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News: HIV, Tony Awards, Iowa, Lady Gaga

 road Having Lady Gaga guest as a villain on "Dr. Who" is genius.


 road Glee's Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison to perform at the Tony Awards.

 road The Boston Globe on why HIV infections among gay men has remained stagnant over the last eight years: "It’s partly lousy sex education, and public health policy that’s still unaccountably squeamish about condoms. It’s partly that younger gay men didn’t see the most horrific stage of the epidemic, when legions died awful, visible deaths that scared others into better protecting themselves. And treatments over the last 15 years have made HIV seem more like a chronic disease than a deadly one. It’s also harder to reach gay men with prevention messages now that many socialize online rather than in the bars where condoms and counseling were plentiful."

 road Chris Dodd issues statement for Pride month: “Every day, our friends and loved ones in the LGBT community face injustice, discrimination, and inequality. This month – and every day – we must never forget our history and never give up on our fight to ensure equality for all Americans.”

 road Rihanna borrows one of Madonna's cone-shaped bras from 1990.

 road Knife-wielding psycho in Brooklyn is taken into custody and charged with a hate crime against two men.


 road Des Moines Register: "A large majority of Iowa Republican primary voters say Iowans should have a chance to vote on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, according to the latest Des Moines Register Iowa Poll."

 road Take a look at Chris Hemsworth in full costume as Thor.

 road Director Lee Daniels was beaten by his father for being gay and contemplated suicide because of the abuse.

 road I'm sorry: London pub apologizes for refusing to serve members of a gay group. 

 road Lady Gaga's looking a little thin.

 road 24-year-old Irish rocker Leanne Harte comes out: "I kissed a boy once and it was a horrific experience."

 road Marine makes homophobic remarks on Facebook; causes stir. One post: “Well I feel my work here is done. I officially made an afghani [sic] holdup a sign that says ‘I’m a faggot’ while I took a picture of him.”

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  1. I'd love it if it were true, I really would, but I need to let you know the Lady Gaga-Doctor Who thing is totally untrue. The misunderstanding resulted when a snippet from an interview with a Doctor Who writer was published out of context.

    Posted by: Matt | Jun 6, 2010 9:47:03 PM

  2. How the heck does Gaga keep her balance wearing shoes like that?

    Posted by: Rodney | Jun 6, 2010 10:39:12 PM

  3. The story about the Marine posting homophobic remarks degrading gays CLEARLY SHOWS the level of systemic homophobia in the military. The command is upset that he posted his bigotry to Facebook, but could care less about the bigotry itself! And if he is punished at all it will be for mistreating an Afghanistan civilians but not for discrimination against gays (because the military refuses to endorse nondiscrimination language in their standards that covers sexual orientation. THIS IS WHY THIS "COMPROMISE" ON THE DADT REPEAL IS A SHAM. There can be no viable repeal of the policy without a non-discrimination clause. How are gay soldiers supposed to serve openly and honestly when military commanders (and the President) REFUSE to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation?

    Posted by: Wayne | Jun 7, 2010 6:16:19 AM

  4. What is so surprising about a homophobic Marine voicing his opinion? Republican politicians do it all the time. So do "Religious" leaders. Iowa Republicans want a constitutional amendment forbidding Gay Marriage.

    Where is all of this leading the USA? The lessons learned on how to bash Gays and make them illegal in every respect, is window dressing for a future Republican proposal to re-legalize slavery. The votes are there. It just has to be done. I am glad that I will not be alive when the votes are counted. But, Rome fell; Grease fell; so what is so surprising that the USA may not be next?

    Posted by: Jerry12 | Jun 7, 2010 5:36:49 PM

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