his body over the years. Everyone got pretty out of shape..especially Matthew Fox. He really aged over the 6 years

  6. says

    @ JNO

    We either live together or we die alone.


    And yes, I think it would’ve been cool to see at least ONE scene where Hurley takes off his shirt after running through the jungle. WOOF!!!!

  7. says

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