1. Will Jones says

    I get that he is a good looking guy and all but I just don’t see what makes him and David Beckham so desirable among so many? I guess he just isn’t my type and all. Kind of annoying that we are kinda force fed this type of beauty, I guess. What ever floats your boat.

  2. says

    Wow, they’ve done some serious Photoshop work on his face. That first one doesn’t look like him at all. It’s like they mashed him up with Yoann Gourcuff to give him a better chin.

  3. Chris K says

    Am I the only one who thinks he’s actually pretty gross? His face screams narcissism and egotism, which to me is one of the worst and most unattractive qualities in people.

  4. Anonymous says

    He’s probably a very attractive man; but these photos are incredibly photoshopped, which has become standard for photos such as these. I’ll stick with admiring my husband, who is 100% real beauty inside and out.

  5. clint says

    Though I might cause a wreck if, while driving, I pass him mowing a yard, I’m not going to put pics of him on my hard drive for further inspection and enjoyment. I am grateful for his support for same-sex marriage in Portugal, though.

  6. wopboptorledo says

    OMIGOD! He is very attractive, photoshoped or not. If most of you would stop writing rude remarks from behind your computers and head to the gym, just maybe you wouldn’t be so bitter! lol

  7. Bryant says

    no bitterness here, especially not for reasons mentioned above, but I agree that he has that “mirror-kisser” quality that is at the bottom of my attractiveness list.

  8. Disgusted American says

    Im sorry,who doesn’t like a fit man…but I liek a Man WITH FUR/everywhere..untrimmed! He’s just a Older type Twinkie….not that I’d throw him outa’ bed..but Ill take a hairy guy anyday.

  9. says

    Why does the word ‘bitter’ get peddled out by the same old crowd every time someone says something they disagree with? Let’s retire that ridiculous word. It’s become the hallmark of idiocy.

  10. Terrance says

    Wow. Very few people seem to arouse passions like a Cristiano post, eh…?
    Half love him, half hate him; he’s the Apple Computer of soccer players….!
    Personally, I think he’s dreamy – I really like his smile…!
    To those who don’t like him: Fine, more for me…!!
    To eash his own, I suppose…!

  11. Tell it like it is says

    This guy is beautiful. Period.

    Anyone who says otherwise, even if he is not your “taste” – is bitter in my book. There is no denying he is an attractive man reagrdless of personal “type”.

    Furthermore – when people say childish things like “tiny peen” that is so played out and dumb. Physiologically people don’t go walking around with hard-ons every second of the day. You have no idea how big he is. So don’t be so stupid.

  12. says

    I’m with Andrew W–what’s with the constant bitter accusations? Other than revealing a lack of anything better to say, they’re useless.

    Different strokes for different folks. I may or may not be a bitter old queen, but one thing for certain, my bitterness or lack thereof has nothing to do with the fact that Cristiano does zilch for me, whatever his “peen” size. It always seems odd to me that people get offended by those who don’t share their attractions. The world would be a bore if we all agreed on what is sexy and beautiful.

    Now, where was that Freddie Ljungberg picture again?

  13. says

    @ Tell It Like It Is:

    I don’t think anyone here is denying that he fits a certain aesthetic ideal of male beauty. All anyone has said is that he’s not to their taste, so where do these accusations of bitterness come from? One person said Ronaldo doesn’t make his top 10; a couple of people – myself included – said the photos look ‘shopped, which they surely are; a couple of people said they find his vanity unattractive; another person said they’re more attracted to their own husband; and a couple of people wished he was hairy. All of those are fair opinions. None of that is ‘bitterness’. It doesn’t make sense to me to accuse people of suffering from a dark and shrivelled heart because they prefer furry men, or they like their men a bit rough, or they prefer Steven Gerrard, or they prefer their own husband, for heaven’s sake!

  14. nic says

    he is beautiful, talented, supports gay marriage, and while he’s not fond of those noise makers in south africa, he takes them in stride as part of the ethos of this particular world cup. gotta love this man.

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