Gays in SF’s Castro Wrestle in Oil for Gulf Wildlife Relief


How to gays in San Francisco's Castro raise money for relief for the BP Gulf disaster? Wrestling in Canola oil on top of a mattress, of course:

"Dressed only in their underwear, pairs of well-muscled men took turns pouring vegetable oil over each other and then grappling together on top of a large mattress covered with a plastic sheet. ("Always use protection!" the announcer noted.) Volunteers took turns commenting on the matches through a large bullhorn and asking for cash donations from the crowd. There were about thirty bystanders by three o'clock, a few of them tanned and completely naked, in good Castro fashion, except for clusters of leaves adorning their genitals. The 'Crude Boys Oil Wrestling' matches, part of this week's Faetopia queer ecology exhibit on crude oil dependence, were raising money for The Florida Wild Mammal Association, organizer Kyle DeVries said."


  1. says

    I’m conflicted on this. Not on the wrestling, but the fund raising. I understand it is for wildlife relief, which I am all for, but when it comes down to specifics, like Florida, which is politically anti-gay, it bothers me. Isn’t there a U.S. Wildlife relief organization that would distribute money to areas that need it? That way, the money wouldn’t just go to Florida, but everywhere throughout the U.S., including helping endangered species. No offense to gay southerners, but I personally wouldn’t send a dime to help anyone in those red states who continue to bash the gay lifestyle, except maybe gay organizations.

  2. Trevor says

    You know, there are a million ways to fund raise without being gratuitously narcissistic. I’d love to believe that these guys were really interested in the wildlife but in reality I’m sure there were more interested in the wild life.

  3. pickles says

    Aw come on, ya crabby, bitter queens. What have y’all done for the gulf oil disaster? Horray for them! These are radical fairies who have probably got the smallest eco-footprint on earth (save for some heavy use of flourescent polyester fabrics used for art stuff). If you really think these guys are going to mess up your chances adopting or getting married, spend your time emailing your congress people or the president. IN fact, here’s Obama’s email just so you can be as active (or more!) as these peaceful, sweet, caring people.

  4. Ian says

    Florida is a blue state, BTW. I guess CB wouldn’t send money to antigay states like California and New York! Prop. 8 and the New York Senate blocking same-sex marriage, anyone? Same-sex marriage is just as legal in Tallahassee as it is in Manhattan and San Fransisco! Key West, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Miami have domestic partner and strong anti-discrimination laws. Gainesville voters just banned discrimination based on gender identity- and Gainesville is not part of the progressive coast. Send money to local wildlife organizations in Florida. Local residents are on the front line of this entire mess.

  5. hugo says

    If I have to put up with the likes of the ‘Real Housewives’, Paris Hilton et. al. or the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’, the straight ones (or the prissy gays on here, for that matter) can watch a bit of gay wrestling in the Castro without getting all huffy and puffy about it.

  6. Seth says

    And if it were scantily clad women wrestling in oil at a sportsgame, it’d raise money and no eyebrows, not even from the curmudgeons who commented above. Way to enforce a double standard on your own community, guys.

  7. romeo says

    In the Castro, even if they were doing it on the “public street”, the public is 100% gay for miles around. I’ve lived in San Francisco, and it’s true what they say about it. LMAO!

  8. Matty says

    Wow – so quick to judge, ladies. This may not be your cup of tea but I didn’t think someone (or, a few of you) would be so quick to equate this with why we’re unable to marry and hated. Pshaw! Get over yourself and find some laughter in your life.

  9. Power_action says

    Gods, straight-apologist uptight, sex-negative queens are SO tiresome! As if being ashamed of ourselves and ashamed of our sexuality is going to make a bit of difference one way or another regarding gay rights?
    The straights have their Hooters and their titty bars, but we’ve got to wear turtle-neck sweaters, act as though we’re asexual, and be a bunch of b-o-r-i-n-g conservative wanna-bes?
    Some of you commenting here sound like you could use a good schtupping to lighten the eff up.

  10. New Jersey Girl says

    Righ on, Power_action!

    How many thousands of Hooters Mud Wrestling Benefits has this nation seen and not bat an eyelash at?

    Too many.

    Lighten up, Gay geeks.

  11. Beef and Fur says

    Charming. Was that Maggie Gallagher in the crowd? Oh no, sorry, she was in Iowa telling everyone why our “lifestyle” is going to be the downfall of civilization.

    Oh and to the ones meowing above about how the Hooters girls do it and no one bats an eyelash—–yeah, but they are not coming after Hooters girls with laws and constitutional amendments, are they? For once, can we not give them fodder for their cannons?

  12. Atlanta Guy says

    @ “Beef and Fur” (Now there’s an image I’m sure plays well with Iowa church-goers…) You’re worried this gives the right “fodder for their cannons”? If you want us to live our lives to please Maggie Gallagher, could you at least phrase your capitulation without a mixed metaphor?

  13. abel says

    it was so much fun! (i’m one of the wrestlers pictured.)

    and i love little creatures of all sorts, the oceans, the redwoods AND wrestling. you guys should try it & if you like it, you might also wanna try some fun serum!


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