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Joe Hart Receives Underwear From His Gay Fans


Manchester City goalkeeper might very well be a gay icon. According to the Daily Star:

Joe Hart has been forced to dive for cover before he’s even taken to the field in South Africa, thanks to his ever- increasing army of gay followers...A source close to the player said: “Joe gets huge amounts of gay fanmail and the strangest gifts sent to him. “The other month one admirer sent him a new pair of lime green Aussie-style bum briefs, complete with the message ‘You’ve Stolen My Hart’.”

Hart became an Internet star a couple of years ago with a viral video of the footballer dancing in his hotel room in his underwear. Revisit the video AFTER THE JUMP.

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  1. He's was right—he can't dance. But he's sure good at handling his junk.

    Posted by: Timzilla | Jun 13, 2010 12:34:39 PM

  2. I would imagine England's starting goalkeeper Robert Greene would love to be receiving lime green underwear in the mail rather than the other things he likely receiving right now after yesterday's fuckup.

    Posted by: crispy | Jun 13, 2010 12:58:47 PM

  3. Gay.

    Posted by: TANK | Jun 13, 2010 1:11:27 PM

  4. @Timzilla Amen to that! He's really hot too.

    @TANK One can only hope <3

    Posted by: ravewulf | Jun 13, 2010 1:50:22 PM

  5. I bet Crispy is right. I'd rather be Hart right now than Greene. (And Hart can "not dance" in my hotel room anytime)

    Posted by: Garrett | Jun 13, 2010 3:50:13 PM

  6. So simply being white and hot makes you a gay icon?

    Posted by: Jam | Jun 13, 2010 4:19:51 PM

  7. No JAM, being hot of any color and not being a homophobe makes you a gay icon. It's not all about race sir.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Jun 13, 2010 4:57:49 PM

  8. Being hot and not a homophobe makes you a gay icon, pat? We're almost getting to having a pulse...

    Posted by: TANK | Jun 13, 2010 7:24:34 PM

  9. I'd tear that ass up.


    Posted by: veg | Jun 13, 2010 11:14:47 PM

  10. I'd suggest being average, half naked, and white makes you a gay icon. Hence, Dirk Yates....

    Posted by: Glynn Beck | Jun 14, 2010 12:52:17 AM

  11. who the fuck is dirk yates? Wait, if I haven't heard of him, it's not worth the explanation. Can't stand this racist oppression! LOL!

    Posted by: TANK | Jun 14, 2010 2:04:27 AM

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