1. neverstops says

    love her

    anyone who tells you the new album sucks is a miserable wanker

    funny though, when I first listened to “Alive” & heard that 80’s laser sound after the chorus, I could just picture ONJ’s Xanadu muses & there they are

  2. Jacknasty says

    Fuckin’ fantastic. What a hoot! Go Alison, go!

    The new album is incredible, by the way. An only somewhat-ironic flashback to circa 1980.

  3. Drew says

    The Jem-inspired (don’t judge me for knowing this) zombie girls made me laugh and oddly, everything just worked. Very fun to watch and refreshing to hear.

  4. AG says

    That . . . was freaking great. What a crazy pastiche of 80’s visuals turned upside-down. But I think it was the technicolor glitter blood that won me over.

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