1. Dallas says

    I half expected him to pull out one of those cannonball old school barbells one-handed!

    He is awesome fer sure. My chiroprator would be set for life if I tried a stunt like that! lol

  2. GGREEN says

    OK so hes got thin and very strong legs but that pregnancy belly is a stroke or heart attack waiting to happen. Metabolic syndrome is when your mid-section looks like and upside down apple and they both have it.

  3. boston says

    beyond ageism or weightism

    this isn’t really a legitimate work out for someone who is actually at a high risk for heart attack and stroke

    it is a strange exercise of exhibitionism and voyeurism of something not especially entertaining

  4. Rick S. says

    I’m 47 — that is middle-aged. These guys are much closer to what should be called “old.” Nothing wrong being old, which is what we should all be so lucky to get at, but just like I don’t pretend that I am a twink, guys over 55 shouldn’t try to pretend that they are “middle-aged.” And good that he can lift his partner, et cetera, but the fact is that both are unhealthily overweight, and should be more focused on doing aerobic, fat-burning exercises than building muscle.

  5. TANK says

    creepy and kinda gross.

    47 is middle aged? So you’ll be alive at 94? Let’s go by approximations. The average american male lives to be about 78, so that means that middle is 39…and if you want to be generous, give it a five years in either direction. Long story short: 47 is not middle aged, but old.

  6. Rick S. says

    The men and women in my family live into their 90’s, so as far as I am concerned, I am middle-aged. Plus, I’m slim, I don’t smoke, I eat right, I limit my alcohol intake to one glass of wine a week, and I hit the gym everyday. I am looking forward to a fit and productive old age.

  7. TANK says

    well as far as I’m concerned, you’re an old man…and I don’t know what it irritates me so much…but it’s starting to make me laugh…at me.

  8. says

    …and just as predictable as the Ageist and Weightist comments, the “It’s an unhealthy lifestyle/ high risk lifestyle” argument, said without any concept of irony by fellow Gay men, when we have had those exact words thrown in their face by homophobes for decades. What business is it of anyone’s what someone eats or doesn’t, or whether they excercise or not? It’s their body, not yours, and they can do what they like with it- unless a fat person is sitting on your chest forcing you to eat bucket after bucket of KFC at gunpoint, I can’t see how it affects anyone else.

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