William White, Gay Head of Intrepid Museum in NYC, Quits Abruptly


William White, the gay COO of the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum in NYC, who was being pushed for Secretary of the Navy in 2008, abruptly resigned Wednesday morning after 20 years on the job, and nobody knows, or will say, why:

"Mr. White quit his positions at the floating museum on the Hudson and the foundation that operates it, as well as his roles with two charitable organizations that raise money to help injured servicemen — the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and the Intrepid Relief Fund. The resignation occurred at a meeting of the foundation’s board just days before Fleet Week, the annual influx of sailors that centers on the Intrepid.

Neither the foundation’s spokesman, Howard J. Rubenstein, nor a spokesman for Mr. White would explain what had led to his departure after 20 years at the Intrepid. Mr. White could not immediately be reached for comment." 


  1. homogenius says

    WTF, Tank?

    This is interesting to all LGBT people. This is a high-profile LGBT person who was touted as a candidate for the highest federal position for an openly LGBT person.

    It’s also important because if he was forced to resign for cause, it’s a big disappointement.

    So it does matter, and to more than just the “A-gay crowd”.

  2. lessthan says

    Tank is an internet troll, Homogenius. The internet is full of them. He says the most awful things, just so that we notice him. Ignore it.

  3. TANK says

    Um, no homo, it isn’t that big of a deal. It doesn’t matter if he was “considered”. No one has heard of him outside of a select circle of people, and therefore, he’s not high profile. Non event.

  4. smallhandff says

    Perhaps he is just disgusted w the DADT charade that Obama has played. Pity that Shepard Fairey & the other a-list gays don’t do the same. Then again, they only have secure employment till 2012 & “le deluge”.

  5. bill white says

    this is bill white i did not resign for cause sex or graft. i love the intrepid and gaev my whole life to it spending 20 years there and successfully raised over $400,000,000 for our troops and their families and our important mission – especially when the government wasnt there for them i am also proud to be gay. coming out to the entire us military and my community at the Intrepid was always well recieved embraced and respected. i hope that the community thinks well of my record at Intrepid.

  6. LeyteGulf says

    I can’t believe the President of the Intrepid made the “this is bill white” post – it is full of spelling and grammatical errors. Then again, since Bill’s only qualification seemed to be his relationship with the Fisher family, all I can say is that I hope his replacement is somebody actually qualified for the job.

  7. Edward Graffam says

    Bill White is the greatest – The United States Military Forces are proud of what he accomplished in twenty years – It is through his hard work and compassion that the wounded members of our military have
    the best rehabilitation hospitals in the country. God Bless him and best of luck in his future endeavors

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