Anti-Gay Activist Pastor Ken Hutcherson Married Rush Limbaugh Before Elton John Entertained

Elton John's husband David Furnish spoke to People about Elton's invitation and acceptance to sing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding.

John_limbaugh Said Furnish: "To put it in Elton's exact words, when he got the invitation, he was 'a little surprised…And then, when it turned out to be a genuinely sincere invitation … Elton said, 'Life is about building bridges, not walls.'…[John also saw it as another opportunity, in his words] to go where people wouldn't expect me to go. And maybe if I can make a great impression,' Furnish quoted him as saying, 'people might change their perspectives on life. [Rush and his bride] were incredibly gracious and very welcoming and very sweet and very appreciative. Elton, during the performance made a lot of cracks: 'I suppose you all wonder why I'm here tonight?' But ultimately, it's a bit like an olive branch, I guess. I wasn't there, but from everything Elton told me, he said Rush and his bride were incredibly charming and welcoming. And they have said they want to come and have dinner with us in England, if they pass through in their travels."

And, of course, there was also that million bucks.

Hutcherson Meanwhile, Limbaugh was married by virulent homophobe and anti-gay activist Pastor Ken Hutcherson, the Seattle Weekly reports:

Limbaugh unintentionally explained his motivation for having an openly gay rock star play and a black preacher officiate this, his fourth wedding, on the first show after his ceremony:  "One of the guests came up to me the next morning in the hotel, we were having breakfast, 'You know, you just blow everybody away. Here you are married by an African-American preacher, you're serenaded by an openly gay popular music icon, and they say you're the bigot.'…And, meanwhile, the Hutch said, 'You know, these rings are a token, and there's three tokens up here 'cause I'm one of them.' (laughing) He said, 'I'm the only black guy here that hasn't been paid to be here,' which was not true. (laughing)"


  1. Dave says

    I guess Pastor Hutcherson’s position on adulterous child molester drug addicts is A-OK. Just don’t have sex with a man you love or you’ll surely go to hell.

    P.S. Elton, you are dead to me.

  2. Ben says

    Oh, I get it…the bad people were nice to me so it was ok for me to perform at the wedding,officiated by the other bad guy.

    EJ, at best you are a dumbass. You say (or at least that half wit Furnish says) you wanted to extend an olive branch, do you think that is what RL was doing or was it just for his amusement that he could make the monkey dance with a few shiny coins tossed at him?

  3. Name: says

    Elton John has done more for the gay communinty and people living with aids than most people. If he sees this as a way to start a conversation than I trust him.
    Should we then hate every gay florist and wedding planner, caterer, waiter….

  4. Gridlock says

    Elton, you tired old wrinkly bag of whore, you just couldn’t resist another mil in the bank to pay for your gaudy lifestyle even if it came from Satan himself.

    A girl’s gotta keep herself in glittery jackets and chandelier lamps, eh?

    Choke on that bag rug you wear.

  5. kujhawker says

    I would almost by the making a bridge if the toll charged wasn’t one million dollars.

    @Name – I grant that Elton John has down a lot for people living with AIDS. But while there are plenty of people with AIDS that are gay AIDS does not equal Gay. What haas he done for the gay community not related to a health crisis?

    He can do whatever he wants but lets not try to make this some grand gesture. He has always done what is good for himself. Which is fine just don’t paint it another way.

  6. stephen says

    It’s making me feel like a disagreeable person, but I seem to have absolutely no sense of humor about any of these people.

    It’s as though Limbaugh tried to put together a circus-act of peculiarities just to garner some press… and we’re giving it to him.

    I’d rather read Kathy Griffin’s thoughts about the wedding than David Furnish’s… any day!

  7. Kb says

    Elton was paid and I’m sure the preacher was paid. That’s all Rush thought about. I will pay you for what you do. But, then I owe you nothing – including supporting your rights as a human. Can you imagine the uncomfortableness if Elton’s lover had attended. Imagine the introduction between guests.

    Elton – have we seen you donate this money to anything?

  8. JeffRob says

    “I would almost by the making a bridge if the toll charged wasn’t one million dollars.”

    Sorry, love, but that’s some sappy, sanctimonious shit.

    Not everybody likes gay people as much as you would prefer, some are well-known for it, and many of those misled, ignorant people are the family, friends, general loved ones, and even (gasp) clients of lgbt people. Get. The fuck. Over it.

    Elton can do whatever the hell he damn well pleases, and we shouldn’t even be paying attention.

  9. Skooter McGoo says

    It looks like the price of giving up your integrity is $1,000,000. “Olive branch” only works if both parties agree to a respectful posture but RUSH is just laughing because I got the “Godfather of the gay Mafia” to sing and dance by throwing some pocket change at him. Sad really because I have friends that have given him money in concert revenue for 30+ years and he goes to support H8 and this fat oxycontin sucking bastard in his 4th time at preserving the sanctity of hetro marriage. Besides, wasn’t Rush supposed to leave the country? Oh, did he tell another lie? Ryan White would be ashamed.

  10. jason says

    Oh, spare me the “building bridges” nonsense, Mr Furnish. I’m sure the amount of money Elton received from Rush could build a lot of bridges, just not the kind you have in mind.

  11. johnny says

    Let’s not beat about the bush: Limbaugh is a totally odious person. He has zero intention of every doing or saying anything positive about LGBT issues. This was simply another opportunity for self-serving PR, nothing else. Anyone who fools themselves into thinking otherwise simply need look at his past words and deeds. Elton is a paid fool.

  12. Zack says

    LGBT Activism, according to JeffRob: Not everyone likes gay people. Some even make incendiary comments and use backhanded political tactics to undermine the quality of life for gay people. Get over it.

  13. Dennis H says

    Elton can call it building bridges if he wants but the brutal fact is he is an aging media whore desperate to stay in the public eye and unable to rest on his laurels.

  14. Erik says

    Eeeeew. I’m all for the bridge building, but this would have to be one sturdy bridge! Which it’s not. The intention is good, but I feel Elton has been played here BIG-TIME because it was all about appearances for Rush. Ick!

  15. Fenrox says

    Wow, you guys are such assholes. Just listen to yourself, he is an entertainer, bigots can BUY HIS ALBUM! WHERE DOES THAT MONEY GO??

    Lay the fuck off him, what the hell have any of you guys done for gay people?

    As for his MISTAKE in extending the olive branch, it was only a mistake because Rush does NOT hate gays, he uses others hate to make himself more popular.

    You guys ever see the movie “The Last Supper”, Its a movie where a group of progressive friends start murdering dinner guests that have negative opinions, it leads up to a Rush character coming to dinner, the group is excited to kill a man that is exactly the kind of guy that deserves to die.

    Then they talk to him, not on the radio, and find him to be a perfectly pleasant guy, he just says heinous things to get ratings, he doesn’t believe any of it.

    Elton shouldn’t have extended the olive branch because it will never work, Don’t fault him though, that million was going somewhere and he was clever enough to take it.

  16. Zack says

    @JeffRob: Your life. Not all of us want to dance and sing every time a homophobe snaps his fingers and writes a check. So just sit back and reap the efforts of people with more integrity.

  17. Jay Croce says

    It’s Limbaugh’s FOURTH wedding. Hardly a sacred event. I don’t see why anyone is surprised that he wanted something controversial, just for the sake of getting press attention. Just like Elton agreeing to perform, just for the press attention. Entertainers ARE media whores by definition. That’s how they earn a living. So WHY are people so surprised???

  18. yeahisaidit says

    I can see by these comments that many are pissed at EJ…but if one takes the time, read and digest FENROX’s comment, IMHO he/she nailed it…

  19. Bryan Harrison says

    “Shunning” is a fine old tradition whereby one avoids any association with someone who, while having committed no crime, has violated the social compact in a way that violates a community’s principles.

    Elton John, you are dead to me. You do not exist.

  20. Nate says

    While, and I’m assuming here, I’m sure Rush hired Elton as just another one of those gays that can sing (and I’m sure the bride had some say in the matter), Elton accepting the offer does speak for itself.

    Yes. Rush is quite vocal about his hatred for the LGBT community.

    Yes. Elton John is wealthy and probably doesn’t need another million.

    That being said, by accepting the offer, Elton probably did more good than harm. Why? Imagine if he didn’t accept the offer and fired back with a hateful message towards Rush (for examples, see some posts above). The next time Rush was on-the-air, he’d be spouting off about the gays and how they’re full of hot air when it comes to building bridges.

    I’d rather have Rush not mentioning our community than spewing more hatred…just for a moment.

    Thank you, Elton (even though you don’t need the money)!

  21. rick says

    it’s their schtick–making millions of dollars milking people’s hatred–they probably don’t give a damn one way or the other about the gays…

  22. rick says

    a former Reagan staffer told me that Reagan and Bush the first and the second don’t really hate gays, “it’s just politics”.

    that made it all ok!

  23. pete says

    you got admit Rush is good at what he does. He buys Elton the ultimate gay entertainer, he buys the righteous black preacher to marry him to his fourth bride and thus proves that he is the ultimate entertainer by showing there are no real morals or ethics and thus exonerates himself for becoming rich by playing a bigot.

  24. David says

    Hutch is openly associated with The Watchmen, which is classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a Hate Group. Rush couldn’t have chosen a more kindred spirit.

  25. Paul R says

    I don’t respect EJ for doing this, but I never respected him much before.

    I think the more important thing this shows is that Limbaugh likely has zero problem with gays, like Reagan, the Bushes, the Cheneys, and many other famous conservatives. Fomenting hatred is just how they line their pockets and empty their souls.

  26. MCnNYC says

    Elton John is nothing but a tired old TART.

    See folks it’s all a charade…like politics…Elton, Rush Reagan…they; are just entertainers who make a shit load of money…and are in the same clubhouse…so no harm no foul…right?

    Elton John is nothing but an aging whore who doesn’t know when his next “trick” will come again. AIDS is not a GAY Disease eseciallky to Elton…see Ryan White.

  27. Steve says

    The bridge-building rationalization is nonsense. That would imply Rush wants forgiveness or is softening his neo-conservative stances. He isn’t. He’s vile and wraps himself up in the American flag while facilitating the hate, ignorance and divisiveness that is dragging this country down.

    A firm and public “no” to Limbaugh and an explanation of why he wouldn’t perform would have been far more effective than this greedy doormat behavior.

  28. jay says

    Elton John has donated, literally, 10s of millions of dollars to charity in his lifetime. How many of the haters commenting on here can say they’ve done even a fraction of the good that he has done for others?

    I say, take that toad, Limbaugh’s, money and do some good with it!

  29. ted b. says

    You morons cannot even comprehend of a world in which Rush Limbaugh saying “gay doesn’t matter – who cares if he is gay” would jolt some conservatives to their souls. It was a bridge building event, and did a hell of a lot for gay people in America. I have seen wqay more intolerance, prjudicwe and bigotry among you enlightened folk than in the conservatives you say hate people like us. Either hate is bad, and you are against it, or you are for it, and everyone is welcome to hate. So climb off your moral high-horses and grow up.

  30. NYCGuy says

    “Life is about building bridges, not walls.”, True, but how about building that bridge as a gay man in a committed gay relationship. Accept the invitation only with the request that the gay partner is also invited to the ceremony. Straight guests all get to bring their dates or their spouses, why not Elton? Is that really “equal” treatment? How about asking Rush to not pay a fee to him personally, but requesting Rush to openly donate the mill to an equal rights charity that supports legalizing gay marriages instead? “Make a great impression”? How about “make a great impression” to both Rush and his camp and also your fellow gay men at the same time…?

    By the way, words are powerful, and whether one believes what one preaches, or one is just using words to line his pockets, the end result is the same: propagating hate and ignorance to those who are vulnerable which can create eventual and wide spread irrational fear, paranoia, and hate in the general public so generations of minds brain washed and eventually people’s equal rights compromised. So that means a person with the advantage of the media can spread, advocate, and mainstream the words and idealism of hate such as Neo Nazism, terrorism, racism, misogyny is free from the responsibility of cultivating hate as long as this person does not really “mean” it personally??? We cannot even shout “Fire” in a public space to create chaos when there is no fire. Even that is illegal…, so what Rush is doing is OK…?? Give me a break!!!

  31. says

    Elton John, a hired lackey for Rush Limbaugh, Melissa Etheridge kissing up to Rick Warren . . . to the Devil with both of them! They’re all about whatever will get their names and photograph in the media. As for EJ’s AIDS work, the good things a person does don’t excuse the bad things.

  32. nattering nabob of negativism says

    I presume that Elton does not need this money –therefore, he should take the money earned and donate it –very publicly to an American progressive queer organization — the symbolism of this would be terrific –rush’s million goes to the queer left. — or how about donate it to a university to fund an endowed chair in progressive queer media — Elton taking money he does not need is short sighted –there is a tremendous symbolic opportunity here — I so hope he takes this money and spreads it around the left queer world–if he doesn’t, he deserves scorn and the good will he has built up will be badly diminished.

  33. Jhon says

    The whole group of them are disgusting overindulgent slobs. May they all go down on a plane together and be eaten by sharks. Of course they could survive and float around on Elton’s wig and be rescued, but I hope they die.

  34. KENRULES says

    based on the comments I see here, it appears most of you are sanctimonious POSs who think there stuff don’t stink – who gives a PHUK what you people think !

    Elton felt like going and he got paid just like the rest of you whores on this site – how many of you do what you do for money ? Thought so, so STFU, bunch of crack whore you are !

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