1. says

    I saw these on YVY and have to say, uh no. While these are not the best examples, there has increasingly been pictures of up and comers that borders on child pre-pubescent man-boy porn on there. Give me fully developed men, not little boys that don’t shave yet. Not sure who they would be marketing to, but it’s not the 21+ crowd. Just my two cents.

  2. Jack says

    Keith, nothing about any of those pictures is ANYWHERE close to “pre-pubescent.”

    And neverstops, cut it out, AGEISM ISN’T A REAL THING.

  3. says

    @Jack I clarified my opening remarks by saying “While these are not the best examples” of what I was referring to, but the first pic is close.

    Anyway, I follow YVY (where these photos are from) on a regular basis to use some of the pictures for my cover art on my podcasts.

    Increasingly, I see younger and younger looking little boys that are being touted as “the next big thing.” Frankly, it reminds me of when Calvin Klein used Brooke Shields to sell jeans. It’s just kind of icky to me.

  4. Distingue Traces says

    Lord in heaven.

    It is just not that important what you think is attractive. If being considered attractive is your main form of validation, THAT’s the problem, not whatever particular standard of appearance — which will always be arbitrary and exclusionary to someone — is being put forward.

  5. daniel marrone says

    Isaac Weber is a pretty cool guy. I got the chance to work as a hairstylist and MUA for one of his shoots a while ago and he is definitely One of the most down to earth models ive worked with so far. He will be huge in this industry.

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