1. Rad says

    Hey! If Ted Haggard can be cured, so can poor George! Perhaps Ted can help George through these troubling times.

    I remember a time when public humiliation meant the end of a career. I watched a PBS show about the Doors and how Jim Morrison was brought up on public indecency charges for mocking a blow with his bass player while on stage. A Federal judge threw him in jail for 4 months.

    Why can’t hypocrites like Rekers get the same treatment? At least make him pay back the earnings the State of Florida paid him for services rendered.

  2. Dego says

    G*d, I wish I was a lesbian, because Rachel’s pretty cute, and her brain seriously turns me on. Well except for that “nope, still no interest in girl parts.” thing on my side..

  3. BART says

    One can only hope that Rekers files a defamation lawsuit. Which he won’t. Because all the other “rentboys”, escorts and sexual masseurs that have pleasured Mr. Rekers would come out of the woodwork and put on the witness stand. Rekers wouldn’t risk that. And as much as Liberty Counsel has at stake because their “expert” witness has his tit in a ringer, they would never defend this guy because when the shit flies, they too will be hit with it. One thing about these right wing, homophobic, knuckle dragging groups, when one of their own is down, they trample right over him to get as far away as possible. Gotta love them for that.

  4. gr8guyca says

    Why isn’t Rekers being charged with violating the Mann Act? The law prohibits prostitution across state lines, although it need not be actual sexual prostitution. The law reads, “Hoke v. United States, 227 U.S. 308 (1913). The Court held that Congress could not regulate prostitution per se, as that was strictly the province of the states. Congress could, however, regulate interstate travel for purposes of prostitution or “immoral purposes.”

  5. Charles says

    GR8: But he didn’t travel to another state in order to see the boy. He met the boy in his state, then traveled WITH him to Europe. So not only the acts were committed in Europe, making prosecution highly unlikely even if prostitution was illegal in his state, but the point that he traveled is moot. he didn’t travel FOR prostitution. He traveled with it. Much like he traveled with his luggage. You know.

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