HIV-Positive German Reality TV Contestant Arrested After Biting Six People on Gay Pride Float


You may recall back in January I wrote about Carlos and Harald, an HIV-positive couple whose inclusion on Germany's version of Big Brother caused the exit of a fellow contestant who didn't want to live in the same house with a "diseased" couple.

Well, the couple (at least one of them) is making headlines again following a brawl on a float during Berlin's Christopher Street Day (their name for Gay Pride).

Bild reports:

"An HIV positive Big Brother star was held by police after biting six people at a street parade in Berlin…There was one wild scene at another at this year's Christopher Street Day in the German capital, including violent fighting between musclemen on a party float.
In the midst of it all were ‘biter’ Harald Fassanelli (43) and his husband Carlos (45). The two make up the most extravagant gay couple on German TV…The HIV positive man is said to have violently bitten people, and – according to police – 'injured six to eight people' in the process.
A police spokeswoman told BILD: 'The man was taken down from the float by the police. He was brought in to the detention centre for identification work and then released.'
Harald Fassanelli is now under police investigation for assault causing serious bodily injury.
Harald himself told BILD yesterday: 'It was self-defence! I was insulted and beaten. I had wanted to get my plastic bag from the float. All of a sudden, someone attacked me from behind. I was being held in a headlock and couldn’t breathe. That’s when I bit. I’m very sorry if I’ve harmed people.'
He added to his apology: 'At that moment, I wasn’t thinking that I could infect others.'"


  1. TampaZeke says

    Forget about his HIV status.

    What the FUCK is a grown man doing BITING people. WHAT is this douchebag TWO?

    I can just FEEL the Pride welling up in me when I see this kind of asshattery being beamed internationally as an example of what happens, and this is how gay people treat EACH OTHER, at their own “Pride” parades.

    Embarrassing and disgusting!

  2. qjersey says

    WTF? We have an HIV poz man in the States (Texas, natch) being thrown in jail for biting and someone with HIV in Germany who wasn’t thinking “he could infect others.”

    Does anybody bother to inform themselves on the science of HIV transmission? Courts and individuals? Really.

    HIV cannot be transmitted through saliva. The ONLY way HIV could possibly be transmitted through a bite is if the skin gets broken AND the positive person’s mouth is bleeding.

    The complete ignorance about HIV continually amazes me.

  3. TampaZeke says


    Any grown man who bites another person, unless it’s in self defense, is committing assault and deserves to go to jail.

    He also deserves to be shamed and publicly humiliated for biting people like a two year old pitching a temper tantrum.

    And why is it that we never hear stories of men without HIV biting people? I’m sure part of the reason is that it’s only a “story” when the perpetrator is HIV, but I suspect it’s also because these men with HIV doing the biting KNEW that biting a person who knows they have HIV would cause them additional distress and anguish. Let’s not paint these guys as saints. I have no doubt that they KNEW what they were doing and probably would NEVER have bitten anyone had they not been HIV-positive.

  4. crispy says

    “The ONLY way HIV could possibly be transmitted through a bite is if the skin gets broken AND the positive person’s mouth is bleeding.”

    A cracked-out queen on Day 4 who’s likely been grinding his teeth for the last 72 hours taking a chunk outta someone’s skin … isn’t that exactly what you just described?

  5. TampaZeke says


    I just have to point out the irony of your comment:

    “The ONLY way HIV could possibly be transmitted through a bite is if the skin gets broken AND the positive person’s mouth is bleeding.

    The complete ignorance about HIV continually amazes me.”

    It complete ignorance of the real world continually amazes me!

    Have you ever been in a REAL fight? Have you ever witnessed a REAL fight? Not a slap fight that breaks out during the drag show at tea dance but a real fight with real punches thrown? They are OFTEN bloody. Punches to the face often cause PROFUSE bleeding from the nose and/or mouth. If a person who is bleeding from the nose and/or mouth bites someone and breaks the skin the risk of infection can be GREAT. Usually, when someone bites in anger, or in a fight, they aren’t love nibbles. They are intended to injure and they often break the skin.

    Even if none of this is the case, it is still completely unacceptable and disgusting for grown f’ing men/women to be biting people!

  6. TANK says

    Looks like someone needs to spend a few months wearing the genital cuff. These creatures are disgusting. Too bad he didn’t take a bite out of the wrong person (I know…everyone’s the wrong person in this context…)…one that would make sure he never ate with his real again.

  7. JT says

    Gays are stupid all over. Germany should have floats honoring Frederick the Great and Thomas Mann, not these losers who want to be “big stars.”

  8. Lexxvs says

    I think his real problem isn’t HIV but alcohol and/or drugs. At least that’s the impression I get out of that mess. And maybe he wasn’t alone.

  9. fourflavorvegetable says

    As others have said, HIV is not transmitted through saliva. That being said, ew, gross. I’d be much more concerned about hepatitis.

  10. TANK says

    technically, it can be transmitted through saliva (high doses, anyway). And if his gums/mouth were bleeding, it’s definitely a health risk worth checking out. It’s upsetting enough (I’d imagine) to get bitten (and by a “person”…though, that’s being generous with this thing), but extremely upsetting to find out that that “person” has hiv/aids.

  11. Fleur-de-lys says

    He was held in a headlock from behind and couldn’t breath… but of course that’s in the last sentence… Anyway, congrats for imitating the lurid headlines with which the likes of BILD reported this. Way to go.

  12. BitchSlap says

    Get real, people. There’s never ever been a documented, confirmed case of hiv transmission due to a bite. Yes, fights can be bloody – but hiv simply is NOT transmitted in this way.

    The biter said, “At that moment, I wasn’t thinking that I could infect others.” It’s bad enough there’s a huge amount of ignorance surrounding hiv transmission in the general (negative) population, but to also find it in the positive population is frightening and disheartening.

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