1. Gavin says

    Note they don’t have to have two guys hold hands at the end (as in the original) when the new version is already gayer than the proverbial IKEA on Superbowl Sunday as it is. Even Sue and Olivia seem more interested in each other than the manflesh — I was surprised they didn’t leave holding hands.

  2. Alfonzo says

    I saw the original, I was about 3 or four years old. I didn’t get it when I was a kid, but I do remember singing it alot.

    I guess that should have been my mom’s first clue, that and I LOVED Donna Summer and Sheena Easton.

  3. jakeinlove says

    ONJ managed to be kinda sexy. Sue was – eh. The video was done correctly the first time, sorry to disagree with you ONJ.

    Glee can disappear now.

  4. ChristopherM says

    Oh Jake, it will be sad when Sue Sylvester kicks you square in the taco.

  5. Lothar says

    The original was better. The story in the original vid was funnier- ONJ helps fat men slim down and become hunks. Then, they all turned out to be gay, so all her work was for nothing. It was very funny.

    This new version cuts all the gayness out. Thanks for speaking up for us ,Jane Lynch. This new version is bland and boring.

    This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks Sue has done a re-make of a classic music video. “Glee” has jumped the shark. it is becoming simply a showcase for Broadway stars to display their TV comedic “stylings”.

  6. Henry Holland says

    I download Glee off of BitTorrent so that all the commercials are cut out, but I also FF through all the musical numbers to see the dramedy. I find the musical numbers excruciating, but for example, the scenes between Finn and him mom, Finn and Kurt’s dad and when Kurt sees his dad and Finn sharing time watching a ballgame, love those.

  7. protege says

    i was born in 1981 and i saw the video, my parents had it on tape and played it around when i was 7 ish. they are immigrants to canada too !…and that is why i am gay :)

    *and that’s how Sue See’s it*

  8. neverstops says

    gotta say this was the first decent episode since the show came back

    the writing has gotten pretty horrible lately – not even close to when it first started

    Molly Shannon is a good add

  9. unruly says

    Cannot stomach autotune (set on fast settings) and poor lip-synching. It makes the whole show painful.

  10. says

    I had to check this out cause I wanted to see what they would do with the song/video… had to laugh when the hallabaloo was all about a workout video Sue had done of herself. Glad video wasn’t really around for the masses back then, nor an ‘internet’ LOL… cause I used to workout to that song too! I would have DIED (like in dead-dead) if anyone had been taping me and it went viral on the internet… thought it was hilarious.

    But in the end, I still appreciate the first one best. :) <—gonna be 51 tomorrow. And ya know, as silly as this show is, I kinda liked it.

  11. Bobby says

    Glee is the best thing to come along for television in a very long time.

    ONJ and Jany Lynch doing “Physical” was flawless and I didn’t mind the auto-tune, it fit the dance mix.

    Glee can do no wrong, but of course, you’ll have those queens that come on here, and because the show is popular, they think they have to diss it.

    It’s the high school/early college mind set that some people just never seem to lose.

  12. Bob says

    The best part was the guy with the buzz cut doing the one-arm push-up hold while giving a wave to each side. I do that every morning as part of my regular workout routine! LOL

  13. Ian says

    Normally I detest Glee for a number of reasons, but this video brought a smile to my face (despite Olivia’s surgical fish-lips).

  14. rene says

    Glee is just an hour long music video now. Theres no more storyline. Im sick of the pimping out the guests thing. Stop having so many guest and just let the actors have a story or plot! 1st season was better

  15. Gleekster says

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE…I love Glee’s second season! AND , nothing can touch that Madonna episode…and no one can top Sue Sylvester’s one-liners!!!
    AND I’m not a gay man, btw…happily married late thirty-something woman who is LOVING being a target market for this show!!!!

  16. Hank says

    I hate to be nitpicky but I agree that Glee has jumped the shark. I saw 3 eps. from the first season and loved it. But this season the writing is too consumed with being totally campy and there’s no balance in the writing. Great one-liners but bad storytelling. A script is more than a string of campy bitchy zingers and big production numbers. The singing is totally fun, but the writing needs to settle down. Enough with the celebrity episodes it’s already old, go back to basic storytelling.

  17. KJ says

    Also 51, and a huge ONJ fan from back in the day, and still (Some really wonderful recordings in the past many years — not dance stuff, but she’s 61 now!.).

    Growing up in Evangelical Land, when “Physical” came out, it was a bit of a problem for me, as both the lyrics and video were not smiled upon in my crowd. So, though I was closeted regarding my sexuality, I was an out and proud ONJ fan. Hey! When you find your diva, what are you gonna do?

  18. Drew says

    Give the show time, [some of] you cranks. It’s just the second season and such strong success makes them want to try some different approaches before settling down.

    I just hope they don’t invite Ellen on.