1. Tex says

    ironically Sharron has no fewer than SIX Google Ads all over Towleroad this morning.
    Everyone, CLICK on them, go to YouTube, and tell this cunt what you think of her.

  2. patrick nyc says

    Is anyone surprised that the Tea Bagger Birther party, aka the right wing GOP, is nothing but a bunch of racist, homophobic and I’m sure anti-semitic bigots?

    Last year it looked like Harry Reid was toast, thanks to these nuts that may not be true any longer.

  3. princely54 says

    I know she and the Teabaggers make a lot of noise and get media attention, but I think this nutjob is toast as long as information like this gets front page news in NV. AND as long as Reid can keep from tripping over his own dick.

    The kind of stuff that is coming out about her already is the kind of stuff they usually wait until a month before the election to bring out to distract the opponent. But there is SO much wacky shit about her that I think we’ll get more and more running up to election day. AND, one would hope they will have a debate or two so Reid can show just how professional politicians act — at least in a debate.

  4. candideinnc says

    I have read the reason the polls show her still in the lead is that here have been no polls taken since she won the primary. Therefore, the effect of revelations about her extremist positions–specifically on Social Security and Medicare–haven’t yet been reflected in polling.

  5. Bart says

    I think that Harry Reid should simply run an ad with Sharon’s face and the ad line should read: She wants to make drinking beer illegal.

    That should do the trick in Nevada.

    And scarily enough, she actually said it.

  6. says

    N igger.

    Posted by: GrabbinNewscum | Jun 25, 2010 1:08:32 PM”

    REALLY asshole? You managed to use that word in regards to what? Did you burst a big creamy on your XboX, Dick?

    As far as crazu goes, I am amazed at the idiot homos in my state who are talking about voting for someone with so many issues that work against the country and Nevada. We have a very small group of Gay Republicans here and I am filled with disgust for any of them who are planning on voting Republican after this and the Texas GOP platform.

  7. walter says

    dumb stupid whore somebody should put a couple of teabags where the sun don’t shine.
    maybe with some more candidates like the the repuks will go away. i think it is finally time for a total boycott of nevada tourism they don’t want us there so don’t go.

  8. New Jersey Girl says

    Six top Murderers were Homosexual???

    WTF is she talking about?

    The #1 top murderer is G.W. Bush who’s illegitimate crusade in Iraq has cost nearly a Million Iraqi lives alone, not to mention the thousands of American boys and girls.

    Last time I checked, Bush is a breeder.

    Well there is that Jeff Gannon thing…

    She needs better researchers.

  9. Ian in Seattle says

    I remember that insert–I was 17, newly out to friends in Carson City. I think it may have helped overturn antisodomy laws in the state–the thing really was so absurd, irrational, and hateful. If I remember correctly, it said that all gay men consumed “six pounds of feces per year.” It repeated absurd mistruths about the threat of contacting HIV in swimming pools, and even in public drinking water, as morticians drained the blood of those dead of AIDS into the public sewer system.

    It’s terrifying to think of her coming to power in the Senate.

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